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The Impostor

Hey There! How have y'all been? Feels like I've been gone for ages. Work (day job not art) has taken over my life the last couple of days, but it feels like I've been gone for ages. I'll be perfectly content if I never have to hear an Emperor Penguin sneeze again! Don't ask. I'm not allowed to tell....

Totally work-fried last night, so I decided to detox with last week's Melange challenge, Whisper. I had this great ledger-style paper that had been partially stamped with what I think was supposed to be RECEIVED - only the top of the word was printed & I thought how it could also be DECEIVED. That got the synapses going, so I went snooping through deviantArt for a new rogue & found this great stock photo from NobleDeath-stock. Started the piece with the gent above. He was supposed to be looking through a window at something worth whispering about. But.... I liked him too much as a stand alone & he was sized right for an ACEO so here he is.

Now ACEOs are like Lays potato chips ... anyone who makes or collects them will agree. So a couple more followed.

Summer Beauty

This ACEO is based on an old family photo.The colors uploaded a little cooler than they really are. Bit more of a reddish-orange dominates the original.


I'm not really happy with this but figured I'd show
it anyway. I did manage to list these in my very neglected Etsy Shop, ArtSnark. The poor thing would be covered in cobwebs if it was a brick & mortar store. I actually had to renew most items, they've been sitting there so long.

For anyone unfamiliar with Etsy, you can keep items in your shop 4 months before renewing at a low 20 cents an item. Even when sales are down, rent is cheap! And the camaraderie is fabulous. If you are one of those people who is just sitting on your creations, I highly suggest you look into Etsy. It is easy to get lost in the crowd if you are unknown & not great at marketing. But on the other hand, those pieces are just gather dust, yes?

By the way, to view some cool responses to the Whisper challenge click HERE. You can find the artist's links in the comments. This week's Melange challenge is Harbor. Go HERE to add your own art or see what great pieces others come up with

Before I go scrounge up some dinner, let me remind you of the current Thursday Giveaway. Enter & you could be the lucky winner of a 16" x 20" canvas print of your favorite summer photo. Just leave a description of your pic in this blog's comments before noon (EST) 7/30 to enter the random drawing.For contest details CLICK HERE


  1. Wonderful ACEOs Stacey. Do you have a Flickr photo stream?

  2. Original stuff girl...watch out for those penguins...sounds like they're givin you the run around...

  3. Love the new aceos...and know exactly what you mean by the lays potato chip reference :)

  4. Happiness is eating the Lay's WHILE making the ATC's! They look great, Stacey. Glad you found some time to create.

  5. I like your ACEO's Stacey....yes you can't do only one! LOL

  6. Love the ACEOs! I just started making them myself and listing them in my 1KM shop. I don't think they're going anywhere, also, but it's fun to pretend!!
    Happy day!

  7. Great pieces, Stacey. Hope work slows to a better pace for you.
    Thanks for the banner comment !!

  8. Penguins. Sure they're cute and all, but they have a dark side.

    It's good with a strong red.

  9. Fabulous ACEO's I love The Imposter .. he is such a brilliant charcter and love the beautiful drawings they are superb. Always I love your art and hope they do well at Etsy
    Hugs Junex