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So, How's your Tuesday? Usual madness around here & Random Tuesday Thoughts is such a great way to blow off some steam! If you're only interested in the online coupon codes I picked up at this weekend's craft show, scroll to the end of this post. On the other hand if you're a fan of chaos then come on down!

Brass Goggles, always good for redirecting my obsessions, recently turned me onto David Malki's wondermark.com - a must for comics +/or steampunk fans

Many thanks to Cephalopod Tea Party for the North 40 link - Check it out if you are a Lovecraft fan

Hmmm...accidental comics theme here. Just 1 more I promise: A shout out to Mike of The Mental Kavity - thanks for bringing Warren Ellis' Frankenstein's Womb to my attention! You can read a few sneak peek pages of this graphic novella over at Mike's blog HERE

Back to the random- I love the cards over at OhSoSassyGreetings on Etsy! This one cracked me up today

Have you visited Maureen Tillman's shop on etsy? I love her artwork. She's got a great eye for collage & color!

Portals by Maureen Tillman

and a wonderful sense of whimsy. Check out this confident little fairy

Dreamers... by Maureen Tillman

Maureen, Kathy & many other members of the Etsy Melange (Mixed Media + collage) Team are having a 15% off sale this weekend. For links to the participating Etsy shops, CLICK HERE and open the comments. More members are signing on each day.

Yep, I'm there too. In fact I am having a sale of 15% off everything in all 3 of my etsy shops: ArtSnark, ColorTheSky & SteamDreams all weekend. I'll happily combine shipping as needed. Plus I will be adding some new items over the next few days.

Speaking of
Etsy, have you ever seen handmademovement.com? These guys are too cool. They pick shops that have few to no sales, announce the name on their site with a date & time. Then the Sneak Attack begins. People shop the scheduled seller at the same time - giving them a much needed boost. Seems like a really fun idea.

Oh, before I forget, The Queen Of Cups Runneth Over is having a random drawing for some great stuff. Just click here for pics & rules

IF you
haven't entered my Thursday Giveaway random drawing yet, please do! Just leave a comment here before noon (EST) on 8/6 to enter. Prize is a tote bag filled with crafty goodies - you can see pics & list of items HERE

OK, now on with the CODES! These are a few online coupon codes from various vendors at the CHA Craft Supershow. Text here is exactly as it appears on coupons. I've not used most of these products so not endorsing, just passing on the info.

15% off your 1st www.dewberrycrafts.com order - Promo Code CHADISC - no expiration date on my coupon

Free Shipping with purchases over $100 - www.premieryarns.com -
no expiration date on my coupon

Save 20% on any order of $50 or more when you visit any of the following websites: www.TheLeisureBoutique.com, www.CrochetSoiree.com, www.LeisureArts.com, www.FreePetProjects.com - Enter Code FAMILY4-no expiration date on my coupon

Sign up for the www.TwoPeasInABucket.com newsletter and receive a monthly coupon code to receive FREE SHIPPING on orders of physical product totalling $50 or more--
no expiration date on my coupon

Visit www.gluearts.com and use the promotion code BOGO99 (in your online shopping basket) to take advantage of this fabulous BOGO sale, Buy One Get One Free ! Hurry offer ends August 31, 2009! This offer can not be combined with any other offer or discount.

My Note:above disclaimer is on each coupon (1 coupon for each item) There are 8 coupons as follows:BOGO Glue Glider Max continuois adhesive applicator, BOGO Glue GLider Max refill cartridge, BOGO Adhesive Squares 300 & 1000 count rolls, WallArt Decor Adhesive both sheet sizes vinyl & new tape, BOGO Vellum totally transparent Adhesive film, BOGO Ribbon Adhesive, BOGO Crop & Glue non liqued instant mounting adhesive, BOGO Glue Rings

Phew! Think I got em all. If I come across anymore I'll let you know. In the meantime if you are looking for some truly random madness, pop over to The Un Mom & see what Keely and her fellow fans of chaos are up to today

The Un Mom


  1. Stacey~
    You are a doll....thanks for adding my Sassy card to your wonderful blog. I am honored! Your blog is always so informative to read....

  2. Wow, those are some great works! Every time I run across an Etsy shop, I wish I had the money to spend on such gorgeous art!

  3. Some many things on Etsy and so little money in my pocket. I'm always amazed at what other people can make! Happy RTT and thanks for stopping by.

  4. I am so jealous that you got to go to a CHA! I have heard so much about htem, but we don't have those where I live.

  5. I've had your page up all day so I can go through all your links.

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  7. Goodness girl... you are a wealth of information!

    I have to dash over and see the steampunk.... love steampunk!

    So glad you're on my blog list. :o)

  8. GO Etsy shop!! hehe, good luck on your sales stacey!

    Thanks for visiting me!


  9. Random posts are some of my favorites! Great coupon codes.

  10. All those Etsy people make me feel guilty. So creative and all. I need one of them to come over and choose my colors. Then I can tell people who don't like it that they "just don't understand it".

  11. I love that card, I'm totally sending it to my next friend who gets dumped.

  12. Wow, girlfriend... quite a blog!!! Thanks SO much for your kind comments yesterday on my blog... I do hope you will take up the challenges there in the near future, I would love to see your ideas!!

  13. ArtSnark, you are so fabulous, aren't you?! Thanks for blogging me and always leaving such lovely comments on my blog! I adore you and it definitely puts a smile on my face to see that you've visited! Your blog is out of this world and we all appreciate you so much!
    Happy day and everything else wonderful, too!

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  15. Very exciting to see the offers.These coupons helped me save a lot similar to www.deals365.us