Illustration Friday - Imperfect

the eyes have it
Imperfection is beauty, 
madness is genius, 
and it is better to absolutely ridiculous 
than absolutely boring. ~ Marilyn Monroe

Another fabulous challenge from IllustrationFriday.com!  I could post just about anything I've done & have it fit. But on further musings... for me it is all in the eyes. While I am also obsessed with hands, the eyes make or break a piece for me. By the way, the peepers featured above are from misc. works o' mine.  Most are in my etsy shop.

Oooh.... I feel a game coming on.... tell you what - try to identify pieces that these eyes appear in & you could win 1 of my prints. Could be fun! How many can you guess right? It just happens that they are almost all available in my etsy shop. My shop is ArtSnark.etsy.com

C'mon! Have a go. Leave your answer in the comments here (or if you want your guesses to remain secret send an email to ArtSnark@verizon.net). If you guess the most correct answers, you win. If there is a tie, I will do a random drawing from the folks with the same # of guesses. If anyone decides to play along, I will announce the winner next Friday. Cheers!


By the way, I'm also running a random drawing for my Portrait of Mary Shelley ACEO. Leave any comment on my blog before 8/18 to toss your name into the hat. Click here for more about this giveaway & to see the piece


  1. Great quote!

    And I thought the same thing when I saw that the prompt was "imperfection" - I could post just about anything of mine!

    You're right about the eyes - really makes or breaks a face illustration. These examples are wonderfully captivating!

  2. Well aren't you some restless brain.. :P I like what I see, and I'm definitely visiting your Etsy shop!

  3. Great variety of expressions...... lovely work!

  4. yes...all my images have imperfections! great illo

  5. The upper middle one is from your latest ACEO listed. They're all wonderful expressive eyes of course!