Archetype art challenge + free stuff

Archetype: Primordial image, character, or pattern of circumstances that recurs throughout literature and thought consistently enough to be considered universal.

I really like this definition of Archetype from The Encyclopedia Britannica. It was last Wednesday's Mix It Up With Melange challenge prompt. Here's my response.

This piece has been a long time coming. About 10 years ago a dream influenced this sketch. It's been tacked to my wall since.

Today's variation measures 36" H & is made with a mix of materials on matboard. There's lithocoal, chromacoal, pastel, watercolors, marker, ink and metallic paints. The gator's & girl's eyes are painted a reflective green over faux gold leaf. Makes for a cool flash when you change your line of sight.

Unfortunately I couldn't get the photos right. I've included a few close ups here but none of them really came out. It is funny, shortly after I drew the newsprint sketch we had some ghost hunters (DH secretly called them the "Ghost Dusters") poking around. One of them was convinced that the woman in the portrait was an angry ghost hanging around my studio. Maybe that's why she won't be photographed (insert spooky music here).

I think it might not be finished yet, but I'm at that walk-away point. Needs to simmer a bit more before I oversalt it or something....

To see more interpretations of Archetype visit the the Melange blog HERE & check out the links in the comment section.

Now for the free stuff:

Thursday's Giveaway this week is the matted artwork Alice With Tulips. Just leave a comment before noon (EST 8/13) to enter the random drawing. CLICK HERE to view prize.

Totus Mel's Wunderkammer has a fabulous giveaway going on. Great prizes donated from some amazing steampunk artists. CLICK HERE for pics of prizes & contest rules

Visit January Wish when you have a moment. She is hosting a giveaway of cute items from krize.etsy.com

Ewian keeps adding more & more art supplies to her giveaway stash! Here are details By the way she got 1st worldwide dibs at the new IKEA 2010 catalog. Really. You can read about it here.

A final freebie today. Since we're talking archetypes, here's 1 of my beasts up for grabs. Sorry about the bad photo - the border is refective silver paper. Plus 1 of my photos embellished with mica & glitter and a tiny swarovski crystal


1st person who would like this ATC, just speak up in the comment section. 1st come 1st serve. Just make sure your contact info is in your profile or leave your email. I'm off to bed but I'll be in touch for your address. I just ask that you Pay It Forward. Other than that, no strings...


  1. OH my GOODNESS STACEY! I am so glad I stopped by to leave you the news about the swap on the Outsider Artist blog.

    I LOVE your artwork it truly is an inspiration!

    Your ACEO swap partner is Jann Clark you can reach her for her Addie at www.foreverjann.blogspot.com
    Have a magical evening!

    AND I would love to be entered for your FABULOUS Alice piece!!!!!


    I see that Becky left you a comment about the swap, looking forward to swapping with you. I'm not sure , are there some rules for the swap??
    What do we create for each other ?
    Guess I can check with Becky :)
    Anyway, I enjoyed viewing your blog also , veryyyyyy creative art work.

  3. Your archetype piece is full of depth and many archetypal themes and interpretation are possible..I really enjoy this work of art.

  4. I really like your choice of colors, they work well with the imagery.

  5. Snark, that is SO COOL - the little teaser you gave us the other day never hinted at this result at all! Really striking!

  6. Wow...wish I could see this archetypal piece in person and chat to you about it...it's such a gift that you have to be able to recreate a dream that you had so many years ago...
    ps I'll have that atc if it hasn't been nabbed already...and it's okay with you to post overseas...

  7. Stacey, your work is always fantastic, but this piece really swells some emotion. The intent for the arechtype is very well delivered! Did you interpret the dream for yourself?

  8. That piece has so much STRENGTH! If she is a ghost I'm not scared but I am impressed. Why were there ghost hunters at your house? :-O

  9. *slaps forehead*

    obviously to look for ghosts.

  10. Thanks for your comments, everyone :D
    Chrisy, the card is yours.

  11. I LOVE your work and really appreciate your comments on my blog... have you considered taking up my challenges on DragonsDream? if not, why not!!!??

  12. I love that Alice piece with the flowers - count me in! BTW, when are you giving away that beautiful Archetype piece, I WANT it! LOL!


  13. Just had to drop the comment that the "alligator" or "croc" part of your drawing is powerful...at least, it gave ME the shivers...which in my mind is another aspect of archetype!! Wow, great work Stacey!