"Here Be Dragons" for Melange quote challenge

When I was a child I loved maps, the older & more exotic the better.

My favorite parts were the edges,

sometimes covered with fantastic drawings of creatures from Beyond.

There you would find the magic words ....

HC SVNT DRACONES : Here Be Dragons

I spent last weekend rereading Moby Dick (1 of my favorites)

and started making a map for the Melange challenge

Then decided I'd rather make an adventurer's box. Travel sized (2.5" sq x 2" H) for a small compass perhaps. Eventually I dumped the compass in favor of some trinkets an explorer might carry.

A tiny bottle of earth from home. Another filled with treasures for his love. A seeing "stone ", actually abalone. A figure he's been whittling. I'm not sure if I should leave the pin or not.....

It still needs some finishing touches. The abalone needs some roughing up. I need to replace the red sculpey with "wax" once I find the mislaid cork. I'm also missing a brass pin on the box front . Once finished, I'll add it to my ArtSnark etsy shop.

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  1. Your "Here Be Dragons" is a beautiful creatios. I love the colors and designs, plus the items for inside.

    Linda B.

  2. Very cool ! Love how you wove a story with the way you presented it here !

  3. Ah the edge of the world where the dragons hang out...this is a magnificent art piece!

  4. Stacey... this is AWESOME! I love it! I too love the old maps. I have a huge collection of them if you're ever looking for something special.


  5. Wow, this is so gorgeous. I love it.