Creative Souls Greek Myth art swap

Pandora ATC by Jeanne Draachreider

As soon I heard there was a Greek Mythology art-card swap over at Creative Souls,  I just had to play along. Good thing I did - now this lovely collage from Jeanne Draachreider is in my collection. I've been playing so much in the digital realm lately that it was with great pleasure that I opened Jeanne's puffy package! The pillar and grape vine add a fantastic 3-d element to this lovely card. They even  grow on the backside.

Pandora ATC back by Jeanne Draachreider
Now how cool is that

Perhaps it was fate that Pandora found her way into my mailbox... as the ATC I send to Jeanne was of Pyrrha, Pandora's daughter:

Pyrrha ACEO

If you've been around these parts for a while you might remember this piece from the Artarazzi mix-orange-&-Waterhouse challenge back in '09. If not, here is a bit of info about the daughter of Pandora:

Child of Pandora, Pyrrha was also the niece (& daughter in law) of Prometheus. When Zeus decided at the end of the Bronze Age to flood the world, Pyrrha & her husband Deucallion built an ark, survived & repopulated the world by tossing rocks over their shoulders. The rocks became the next generation. For more info, here is a link to her wiki page. 

The plan had been to create something new for Jeanne, but life caught up with me. Instead I embellished a print with markers and inks before sending it off. A nice bonus.... this challenge finally made me get around to printing some of my digital art, something I have been procrastinating for a loooong time. So, double thanks to you, Jeanne!


A quick note: Last chance to enter the eye-spy contest. Identify the pieces which feature the eyes in last Friday's post. The person with the most correct answers by 8/12 will win a print. Click here for image & details.

Also any comment on this blog before 8/18 enters you in the random drawing for a Mary Shelley ACEO . Click here for details & photo.

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  1. Hi Stacey -thanks you so much for posting my ATC. What an honor for me to make it into your blog page.