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Slacker that I am, I missed Musical Monday

From my Man, I really need to wake up today mix (best when played too loud)

Anyone remember The Steven Banks Show? Funny Man. Now & then I've wondered whatever happened to him. Didn't realize he's been writing for Nickelodeon all this time. Just read today that he's collaborated with Pilobolus (<- warning there's some tasteful skin at this link, don't want to offend anyone. Ooh that sounds sooo woosie...) on their newest "shadow work", Do*id. Sounds very cool & a far cry from the howling dog & bunny shadow-casting I learned at summer camp a million years ago. CLICK HERE sample of their commercial work from 2007

I'm sure you've heard by now that today is the 40th anniversary of the 1st man on the moon. The NY Times Science Times section is devoted to it today. The article on the non-believers is fascinating. Can you tell I read the paper instead of working this morning ? Shh...don't tell

I need more coffee

I remember reading a Ray Bradbury short story 25+ years ago where some astronauts (one may have been named Hitchcock) accidentally see the dark side of the moon ( or some planet -I don't recall) & it is full of scaffolding. Turns out the whole thing was fake. Can't remember the title to save my life - anyone? anyone?

Remember all those great Twilight Zone episodes when misc. astronauts got totally messed with? Those were awesome.

Tom Banwell continues to rock my world with this tentacle tutorial !

I am totally digging these blogs lately: propnomicon , Sandra Evertson, Us & Them

And of course The Un Mom, Grand Poobah of RTT.

The Un Mom

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  1. Great RTT thoughts. Liked the music you posted too.

    As for the custom stickers I would use them for my new Etsy shop for when I packaged and shipped items.

  2. A favorite short story of mine from long ago was about a Russian astronaut who didn't come back. They had thoroughly researched his life and transformed another man and sent him back to his wife to keep the secret. When he came home he was the same nasty man (and he was a lousy lover) she had always known but something seemed different. The first time they made love he was WONDERFUL. The woman then knew it was somebody else and that they couldn't have researched that part, so the wise woman decided to keep her mouth shut and keep the guy! BONUS! (Of course, nowadays they could probably even research in the bedroom.)

  3. Remember the Ray Bradbury short about the Butterfly Effect?

    Amazing story about one small event caused by a human and the major repercussion on the future.

    Good read!

  4. Loved the song, I'm downloading that. The pictures are fantastic and so are those blogs that you're digging lately.

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The links you posted are very nice. Have great RTT thoughts everyone.

  6. Love you song list, oh and that’s a funny short story Felicia. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh there were so many good episodes!! I remember so many. Great RTT!!! Hugs