Enter to win prizes from Spin Your World

On July 26th we will have 3 lucky winners!

hand dyed drawstring bag from SpinYourWorld

The 1st winner will take home this vibrant hand dyed drawstring backpack, created by Scott Stanley from the Etsy shop Spin Your World ....and donated by Pat May, mixed media artist and owner of the Etsy shop Whyte. How are there 2 co-sponsors for this fun prize? Scroll to the bottom for an explanation**

glow in the dark keychains from Spin Your World

The 2nd and 3rd winners will each receive a cute glow in the dark keychain, also made by Scott.

How to enter this random drawing?

Leave a comment on my blog before 1 am (EST) on July 26 to get your name in the hat.

I will randomly select and announce the winners on Thursday July 26th.

This drawing is open to all with free shipping worldwide for the 3 lucky winners.

Now isn't that easy? So, remember leave a comment before you go.

Scott Stanley from Spin Your World on Etsy

** How do we have 2 co-sponsors today?**

Last April Scott Stanley's Kickstarter project was featured here. Scott creates & had dyes silk flags, bags, hats and other fabric items. (You can find some of these in his Etsy shop, http://www.SpinYourWorld.etsy.com. Included in the April blog post was a random drawing for one of his hand dyed drawstring backpacks.

Mixed media artist Pat May won that giveaway! This generous lady not only made a donation to Scott's kickstarter campaign, she also decided to share her colorful prize with a new lucky winner,  making her  the co-sponsor for the random drawing on 7/26. 

Many thanks to Scott & Pat for donating prizes to this month's giveaway! And thank you (in advance) to everyone who takes the time to comment. It is your interest in these random drawings that keeps them coming!


2 more abandoned art pieces

Pyrrha ACEO left inside this loaner book

"Art is never finished, only abandoned."
-Leonardo da Vinci

Here are two more art trading cards left during last week's beach holiday. The top ATC/ACEO has been tucked into this book abandoned by previous guests at the Barefoot Beach Resort. There are several novels floating around for guests to borrow, so it may be awhile before anyone finds this one.

The Kiss ACEO left in elevator
The Kiss was abandoned in the elevator overlooking the Southernmost Links mini-golf, Indian Rocks Beach. The kid decided this would be a good drop off spot and he was right -when we peeked in the lift 5 minutes later it was already gone.

Have you been following this blog or art abandonment group on facebook? If not, find out more info by clicking here.  By the way, the fb group has over 4100 members & growing.


Winner of the PrintRunner custom sticker drawing

250 printed stickers from PrintRunner

We have a winner! 
Congratulations, Stampchick!

Stampchick, the lucky lady,  was randomly selected to take home 250 stickers which will be printed with her own design! 

Thank you PrintRunner for sponsoring this great giveaway! And many thanks to everyone who took the time to enter this random drawing. 


Be sure to pop back here Thursday for the announcement of a new random drawing. It will be open to entries worldwide and will have more than one winner.


A few hours left to enter free custom sticker giveaway!

You've got until 1 am (EST) to leave a comment on this blog to enter the PrintRunner 250 custom stickers random drawing. Winner will be announced tomorrow & they get their own design printed in full color on a big-honkin stack o' stickers. Click here for details.

By the way, still digging the abandoned art movement & left 2 more pieces on holiday. I'm back home now but swamped with catching up, so I'll share them soon.

Best wishes for a wonder-filled week!


"Not Picked Up"

Secret matted print (abandoned)

Couldn't pass up abandoning some art on this UPS box once I saw the "not picked up" sign today.

If it is still there, you'll find it outside the 7-11 in Indian Shores, Florida. 

Curious about the Art Abandoned group? Click here for more info


Blustery Day ACEO left on a very blustery day

(abandoned) ACEO at bus stop 
Today the wind snatched this ACEO out of my grasp & sent it into a shrub down the street. Seemed appropriate for an art trading card titled "a blustery day". I decided to pull it from the leaves & abandoned it at trolley stop 3100 in Indian Shores, Florida (across from the public beach access). 

The Art Abandonment project is now up to over 3,100 members & growing! It also has a typepad page which explains the details. Would like an invite to the FaceBook group where you can (1) share photos & addresses of art that you have abandoned +/or (2) see if any addresses are near you & scoop up some great stuff? If so, pop me a message & I'll send you one.

If you are on the gulf beaches this week, keep looking around - I'll be dropping off a few more pieces over the next few days


Please note - there is still time to enter PrintRunner's random drawing for 250 custom printed stickers! If you are 18+ and in the USA, just comment on this blog before 6/25 for an entry. Click here for details



Day 3 Abandoned Art - Indian Shores Coffee Co.

(abandoned) Blue Dryad print

Left this print at the Indian Shores Coffee Co. this morning. Hope someone enjoys it with their tasty muffin and cup of joe.

What is abandoned art? A random acts of kindness/ artsy giveaway type of thing. Folks are depositing free art all over the place & if you find it, you can keep it! Read details here

Pop back tomorrow to see where the next piece is dropped off. Best wishes for a fantastic day!
On the aside, I'm hosting another random drawing for PrintRunner.com - 250 stickers printed with your design.  Comment on my blog before 1 am (EST) 6/25 to enter. Click here for random drawing details


Abandoned Art in the Conch Republic

PennyFarthing Dream ACEO (abandoned)

2 days into my 7 day spree of art abandonment: This ACEO was left at The Conch Republic Grill today, North Redington Beach, Fla.

What the heck am I talking about? Click here to read yesterday's post about this fun free-art free for all.

Will be leaving 5 more pieces around the gulf coast beaches this week - if you are in the area, keep your eyes open!

Change of topic - the PrintRunner 250 custom printed sticker random drawing happens here  on 6/25. Very low # of entries so far... so great odds! To enter (if 18+ and living in the USA) just leave a comment on my blog before then. Be sure to leave an email adress if it isn't in your profile. If you'd like details, click here.


Art Abandonment

Peacock Masquerade ACEO (abandoned)
"... art is a great way to make people's lives richer..." 
- Michael DeMeng, artist

About a week ago Michael DeMeng started the facebook group Art Abandonment  after leaving a few of his unique sketches around Eugene, Oregon. 

photo courtesy of Michael DeMeng
In a recent blog post (click here to read), Michael talks about how he has left random bits of art here & there for years, in hopes that the pieces find a home. A week ago he started this facebook  group for anyone who want to play along - to create & abandon something on the off chance it finds the right person. In less than a week, the group has over 2,200 members (& growing). 

How does it work? Basically you make something, leave it somewhere (with a note stating that it is free for the taker) & post a photo in the facebook group. Taken from Mr. DeMeng's site:
  1. All you have to do is make a piece of art.  (as simple or as elegant as you like)
  2. Write a little note on it explaining that it is a gift 
  3. Also mention that if the finder would like to share info about its fate they can contact the FaceBook group by emailing ArtAbandonement@groups.facebook.com
  4. You should also leave you're web address contact info…you never know…you might have created a new patron.
  5. Photo what you're leaving
  6. Then leave it…walk away…run…try not to get caught.
  7. Then on Facebook share the location and photo of your gift with the rest of us.  Here's the group address: http://www.facebook.com/groups/ArtAbandonment/
  8. Keep your fingers crossed that someone lets us know what became of it.  I certainly doubt that everyone will take the time to inform the group, but I'm hoping we get a few periodic bites.

I just abandoned my 1st piece today (top photo) at The Salt Rock Grill, Indian Shores, Fla. If you are in the area this week, keep your eyes peeled as I plan to leave a piece a day around town.  It is a  surprisingly addictive activity ... and a great way to destash the studio too! (After this inagural scattering, my misc. scribbles will distributed be more randomly. But I will make sure to post them here on the blog as well as on Facebook.)

Do you like to make stuff? Doesn't this sound like fun? If you still have questions about this wonder-filled-random-acts-of-artiness project, here is a short video posted today by DeMeng:

Also feel free to check out the facebook group here, DeMeng's blogpost here, or just drop me a note (email is in my profile) & I am happy to chat with you about it. In the meantime, keep your eyes open- you never know what you might find!


Illustration Friday - Secret


Loving the latest IF prompt, Secret - it offers so much potential....

I enhanced my drawing with a the stock image Branches II  from Simfonic on DeviantArt.

Off now to Illustration Friday see how others approached this intriguing challenge. Click the link & come along. Or, even better, upload your own enigmatic doodle and add to the fun.


By the way, I'm hosting another great giveaway from PrintRunner.com - 250 stickers printed with your design.  Comment on my blog before 1 am (EST) 6/25 to enter. Click here for random drawing details


Parting with some "old friends"

Face 25 - 1' x 3' chromacoal on canvas SOLD

Saturday's opening reception at Tampa's Great Frame Up was a blast! Great fun, oodles of art, artists & tantalizing conversation.... plus some fab nibbly-bits from Grille One Sixteen.

There were also a number of pleasant surprises - bumping into some old friends, a wonderful discussion about the darker side of fairy tales with a creative writing instructor, and several sales (yay!)

Diva - watercolor, colored pencil & ink - SOLD

I parted with a few favorites that have been hanging around the studio for some time. I have a tendency to hoard a piece or two from each series, until ages pass & it finally feels like time to set them free. 

This is going to sound silly - but I love actually talking with prospective buyers (as opposed to the quick online transaction). Especially when it is about something I'm attached to. Their interest in the techniques or backstory make me feel like I am sending piece to "a good home."

Penny Farthing Dream - watercolor, colored pencil, markers, ink - SOLD

It especially tickles my fancy when a fellow artist purchases a drawing. I finally decided to mat Penny Farthing Dream and send this cycling fellow out into the world. And was super-happy when he  traveled home with local abstract painter, Sharon Britton, & her charming, talented family.

Many thanks to Heidrun & Alan for putting together such a fantastic event! And to all the wonderful folks who made this fun evening happen. Now I just need to seek out more local venues for additional fascinating conversations.....

On another note, I heard that Detroit's Poisoned Apples opening night (also 6/9) was a great success! 150+ pieces from 80+ artists ..... and 450 guests - woowee - talk about a party! That show is hanging at The FunHouse Gallery through June with a closing reception on 6/23.

Final Note - have you entered the PrintRunner 250 custom printed sticker random drawing yet? I'll bet not - just leave a comment before 6/25 & you're entered. (However you must be at least 18 & in the USA). For drawing details & info on how to get an extra entry click here


Let's meet at The Great Frame Up tonight!

I'll be joining 10 other local artists at The Great Frame Up (3810 Neptune St. Tampa, FL) from 5-9 tonight. If you are in the area pop by to enjoy the eye-candy & tasty bites from Grille One Sixteen - plus meet a bunch of fun and talented ladies. Hope to see you there!

Or if you are in Detroit, MI between 7 - midnight check out The FunHouse Gallery's Poisoned Apples opening night (1600 Clay St., Building #2, Third Floor) , where I have 4 Snow White themed pieces in this 150 + piece show.

Whatever you get up to tonight, have fun!

Enter to win 250 Free stickers (of your design) from PrintRunner - ends 6/25

stickers from PrintRunner.com

Hey there how goes it? I think we're overdue for a new random drawing. This latest prize is from the  PrintRunner.com - one lucky winner will take home 250 custom stickers printed with their own fantastic design! 

Prize Details:      250 Stickers

Sticker Shape:        Standard Stickers

Flat Width:   2""

Flat Height:   3.5""

Quantity:   250

Paper:   Premium Sticker Stock

Colors :  Full Color ( 4 Color Process), Black and White

Proof :        NONE

Ready to Ship In :  3 Business Days

*Giveaway is open to US Residents only, ages 18 years old and above.  Free shipping to winner.  

I will also receive free stickers as compensation for hosting this great giveaway. I am super psyched about this - the postcards I have from this company look fantastic and always get compliments.

PrintRunner offers a variety of printing services. If you were here in March/April, you might remember they sponsored a custom printed postcard giveaway. Both the winner of that drawing, Elena Mary Siff , and I were very pleased with our postcards. I liked mine so much that I purchased a second set with a different design.  I decided to get that set printed with full color on both sides and am really happy with the results.

But - back to the stickers....

How to enter this random drawing for 250 stickers printed with your design? 
This is too easy. Simply leave a comment on my Artsnark blog before 1 a.m. 6/25 to enter. 

Want another chance to enter?
You can "like" Printrunner on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/printrunner or follow them on twitter:https://twitter.com/PrintRunner and then pop back here and let me know in 2nd comment. 

On 6/25 I will randomly select 1 lucky winner & announce it here on the blog. I'll also contact them via email, so be sure to leave a email address if it isn't in your profile. 

Many thanks to PrintRunner for sponsoring this giveaway! And thank yous to those who take the time to comment, as it is your interest that keeps the prizes coming. 

p.s. sorry about the wonky spacing/ fonts - blogspot is acting up again


Bad Apple a.k.a. "Here"

"Are you afraid of poison?" asked the old woman. 

"Look, I'll cut the apple in two. You eat the red half, and I shall eat the white half."

Now the apple had been so artfully made that only the red half was poisoned. Snow-White longed for the beautiful apple, and when she saw that the peasant woman was eating part of it she could no longer resist, and she stuck her hand out and took the poisoned half. She barely had a bite in her mouth when she fell to the ground dead.

The queen looked at her with a gruesome stare, laughed loudly, and said, "White as snow, red as blood, black as ebony wood! This time the dwarfs cannot awaken you." - Little Snow White by The Brother's Grimm

My last entry into the upcoming  Poisoned Apples show - you can see the other  3 by clicking back through the last few posts.  For the show, I had it printed on aluminum which added some fantastic color & depth. Again, many thanks to DeviantArt member daylight-calling for use of her photo as a jumping off point.

If you're in Detroit this weekend & enjoy a trip to the dark side, pop by The Funhouse Gallery between 7pm & midnight 6/9 for the opening reception. The show runs through most of June.


Secrets & Lies - mixed media

Here are a couple more items in the Poisoned Apples show, which opens this Saturday at The FunHouse Gallery in Detroit, MI.

I made these masks out of Papier-mâché, thread-inclusive papers, ribbons, paints & Polaroid Emulsion transfers.

They are life size & can be worn. 

Each also holds a secret inside. 

Somewhat fragile, they are mainly decorative. These could be displayed on the wall, or even in front of a mirror.... if you want to give the world a glimpse of what is going on inside.

Have you seen my other pieces in this show? If not, click here for yesterday's post which has the mixed media pieces mirror, mirror and (de)scepter . Tomorrow I will share the last one, so please pop back & check it out.

From the Poisoned Apples FaceBook Page, which also has a list of the participating artist's & performers: 

This June, 2012, in honor of the 75th anniversary of the animated film Snow White, a celebration like no other will take place at Funhouse Gallery Detroit. More than 80 local, national and international contemporary artists will display their interpretations of the story of The Original Princess. Opening reception guests will enjoy art, theme-inspired hors d'oeuvres & and live performances throughout the evening.

Show runs June 9 - 23, 2012
Opening reception Saturday, June 9, 2012 7pm - midnight
Closing reception Saturday evening, June 23
Gallery Hours for this show: Thurs & Fri 5-9, Sat 2-6, and by appt.


(de)scepter for Poisoned Apples

Hello there. How have you been?

Friday I (finally) finished/dropped off the last pieces for the two June 9th group shows I'm in - Poisoned Apples in Detroit & Feminine Wiles in Tampa.

(de)scepter is one of my mixed media pieces in the Snow White themed Poisoned Apples show. It measures about 14" high & has a flickering light inside the painted glass ball.

mirror, mirror

Did you catch my post from the 21st? If not, here again is the mirror also made for that show. This was a fun one - lots of banging, twisting & toxic chemicals! This photo is shot so it is easy to see the witch within. But if you stand in front of the piece & walk to one side or the other, she fades a bit behind the "antiqued" mirror. 

Shipping this piece was more intimidating than making, but it arrived intact. If anyone is curious, I'll pull together a post soon on how to create an affordable safe shipping box for good sized glass pieces.

More show sneak peeks later this week. In the meantime, click the links above to find out more about the spaces. If you use facebook, click the links below for details:

Poisoned Apples at The Funhouse Gallery Detroit, MI - Opening reception 7- 12
Feminine Wiles - The Great Frame Up - Tampa, FL-  Opening reception 5-9