Trying Out Tags

Hello all. This week's Mix it Up with Melange Challenge is Abundance. Bitten of a bit more than I can chew this week, so I may have to pass on this one. To post your own interpretation or view others click HERE & go to comments section for links.

Last year I bought a bunch of altered Tags from the etsy shop QueenBee's Altered Needs for gift wrapping. They were so cool, I had a hard time parting with them. Each measured about 2.5" x 5" and had a fun vintage look as well as a sweet vanilla scent. I did keep a couple for myself. Here is 1:

I then picked up a few from another of my favorite etsy shops, Glimmering Prize. These are mostly vintage images stitched onto tags with text and fiber embellishments. Here's my fave of the lot:

So now I've got the bug! Carol over at QueenBee is hosting a tag swap that I managed to get in on. While I've been having fun with ACEOs, I kept meaning to play with tag. This is getting me jump started at last.

Woo Hoo - Finished my 1st tag! This is front & back of a mermaid tag. Need to add some string & I'm afraid I didn't leave much room on the back for anyone to write ....

Decided to tea stain 5 of the blank tags. I like the old look.

Left more room on the back of this 1 but didn't realize the ink would leak through once I sprayed a protective coating.

This is the last 1 I played with before bed last night. Same ink problem on back...harumph. I also need to decide if I'm going to embellish these with any fibers & sparkly bits too....

That's about it today. Day 2 of Kindergarten for the little guy. Now that I've some extra time on my hands, I'm trying to catch up on all of the tasks left unfinished this summer. After that & a deep studio clean I hope to schedule a bit more art time in this fall.

By the way, here is your last chance to enter tomorrow's noon (EST) random drawing for 1 of Felicia Kramer's Liquid prints! Just leave a comment before then to enter. To view some of Felicia's colorful artwork & read her interview CLICK HERE. If you'd like a virtual tour of her Studio, click HERE.

Also over at her blog, Felicia Kramer has another bright idea, Felicia is holding a random giveaway of my original drawing/painting Idle Hours. Winner will also be picked at noon tomorrow from those who comment on her blog before then. CLICK HERE to view this one of a kind prize & enter her contest


  1. Love the tags Stacey! Very cool! How is your summer going? Mine went too fast, as they usually do. Here's looking to fall!

  2. Stacey, your tags are SO unique! I am going to have a hard time parting with all of them once they are in my hands, ready to divvy up! I'm so glad you joined the swap, and I have a feeling you will now be hooked doing tags. I love ACEO's, too, but tags seem to have a great purpose, by using them to adorn special gifts. Thanks for the mention in your blog, and also good luck with your little guy in kindergarten this year. It will ne nice to have a little time to yourself and I know he will love it, too. C

  3. Oh, man, I would just horde those tags forever, and never ever give them away.

  4. Oh, I love your tags Stacey! I'm still getting organized to work on mine! I really like the way you did both the front and back! I can't wait to get my tag from YOU!

    Linda B.

  5. WooWee! Just dawned on me that I will own a little tiny piece of art from several of my MM mentors! Hot diggity! Lovin these, Stacey!

  6. Great tags Stacey, like tiny little paintings! Very cool and definately one of a kind! Maureen

  7. These are great .. I wish I had follwed the directions for the tag swap , it looks like fun !

  8. Great first try Stacey! I really love them, Lucky people in the swap!!

  9. What fun! I've never seen art tags before. What a great idea with the holidays coming up. They are beautiful!

  10. Oh Stacey your tags are awesome, and it's inspired me to try my hand at making some too...I hope your little one enjoys starting school...it's been so long since my last one start for she's 33 now...Yikes...the oldest is 47...am I that old?? hehehehe!!! (((hugs)))

  11. I too love the tags!! Hugs

  12. Great work, girlfriend but where's the one for TIO DD???????? Now you can do 'em there's no excuse!!!