Idle + Random - IF meets RTT

Curiosity is idle only to those who fail to realize that it may be a very rare and indispensable thing.
- James Harvey Robinson

Idle Hours - work in progress

Illustration Friday's prompt was idle. That triggered 2 ideas. The first (watercolor & ink on scrapbook paper) is still evolving but I have a hunch that if I don't post a WIP it won't get put up for a while. This piece keeps wandering around on its own - I'm not sure where it will end up. I fear it has drifted off the path - of course that is usually when the journey gets interesting. If you get a chance, visit I.F. & check out the great variety of submissions. Or enter your own creation if you're feeling inspired.

This week's a bit rushed but here are a few Random Tuesday Thoughts:

Anybody into the magazine Where Women Create? Through Sandra Evertson's blog, I found this "Online resource - Inspire, Connect Share"

Keep meaning to make one of these - DIY playing card top hat!

Like wordplay? Cross a thesaurus with a mobile & you get Visuwords!

Always behind the times, I just heard The Puppini Sisters for the 1st time yesterday - great stuff!

Couple of cool random drawings from 2 of my favorite bloggers/artists. Visit their blogs for contest details :

Poet's Narcissus by La Donna Welter

La Donna's will pick 1 lucky winner on August 10th. Click on photo of prize to visit her blog, LaDonna Papercutting.

January Wish is sponsoring a giveaway of Alessandra Fusi's artwork. Click here for details

Last but not least, for all you zombie fans: Have you checked out Lili's Lair yet? If not Here you go

Gotta Run. Rampaging zombies? Nah, just deadlines (only scary to me). If you have some idle time, pop over & see what wild RTT is running about over at The Un Mom today Got a little more time? Grab a button & play along!

Also there is still time to enter Thursday's Random drawing for a custom 16" x 20" photo printed on gallery wrapped canvas. CLICK HERE for details.


  1. wow your watercolour is amazing! i really love your style! x

  2. Your watercolor is wonderful. I love how you employed the pattern on the scrapbook paper.
    Also loved your other links, I'm off now to read more about the zombies! Makes me think of that new book "Pride, Prejudice, and Zobies" - delightful!

  3. i am always so envious of others that have talent-clearly I have none...i cant even draw stick figures and i am so not kidding...

    Great RTT

  4. Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate that! I like your blogsite, too!
    Greets from Berlin, Germany to Florida, USA!

  5. Lovely! The watercolor, the gesture...

  6. Wonderful soft colours and washes and a charming, delicate sketch. Lovely piece :)

  7. Great watercolor! I have a little bit of an obsession with scrapbook paper even though I don't scrapbook. By using it in my art, I have an excuse to buy the stuff!

  8. nice take on 'idle'. And I love the "where women create" mag! Sadly, my studio looks nothing like those...I even posted a picture about it awhile back on my blog.


  9. I really like that one. Like, really really like.

    You just HAD to include zombies...

  10. Wonderful RTT!!! And I love La Donna's work!! I am definitely a fan so I hot-footed it over to her blog to sign up!! hehehehehehee
    Have a great day

  11. I really love the watercolor, it gives a relaxing feeling.

  12. I'm no art critic but I really love what you have on etsy. Being an ex jewellery designer I am very taken with the pendant. I hope your piece of art develops for you. I know when I was creating "wearable art" I never knew what the finished project would be. It's the same with my writing. Do you find that the muse simply takes you over and what you end up with does not necessarily match what you envisioned? Take care..

  13. The girl reminded me of Alice in wonderlands sister.