Musical Monday's Muse - Pay It Forward

If you've got the time, click the button & play along. It'll teleport you over to Good Mourning Glory for more Musical Monday goodness. If you're having a manic Monday, open this tune & enjoy a mellow minute or 3.

Over at Maternal Spark, their asking What inspires you this week?

I'm going with PIF's this week... Without going into details, someone gave me a hand today and asked me to pay it forward. Today, I've got this totally free ACEO, Reflection, in my etsy shop, ArtSnark. 1st come 1st serve:

Check back for more freebies this week, I'll have something going on each day. And don't forget to enter Thursday's Giveaway. Just leave a comment on this blog before noon (EST) 8/13 to be entered in this Thursday's random drawing. Click HERE to see the week's prize, Alice With Tulips (a piece of original art). Drawing is open worldwide with free shipping.


  1. great song!

    and a beautiful ACEO! i snatched her right up!!! i'll be sure to PIF!!

    i'm excited to own a piece of your art!!!

  2. nice, and mellow indeed! Excellent song choice for a monday!!

  3. Diane's going to love that ACEO!

  4. Heavy base line, always a good start.

  5. nice tune! and lovely art as usual - I was way too late to snatch the aceo up!

  6. Just wanted to stop by and say hello!! Loved your art piece!

  7. That is a totally schwanky song--I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!

  8. love the tune and the stunning artwork. The tune is very Oceans 11, or To Catch a Thief :)