Enter to win 3 pendants from LilybellesJewels on Etsy - ends 9/8

Moonlight Kitty necklace from Lilybellesjewels

Hey there. How have you been? 

I'm hanging out today with Barbara Ileiwat & Lily Belle from Lilybellesjewels on Etsy.com. Lucky for us, they've stopped by for a chat ... and brought prizes! 

Candy for your ears from Lilybellesjewels

Why don't you get to know each other a bit while I pop into the kitchen for something sweet to share - I'm making virtual cookies in your favorite flavor.  Meanwhile, Barbara can tell you all about her passion for jewelry - and cats. And Lily, well, Lily tends to do her own thing.  (However, if you are in a rush today, keep your hat on & buzz down to the end for giveaway details). Please note that clicking on any of the photo captions will take you to item details.

Swarovski Sapphire Blue Crystal Bracelet from Lilybellesjewels

Barbara:  Designing jewelry is a passion for me. I try to pay attention to the things I see all around me on a daily basis. It is amazing how many truly beautiful things we come in contact with each day and never really pay a great deal of attention to. The form of the branches of a tree, the texture of a lawn, the fabulous formations of the clouds in the sky above us. Because we see this things everyday, and because we have such busy lives, we very rarely take the time to stop and "smell the roses" as the saying goes.

Butternut yellow earrings from Lilybellesjewels

All of these things can be experienced and translated into a work that will stimulate the senses of another. You will notice in my shop that I very rarely stay within the boundaries of any one particular area of style. I am constantly changing my designs to reflect whatever beauty I may have been lucky enough to have been exposed to that day. 

gorgeous swarovski and copper necklace from Lilybellesjewels

Lily Belle feels that she is the creative talent in the team, and therefore I should not bother her with the day to day mundane tasks. Since she has never been very good at chatting, typing or any other menial task I should be the one in charge of any tiresome labor (and interviews). In case I forgot to mention; Lily Belle is a cat, but not just any cat. She is truly a foo foo girl, and considers herself to have exquisite tastes in all things pretty. She does oversee all the pieces, and only when she has judged it to be "the cats meow" are we allowed to place it on the site. 

Starlight Black Cat Bottlecap Necklace from Lilybellesjewels

Lily Belle: Meow

Barbara: Will there be codfish cookies? I guess so. Stacey did say she was baking your favorite....

Lily Belle: purrrr

Steampunk initial bottlecap necklace from Lilybellesjewels

Barbara: Lily Belle and I would like to mention that 10% of all sales will be donated to Mt. Olive TNR Project, a tiny Flanders NJ based group that is doing amazing work on a very small budget, and a small circle of very dedicated volunteers who are making a huge difference in the lives of feral cat colonies in their area. For those of you who are not familiar with TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), it is a humane, effective way of managing feral populations within a community. For more information, or to make a donation directly, please visit them at http://www.mtolivetnr.org.

I'll take care of you bottle cap necklace from Lilybellejewels

Lily Belles Jewels is also proud member of the ARTISTS FOR ANIMALS team on Etsy, along with many other caring artisans whose shops we hope you will seek out and patronize. 

Artists for Animals Etsy Team

Many thanks, Barbara & Lily, for stopping in today. And now it is time to announce your awesome giveaway prize......drum roll please.....

3 for Free

On 9/8 one lucky winner gets 3 bottle cap pendants of their choice from LilyBellesJewels.etsy.com.  How cool is that?! Winner also receives 1 ball chain necklace to wear with them.  Click here to see some of the fun designs available to choose from.

To Enter This Random Drawing: Simply leave a comment on my blog before 1 a.m. EST on Sept. 8th. It is that easy. This random drawing is open worldwide and prize ships free to winner. Please leave an email address if your contact info is not in your blog profile.

(If you get a chance, pop over to Barbara & Lily's shop and let us know what your favorite pieces are. This is not required to enter the drawing, but I'd love to know which items are catching your eye)

Again, many thanks Lily & Barbara for dropping by and sharing your wonderful creations! 

And thank you, Reader, for your comments. It is your interest in these artists and random drawings that keeps them coming!

Before signing off today, here is a final thought from Lily and Leonardo da Vinci, "The smallest feline is a masterpiece."


  1. this is so fantastic! i love all sorts of animals!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Lilybelles work! She is such a creative kitty who cares so much for her fellow felines! Great choice!

  3. How wonderful to see another great set of designers.

  4. ^^ That's great. I love the idea of interviewing etsy artists to find out more about them. And her pieces ar STUNNING!! I actually saw something and realized it would work for my own pieces.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. Love her work! What a great feature!

    EmKatCreations at gmail dot com

  6. What a wonderful and funny interview! Lily makes the best stuff... everything I've gotten from her is beautiful. Her kitty bottle cap pendants are my absolute favorite!

  7. I love that part of everything bought from this shop goes to a wonderful cause---and such beautiful work too!

  8. Barbara is such a gracious and kind shop owner! She helped me send a special gift to a friend wo really needed a random act of kndness and LilybellesJewels was the perfect choice. I got to see my friend wearing the dragon bottlecap necklace and it made me just as happy to see it as she was to receive it!

  9. I love your designs! Enjoy reading about Etsy artists!

  10. Ravens/Jane here from Ravenscrafts,
    I have to say Lillybelle has fantastic taste and I love her earrings she designs and her mom puts together. I have several pairs already. I love the black kitty bottle cap necklace displayed at the beginning of the post.

  11. Lillybelle....uh, with Barbaras assistance makes the very best kitty bottle cap necklaces ever:)
    Other stuff too, but oh those kitty images....Love them!!!!

    Thank Lillybelle for supporting TNR!

  12. Yay! I adore Lilybelle's jewelry, and it's great to hear her thoughts behind it.

    Awesome interview.

  13. Lillybelles Jewels is one of my top favorite shops on Etsy! Both Barbara and Lillybelle have always taken great care of me as a customer, I am always thrilled with my sweet goodies. Barbara is lucky to have such a talented kitty like Lillybelle to lend a helping hand/paw with her business. :) I too am a foo foo girl, and I am always delighted at the selections in their purrrrfectly fabulous shop. :) And what a wonderful cause for a portion of the proceeds to go to. Such a delightful and fun interview! Thank you!

  14. Very nice getting to know the charming Lilybelles :)
    And I love the addition of aceos to the shop :)My new addiction :)
    Awesome interview :)

  15. I love Lilybelles pendents, especially if they have a kitty on them. It is great how she is so dedicated to help animals and such a lovely person to get to know. Thanks ArtSnark for featuring Lilybelle.

  16. I love LilyBelles Jewels. It was nice to get to know the designer on your blog. I love the Hamsa necklaces that she does!

  17. Merci ArtSnark for this interview, Barbara is a charming person and it's very pleasant to know better a designer.
    Her work is very talentuous and delicate and...j'adore.

  18. Lilybelle always has purrfect taste (Barbara is no slack either)! Love, love, love this designer and shop! I have several pieces from her and they are fabulous!

    PS: This is one of the most fun interviews I've ever read!

  19. What an awesome article!!! I love Lilybelles' stuff so much! I have a few of her bottlecap necklaces hanging in my jewelry box...I think I'll wear them today actually :) hehe

  20. I love Barbara's jewelry made with Lily Belle's help, of course. We share a love of cats. Thanks for your generous giveaway!

  21. What beautiful jewelry. I love that blue bracelet!
    Have a great weekend

  22. huh, my 1st comment didn't go thru...aaggghhh...just wanted to say I love Lilybelles Jewelry and the interview was so cute! Lila McRainey, Lizone's Jewelry with an Attitude

  23. Lilybelles is wonderful! I'm so delighted with the earrings I had bought from her - and of course they were kitty earrings! Plus she helps the animals. Visit her shop and see all the lovely creations. ;)

  24. Lilybelles is such as awesome shop! Glad to see her being featured :)

  25. I love Lilybelles collection! She is so creative. What a great feature:)

  26. I love Lilybelles because her creations are fun AND beautiful AND she donates to animals charities which is a huge plus in my book. It's good to see creative and compassionate souls at work in the world!

    I love her bottle caps and earrings but she also makes other great items too. A couple of my recent favs are:



    e-mail is in my profile

  27. Count me in please honey! Love these light funky pieces...

  28. So talented. I always love seeing Lilybelle's creations. Getting a chance to read about her and her unique designs was a bonus!!

  29. I would like to thank ArtSnark for giving Lilybelle and I this opportunity to share a little information about TNR and feral cat colonies. It is such an important cause, and one that is so very near and dear to my heart. I would also like to thank all of you who visited and left your wonderful comments. I am deeply flattered. Lily sends purrs out to everyone also. She has also asked me to thank ArtSnark for the codfish cookies, and to please get the recipe. Good Luck to all. I will be listing new bottlecaps this week to give you a few more choices.

  30. I like the Orange Beauties earrings. Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

  31. They're all so beautiful, and the blue bracelet is divine. Love the Halloween theme too! Fabulous!

    xmasdolly at comcast dot net