Tidying up some loose ends

While pretending to pick up the studio today I came across some unfinished pieces. Gave them a few tweaks & will put them in my Etsy shop, ArtSnark, tomorrow.

A month or so ago, the Melange art challenge prompt was Lace, followed soon after by Adventure. The prompts reminded me of this gentleman viewed from a slow moving train leaving the station. This photo was taken about 15 yrs ago in Conegliano, Italy. Since then, I'd added the ethereal legs so he'd have something to look at.

I came across the print tonight and enhanced with some watercolor pencils & markers. Some flashy little swarovski crystals jazz up the ruby slippers. My original plan was to put him in a shadow box with a variety of elements. Then I came across this faux-lace mat & thought it went with the theme.

I also found this little photo, Happy Plant and popped it into a black mat - fits in a 5" x 7" standard frame.

Happy Plant

There was also this scotch broom print. I had fun going over it with markers & colored pencils. While playing, I decided it might make a good background for one of the Idle ideas banging around in my nut. That's the IF prompt this week.... but I've been too idle to work on it.

Scotch Broom

Well, that's the hit & run tonight. Promise to feature Barbara Moustafa's awesome images soon.

Hope you've all had a great weekend! Oh, and if you haven't entered Thursday's Giveaway yet, click here for details. It's a great prize this week for 1 lucky winner!


  1. Hmmm, the smoking cigarette and beautiful legs only leave one distinct impression with me! LOL! I'd probably name it "It was good"! :)

    Nice photos!

  2. Ah, see, to me I look at that and get a little sad. Like maybe he is thinking wistfully of someone from long ago. Or maybe having regrets from last night.

  3. "Her Red Shoes Danced Across His Memory"

    Love the way you put this together..great photo to begin with.

  4. I love this quote "While pretending to pick up the studio today". I totally relate!

  5. I pretend I am picking up my studio all the time. Right now it is topsy turvy...got flooded a few days ago. Sniff!!!
    Have a wonderful day