Ok Monday- C'mon, C'mon, I dare ya!

Ok, maybe I need more coffee but I (almost) love this drummer as much as Neil Peart.

Definately in my Top 20 of Wake-your-tired-@$$-up Monday Music. I never post it: A) because it got overplayed with  Rescue Me (great show) & B) you can't embed a decent version, only some okay live ones. For a balanced sound & better take on this song, click this link to catch the official video.

After a late nite chattering over at the Time Travellers Team sale on etsy, 2 giant espressos & loud music are the only things waking up these insomniac's bones.

Question for you - remember how much you hated getting up for school? Am I the only Mom that somewhat resents having to do it again (not only that- but to do it earlier so that fresh pancakes are on the table when I drag an unnamed sleepy bum out of bed?) - ok,ok feeling petty. Please forgive me - it happens on a Monday.

Sorry i'm so grumpy/sleepy. I want to make sure to thank Xmas Dolly for prodding me into the Spotlight Dance today (without poking I do tend to be a wallflower). And thank my wonderful partner this week, DeniseisRunDMT, for not wincing when I accidentally step on her toes.

Spotlight Dancers

I invite you to play along - post what you are jump starting your week with & then add a link over at Dolly's place.


On a side topic, it has been crazy busy lately - I'll share details soon. Until then, enjoy this silly cat that my son is completely enamored with

Not a feline fan? Pop back later this week & I'll have something for you.

Until then, have you enter the new random drawing for 3 (yes, three) pendants from Etsy seller LillyBellesJewels ? No, well clickty-click here for sample photos & giveaway details.


  1. Ok, Maru is a quite the entertaining kitty... Thanks for sharing... Hope you have a great week!!! :) http://www.oliviabluemusic.com/2011/08/music-monday-jesus-culture.html

  2. That drummer is very good your are right!

    The kitty video very cute!

  3. Congrats on Spotlight Dancer! Love your tunes! and Maru is my kind of cat!

  4. Now that is one talented drummer!! Congrats on your Spotlight Dance! No wallflower for you today! ;)

    I am SO right there with you on the whole getting up for school thing - and having to get up earlier in order to feed one grumpy Princess Nagger who drags out of bed for school every day... :)

    That kitty is hysterical - I'm going to have to share that with Princess Nagger when she gets home. :)

    Tryin' to Reason with Hurricane Season that Rocks You - Good Night Irene!

  5. Congratualtions on being featured in 4Ms. I loved the link for the pancakes! This is so cool! The best I could do was make some bear faces for our kiddos when they were small. Those days are gone, but I sure do have fond memories and hopefully they do, too.

    I know dragging out of bed is a real bummer, but you get up and make pancakes. I'm impressed! Way to go for you!!!

    Cats are so silly! I just love seeing them do stupid things like this.

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    ~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

  6. Congrats, you look good there in the spotlight.

    That is one Crazy Cat. How does he get air to breath?

  7. cute video but the plastic bag really scared me...how did he breathe?

  8. Hey, grumpy and tired happen, especially on Mondays. But thanks for waking my ass up with this pick, haha!

  9. I wake up. I'm yawning right now. I do the breakfast and lunch thing at 5am and well I'm just beat. I want to go back to sleep!

    I love preparing his lunch and getting him off full though, but yea. I'd rather sleep in.

    Thanks for sharing your music.

  10. I'm with you on the getting up early... so not fair! lol The kitty was entertaining and the drummer was really good! :0)

  11. Love the kitty!!! Congrats on the Spotlight!!!!!


  12. I forgot to answer your question. My youngest 2 kids started college this morning and commuting from home. They left early and I feel bad I slept right thru it!

  13. CONGRATS! You're in the Spotlight Dancing up a storm! WOO HOO! I've never heard that first song. It's truly different, but I love the song behind your kitty flick! Truly the kitty stole the show! Too cute! Thanks for playing along & hope to see you next week too!

  14. Congrats on being spotlight dancer!

    I think I dislike getting up to get my kids ready for school little more then I did when I was getting up for school myself,lol.

    Yes, the drummer is rocking it.....

  15. Ok, even though I'm more of a dog person (you'd never guess, huh) loved the kitty!
    I LOVE the song you picked. I even have that as a ringtones for my phone. That drummer is awesome.
    Congrats on the spotlight, we really appreciate your support each week.
    I used to make Mickey Mouse - go figure, right - pancakes for my kids on their first day of school. =)

  16. I'm not looking forward to getting up and getting my kids to school. I chose afternoon playschool for a reason ;) Thanks for the morning tune!