Feeling Fabulous, Dahling!

Behind on creating this week & planned on playing tag today. Then I was given this wonderful award x2.

Special thanks to talented artists Queenbe & Nancy Lefko who were kind enough to give it to moi.

Right now I'm blushing & waving a fan like Blanche Dubois "Oh look, we have created enchantment"

Please visit their Fabulous blogs & see what they are up to. Try to pop by their award recipients while you're there ... c'mon now, just tickle those links ... you know you want to ...just a little ...

hmm... hmm.. hmmm... ahh, you're back...

This is where I list 5 things I'm "into" right now:

1. Etsy & the ongoing conversations in the Collage/ Mixed Media Forum
2. Free music downloads on Amazon
3. Gathering, creating & altering gizmos: Astrolabes, pocket watches, toys & gadgets
4. trying to make sense of the scrapyard that is my home office/studio (see #3)
5. Samurai Champloo - some people veg to reality TV; I do anime

Now I pass the torch onto 5 more FAB bloggers:
1. Starrydeborah
2. SuAnn's Journey
3. Paper mischief
4. La Donna Paper cutting
5. Lemon Drop Pie

And a final thought from Miss Dubois:
I want magic! Yes, yes, magic. I try to give that to people.
May you find your magic today & make your world simply FABULOUS!


Put It On Paper!

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. - Albert Einstein

You have amazing ideas! It is time to write them down...

Pop by the Big Blank Book Sale at ArtSnark.etsy.com!

I've altered the covers of various journals/sketchbooks . They are all $8 or less plus free shipping. I will be adding more as I finish them. Just click on any of the images for more details
Nighttime is really the best time to work. All the ideas are there to be yours because everyone else is asleep.
- Catherine O'Hara

The secret of life is in art - Oscar Wilde


Random Thoughts Tuesday


Ugg- Brain foggy..... Do you ever find that you're more awake when you tumble out of bed than 3 -4 hours later? (insert every mother's lecture about eating a proper breakfast here)

My random shuffle is doing better than I am at this today- Last 5 songs 1st to last have been

Tank - Cowboy Bebop soundtrack
Stealing the Pinch - David Holmes
D is for Drums - They Must Be Giants
Once again around the Dance floor - KD Lang
Evacuate - Boxer Rebellion

Hmm....Put Down the Duckie (Ernie & Hoots the Owl) just kicked in... gotta love Party Shuffle

While wasting time I don't really have searching for a link to David Holmes, I tripped into rhapsody.com - Haven't snooped around much yet but it gave me a nice clear rendition of Stealing the Pinch to share ( tho the last link takes you to all of Holmes' music)

...more coffee...ahh...much better

OK...here's the KD Lang song on rhapsody (link not exact but will lead you in the right direction)

If you've bothered following all this, you're slacking off as badly as I am & you need one of THESE .....what? were you expecting a personal assistant? You (and I ) wish!

You may notice I'm having some troubles with the whole time-management- resolution- thing.

But I Loooove Random thoughts Tuesday! And teeny tiny text

.....if you need a little more anarchy, go visit the Un-Mom warning rated pg-13 for real-life language today ;-D


Monday's Muse - Free Use Images

I love free stuff! Especially images. Sometimes having that little jump-start can make all the difference between making a new piece & slacking off. Couldn't sleep in the wee hours today & in a bit of a dark mood, so I popped over to Outsider-artists.net. A great site, it features the work of some of my favorite artists & much has a lightly-dark edge (I'm such an oxymoron - ha). I "met" some of these creative ladies online last year through zne & have the good fortune to own a few pieces (for daily inspiration).

They also have a page of vintage images for anyone to use here. As well as a visitors' gallery page to display your creations that they've inspired. So, I found a lovely vintage lady & twisted her to suit my dark needs....muhahaha....
The Priestess ACEO is in my etsy shop .

Continuing on the theme of free images, I received a message from the talented artist Barbara Moustafa (also 1st encountered thru zne). She transformed the watches I posted last week into the wonderful digital collage Time Fractured. You can view it in her deviantART gallery here. Enjoy more of Barbara's art at her blog & etsy shop. She also has pieces on the Outsider-Artists visitor gallery.

And here is my image to share with all who want it. An old London postcard from my collection:
Hope you find your muse today!


Catherine Earnshaw ACEO

Catherine Earnshaw, may you not rest as long as I am living! You said I killed you--haunt me, then! -Heathcliff
This is the 1st art card I made (about a year ago). It was my "gateway drug" that returned me to my creation-addiction after a 5 yr dry spell. I've finally decided to part with Catherine. She's available now in my etsy shop.

Part 2 of the classic Wuthering Heights is on PBS tonight. This latest incarnation is presented by Masterpiece Classics.


Illustration Friday - Climbing

You cannot learn to fly by flying. First you must learn to walk, and to run, and to climb, and to dance.
- Friedrich NietzcheThis drawing for Illustration Friday is available in my Etsy shop.

Special thanks to the talented Nancy Lefko for introducing me to Illustration Friday through her blog. Click here to see Nancy's wonderful Climbing collage


Danger Will Robinson! Retro Robots,Poladroids & Pocketwatches!

My Random Tuesday is so arbitrary I'm writing it Wednesday!

Did you ever watch the old TV show Lost in Space?
Publicity photo © CBS
I used to race home to catch the reruns after school. Man, I loved that show. Dr Smith & the Robot were my favorites. Found out today that Bob May, the guy inside the robot suit (remember those crazy arms waving all over the place), just passed away. If you'd like to know more about Mr May, click here © CBS via Photofest

If you're craving your own B-9 robot ( and have 24k just lying around), these are very cool. Or you could build your own with help from these guys

I was obsessed with obituaries as a kid. Why? Just always like reading them, I guess. Though I don't seek obits out anymore, I seem to stumble onto them lately. Guess I'm old enough now that I get an "ending of an era" kind of feeling. I dunno....

Subject(ive) shift: Thanks to fabulous artist Melissa Nucera over at JanuaryWish.com . She blogged about Poladroid last week. Love it! Download the free software here to turn back the clock on your new pics & give them that cool 70s flair. Be patient tho, cuz they take a few minutes to "develop"- just like the real thing.

I highly recommend Melissa's wonderful etsy shop This years girl when you get a minute.

Our time traveling continues: I'm going through my "collections" (or piles or crap - all depends on who you ask). Decided to start scanning before destashing - Hey! At least hoarding images takes up less space! Here are a couple of pocket watch scans for your use. Now I don't really know what I'm doing, so if you can't access them or they're to fuzzy or something, please let me know & I'll try to fix


And The Winner Is.......

For today's random selection, my assistant is "Susan from Narnia"
And the Winner is StarryNightImpressions!!!
Starry, if you send me a convo at www.ColorTheSky.etsy.com with your contact info I will get your supplies package right out to you. Many thanks to everyone who commented in the past week. Keep checking back as my assistant is already planning his next giveaway costume.....what a ham! (It took 15 minutes & several wardrobe changes before he settled on this outfit). Until next time, Happy Creating!

Monday's Muse - Happy Birthday, Mr. Poe!

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night.
- E.A. Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was born 200 years ago today in Boston. Poe's Muse - Digital Collage

Many cities are having celebrations this month - there's a good calendar of events here. The Post office has issued another stamp. (I also found this one from 1949.) The NY times blog has a slide show of portraits, text & original writings here.

Sometimes referred to him as the father of the detective novel & one of the initial contributors to the science fiction genre, Poe's influence extends beyond the written word. His works have inspired artists, Filmmakers (Hitchcock), musicians (including Debussy & the Beatles)

(Can you find Poe on this famous album cover?)

Even scientist have been influenced by his works, including Eureka, A prose poem

I've enjoyed reading Poe as far back as I can recall & he shows up in my art from time to time. (see above collage of Poe & his wife Virginia)

(and the mini watercolor pendant Annabel Lee)

If you need a further dose of Poe today, a good site to visit is edgarallanpoe200.com - or just enter Poe into the search at Etsy to see the many creations there.

It is by no means an irrational fancy that, in a future existence, we shall look upon what we think our present existence, as a dream.


Andrew Wyeth, American Icon

I put a lot of things into my work which are very personal to me. So how can the public feel these things? I think most people get to my work through the back door. They’re attracted by the realism and they sense the emotion and the abstraction — and eventually, I hope, they get their own powerful emotion.” - Andrew Wyeth

I read about the passing of Andrew Wyeth in the New York Times this morning. In addition to the well written obituary , there's an article about the continuing debate over the quality of his art, For Wyeth Both Praise and Doubt. Both pieces are worth the read; just follow the links if you have the time.

Earlier today I thought I'd write a bit about growing up in Maine where it seemed there were Wyeth prints in almost every home by 1970s. How his art, so popular when I was a kid, was considered bourgeois by teachers & students during my 1 year of art school in the late 80s.

I grew up viewing his work in prints & books, as well as original paintings at the Farnsworth & Portland museums and other places. My mom also took us on trips to Monhegan Island, where I learned more about the 3 generations of famous Wyeths. Monhegan is also the place where I first harbored the idea of Artist as Professional. I remember thinking how cool it would be to live away from the rest of the world & be left alone to simply create...

Hmm..I'm rambling....There was a lot I thought I wanted to say...but I can't quite put it together now that I'm here....

I think the great weakness in most of my work is subject matter. There’s too much of it.”
-Andrew Wyeth

What I took away from Wyeth's paintings over the years was the light, the ambiance. Also, the idea that art didn't have to be pretty. That it could have a quite power. And it wasn't until reading of his death today that I even realized the extent of his influence on my pencil pushing...


Random Tuesday & Giveaway preview!

Looking for info on the Grand Opening Giveaway?
I won't force you to scroll through my rambling today. To celebrate the opening of my etsy Art Supply shop I'm doing a random drawing on Jan 19th. 1 person will get a package of supplies. Just leave a comment this week to be entered. I'm adding stuff to the package as I destash. Here are a few photos :
1 mounted rubber stamp

300 faux rose petals
(I'm sensing a valentine project theme here)

2 metal heart tins with clear lids

There will be a few more items as I keep stocking the shop. There's a heart shaped paper punch & some cool scrapbook papers around here somewhere... Keep peeking back this week to see what else turns up.


I so love Random Thoughts Tuesday.... I like to pretend it justifies my babbling.

1st of all what is it with males & Sponge Bob? If it's on TV my 5 yr old, his dad (& any other guy passing through the house) become zombie couch potatoes. Mostly I find it annoying. Tho I have to admit I was totally rooting for Plankton while doped on cold meds the other day!

Am I the only 1 who is digging the steampunk feel to this season of Backyardigans?

Think I've been watching too many cartoons? Me too

Why is it a battle to get my son in the tub, unless it's my bath? Then the little pest runs ahead of me & jumps in! Tonight I'm going to use this weakness against him...muhahaha

Oh, And I'm madly in love with google books....It is a fabulous source for obscure stuff like forgotten 18th century poets and other wonders.

And lastly, a shout out to the Fun & Fabulous artist Suzan Buckner. Creator of stunning collages, paintings & other wonders, she's been getting published left & right lately.You can also enjoy her latest thoughts & art here! Check it out - fun colorful pieces, a good read & even free downloads - woo hoo!


Monday's Muse - Words & Worlds

Keep thinking today about maps, globes & poetry.

I've always been fascinated by all things travel related. Globes, maps, steamer trunks, stamps, passports, the list goes on & on....When I was a kid I'd waste hours imagining what was happening right then on the other side of the world. Now you can just pop onto the web & find out. I will confess to bookmarking webcams in Venice, Rome & other spots so that I can escape at a moments notice. If you get the urge to see what's going on, there's a lot of live images "out there". One good place to start is earthcam.com

A couple of days ago the wonderful collage artist Nancy Lefko mentioned sending her latest custom pieces to Sweden. She writes in her blog "It is always fun for me to think that my art will visit countries that I probably will never see myself. The internet has, in many ways, made the world quite small." (Please stop by her blog & etsy shop if you get a chance, you'll be glad you did)

I have to agree. There is something very cool about sending an item you've made out into the world. I just sent Cognition Girl off to Norway And an ACEO went off to Ireland last month. Any sale is a good sale but there is just something extra special about those international collectors. Perhaps it is the idea of connecting, even for a moment with someone so very far away.

To escape the hectic & mundane, I've been traveling through time as well around the globe. (gotta love the internet) Spent a while with Christina Rosetti and Charles Cayle before returning to the day's madness.

Despite the eloquent phrases I absorbed today, I seem to be stumbling here...Heck, I've rambled so much I see it's now 12:38 on "Random Tuesday". Since my brain is mush, I'll end this chatter and leave you with a thought from Ralph Waldo Emerson :

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.


Attention Fabric Addicts!

If you're anything like me, you've got yards of unused fabric that you "just had to have". Wouldn't it be a blast to create with fabrics you design?

Now you can get your awesome ideas put on custom printed fabric at Spoonflower.com - how cool is that! Just read about this nifty website in the NY Times . Their site looks easy to use with a simple tutorial. No minimum order. $18 a yard or $5 a sample swatch. They also say they have fast turnaround time & a satisfaction guarantee.

They've also got a blog where you can vote on "fabric of the week", as well as an etsy presence Spoonflower.etsy.com.

Now if I could just learn to sew..........


Couple Of New Pieces

Carved some time out tonight to finish 2 new pieces.
Second Grace is an ACEO
Icarus Who? Is a Mixed Media Collage.

If you're curious,this one had a bunch of steps. After making a polaroid transfer of a leaf, I decided to play with the the negative image. (This is the trash part but I like like the funky abstract look so I usually mess around with it.) First I used water color pencils. I wanted more POP so I scanned the piece in & saturated the colors in PhotoShop Elements. Then I printed this out twice.

Next I colored both prints with watercolor pencil & markers. 1 became the background & the other got cut up for wings/flames. I then scanned an old sketch (for a painting I sold a few years ago). Stretched the figure a bit more in PE & added golden tones for a mythical feel. Printed & trimmed this figure. Glued it all up. Played some more with the pencils & added a double beveled black mat. Though I liked the drama, it looked like a big black hole so I used the pencils on the mat too. The whole thing then got a coat of UV-resistant spray.

Both are available at ArtSnark.etsy.com


(fever) Dream Girls

1st off ~ Happy New Year!
2008 was a long strange trip & I'm ready to see what's up next

also a happy belated 90th birthday to J.D. Salinger!
I'd planned on doing a quick pencil portrait of Mr. Salinger today

but instead ended up with more fever dream pics

(I said it was a strange trip)

This set of 3 small drawings is now available at ArtSnark's Artifacts