Dark Arts - Creepy Collector's Cabinet

Happy Halloween!

Last week I shared some new pieces made for the Dark Arts: Creep group show. If you missed them, click here (opens in new window).

I also had fun cobbling together this Collector's Cabinet (40 - 48). The cabinet is covered with paint and some really cool textured papers.

The knobs are old railroad nails numbered 40 - 48.

Inside the creep displays his treasures.

Distorting mirrors reflect the gatherer admiring the latest acquisitions.

Inventory is labeled, in this case with old playing cards. Just one more left to go before this set is complete and a new one can begin. 

Of course, the hunt is (more than) half the fun.


The drawer handle is a frozen Charlotte crank for winding.

Here's a sneaky peek inside the drawer. 

I imagine the owner of this box is a lifelong collector, dedicated to his craft.


Musical Monday - Lou Reed 1942- 2013

Sad to hear about Lou Reed's passing. He is one of my favorite musicians. Lou always came off as creative, unique & honest. This will sound silly, but over-playing the Velvet Underground's albums helped me survive high school. 

Have be honest, I kinda thought he was going to live forever.

If you're looking for other tunes today, pop over to XmasDolly & visit the MM blog hop.


Dark Arts: Creep

Dark Hart, mixed media

Hey there. How've you been? Where did October go?? 

I've been busy making pieces for 4 group shows this month. Halloween was my favorite holiday as a kid. Now it is a great excuse to give in to my dark side and make some fun spooky stuff.

Bernini Skeleton, altered & colored original photo

One of the shows, Dark Arts: Creep is happening right now in St. Petersburgh, FL. Lots of ghoulish goodness, art and entertainment all wrapped into a fundraiser for Keep St. Pete Local and put together by the Blue Lucy Gallery.

I've packed this post with a few pieces I made for this event and will share some this week.

cabin 1, mixed media

cabin 2, mixed media

Sorry that cabins 1 & 2 photographed poorly. These lost ladies are trapped behind "antique" mirrors, which can be a challenge to shoot. I had a similar problem in the top photo of Dark Hart; the black rectangle on right is my phone (doh).


Van Gogh Shadow

This lovely short film created by Luca Agnani adds motion to some of Van Gogh's most famous paintings. There is a list of paintings used on the YouTube page.

I feel like I've watched this before, but my memory is going lately. It is making the rounds on twitter (again) today, so sharing here in case you've missed it (or simply want to see again).


Smokin & still evolving

Smokin' WIP
Finally got some time to dance with this wild lass again. Need to be done soon, but she just wont sit still.

Still listening to Kishi Bashi. His tunes really push the paint around! 


Sorry about the poor pics - shooting in the near dark with my phone. I do love being able to paint outside again now that the weather is cooling! Gotta run - Mommy & domestic goddess duties beckon. 

By the way, you can see an earlier version of this piece & and find out a bit about the fundraiser it is going to in my last post: HERE