Studio Tour Saturday

There is something fantastic about entering the secret lair of another artist. I'd like to start something new on Saturdays - whenever possible I think it would be fun to go behind the scenes, to see where the magic happens. Won't you come along?

Today we've been invited into Felicia Kramer's home studio. If you missed her feature on Thursday, please click HERE to enjoy some of her colorful creations and thoughts.

Nature Preserved 2 by F. Kramer

Felicia: The condo I live in was in very poor shape when I moved in so almost every room has been completely remodeled over the years. A very small loft area was the only room available for my studio, and I knew it would not be enough space.

So I had the floor extended as far as I could – although it’s still a small space - and then worked with a designer at a big box store for the built-ins.

I found a cabinet style that had matching pieces for kitchen, bedroom, and office so I was able to design it specifically for my needs.

So there’s a desk station with file drawers, a sewing area with fabric storage, bookcases, large pantry storage for art supplies, and two custom storage/work tables on wheels. And I have every bit of it filled!

The first four photos were taken when the remodel was first completed. It’s quite a bit messier right now – as you can see in the last photo!

Wasn't that fun? Thanks for taking us around, Felicia. I absolutely love all the bookshelves and the big worktables by the windows! To see more of Felicia's world pop on over to Felicia Kramer Has Another Bright Idea or visit her Etsy shop, Another Bright Idea.

Liquid Purple Digital Collage Print by F. Kramer

Would you like to win a free limited edition print from her Liquid series? Just leave a comment on this blog before noon (EST) 8/27 to enter the random drawing. 1 lucky winner gets the Liquid print of their choice. Contest is open worldwide with free shipping. CLICK HERE to read more about this giveaway & see some of the beautiful images from this colorful series.


  1. What a neat idea! And I'm so jealous! My sewing machine is on a tv stand, and my studio is a tiny alcove off our master bedroom. I have to kick these kids out of the house and renovate their bedrooms! (They are 12, 14 and 16.)

    Okay...The word verification is "sperm" - no kidding. I've never had one THAT interesting before.

  2. What a great studio. I also think it's a great idea to feature studios weekly. Looking forward to reading more.

  3. My studio looks so nice when it's clean; I think it's time to shovel it out again. BTW, I forgot to mention - don't use a paint splatter treatment for your floors. Drop something and you'll never find it again!

    Thanks, Stacey, I'm honored to be featured on your blog.

  4. I too love seeing other people's workspaces..those built ins are fantastic!

  5. And look at those windows! :o)

    Such a nice idea Stacey... featuring other artists and their studios.

  6. So fun to see another art studio! Thanks so much for sharing. As you know, I have been excited about the re-organization of my studio and so enjoy working there now!! Ahhhh!! Sweet bliss!!!

  7. You've created some very appealing and alluring work-spaces! I wish you many years of joy, working there!

  8. Just popping in and so cool to see more artist's studios!! This one seems very deluxe...to me! Cool work, too!

  9. Felicia your work is amazing. Your space is awesome too! :)

  10. I agreed with others. I have a lot of space and I don't use it well. I need to shovel out too. I can only wish I was so neat and clean. I love the idea of the studio feature. I will clean mine up and take some photos. Thanks!

  11. What a bright space! I have a new studio space but it only has one tiny window and I sure would love more light!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Brenda Bliss