Illustration Friday - Pet

Pet - colored pencil, watercolor, Pitt pen, acrylic

Reworking an old scribble for the new Illustration Friday prompt "Pet". Click here to visit the IF site. While you're there, check out some other pics or add your own.


Random Tuesday - Bean a while

I have some fun news to share later, but tonight I'm tuckered out and going random:

Listening to


This! Sometimes the cover really is better & this one crushes:


If you're seeking a new beach read & enjoy a thriller, Michael Robotham's Joseph O'Laughlin series is worth checking out.

Finally restarting this one I picked up in Feb. but never got around to. I have high hopes but am a bit skeptical at same time.


Finally rented The Imitation Game the the before so it seemed like a fitting follow up. If you're an AI fan (and suspension of disbelief comes easy) be sure to check it out.

Random Snapping

palm tree shadow on chipboard 

off-menu cucumber sage martini at Timpano Chophouse beats the heat

School's annual beans-taped-to-windows project captivates again

recent trip to the lamp store

What's striking your fancy this week? 


What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday #309

Finally sharing my real workspace above. I tend to cover my table with supplies and work on my lap when making "smalls"

I was sorting some boxes today and came across a forgotten stash of old ATC prints and a bunch of 7 Gypsies fake book covers. Playing with Pitt Pens and watercolor pencils is certainly better than cleaning!

What have you been tinkering with today?

Jump aboard the What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday blog hop and share your creative space. It is also great fun to see what other folks are up to. So visit some links if you have the time.