Musical Monday's Muse

Good Monday! How goes it? Been shaking off the last summer head cold this weekend. Spent most of Sunday reading, sleeping, sneezing & watching Mushi-shi. Got hooked on the opening theme song by Ally Kerr so here it is for Musical Monday:

If you have some time today, Click the Musical M. button & visit Diane at Good Mourning Glory. She's featuring the too-cool Djordje Stijepovic today. Then grab a button share your favorite sounds!

Over at Maternal Spark, the talk today is about solving problems. My Pigsty (formerly known as studio) is one of my biggest obstacles lately. It is so messy that even when I get an idea it takes so long to locate what I need that there is almost no point. I'm praying that once the little guy starts Kindergarten next week, I can bite the bullet & make some order out of chaos. Unfortunately there are so many home & work things awaiting my attention...... sigh.... Some how I'll tackle it all

Gotta run. Hope you are off to a great week!

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  1. I totally know what you're saying about the messy workroom; mine's the same although I made some headway with cleaning yesterday, right after I tripped on something and fell on my butt! I have been working on new work so much that the summer has whizzed by with barely a sun-glow on my body. Hope you're feeling much better.

  2. i wanted that song to be longer! i loved it!!!!

  3. Stacey, you're in! Send me your address within the next dew days so I can get the tag blanks off to you! Thanks for signing up! Carol

  4. I need to clean up, straighten and organize my home office. It's like the papers and everything multiply overnight.

  5. I'm feeling like that too - the "chaos" is piling up and I've been doing a lot of avoidance this summer. Now I'm returning to work and yikes...I'm going to have to tackle it in stages!

    We made an "art jar" today to pass time on a rainy afternoon - so a gc would beautifully help fund our next one!

  6. Sometimes it takes the kids going back to school to allow us to be able to get organized again - you'll get there. :o)

  7. Been working on my studio as well. I had a flood!! And boy what a mess. Nothing damaged but still...a mess. Finally getting it back together. Hope you make some headway on yours.

  8. keeping a studio clean and organized is so hard for me too! I hope you made some progress!!