Illustrated Friday - Breezy

Red's Escape

This 12x12 mixed media on canvas is available in my etsy shop. Just click photo to go straight to details.
Thanks for popping by! Red's Escape was inspired by Illustration Friday. If you get a chance please go check out the other entries for Breezy


Missing You

Thinking about love & loss
my heart goes out to so many of you at this time
this is for you my friends
you know who you are
You are in my thoughts and prayers

New Houses! Good Prices ! Great Cause!

Fairies 'Round My House by Heather Holbrook
Read about her house on her
See more of Heathers art at
PisforPaper on etsy

The 1st altered houses for the OzBushfireAppeal shop have been listed for sale. Each house is a one of a kind creation by a different talented artist & was designed specifially to be donated to the Oz shop. 100% of proceeds from every sale goes to the Australian Red Cross. (Since Feb 8 they have made over $15,000 AU). For more details on the shop & the artists involved, click here.

Where My Heart Resides by Nancy Lefko
Read about her house on her
See more of Nancy's art at CollageArtGirl
on etsy

To visit a specific house listing, click on any photo on this page. Also, here is the link to the METSY Team Houses section of the shop. Another dozen or so houses to be listed for sale soon.

Flower Cottage by Jen Maddison
Read about Jen on her blog.
See more of her art at jemjoop on etsy

Keep checking back, more houses will be featured here as they are listed in the OzBushfireAppeal shop. Some things to remember (& hopefully send you shopping): your money is going to a great cause, You get to be the proud new owner of a one of a kind piece of art, And there is also Free Shipping on every item. Don't wait too long though as the Oz shop will be shutting down on March 31.

Home Is Where The Heart Is by Pam Carriker
See what Pam is doing on her
See more of her art at
The BagladysArt
on etsy

Originally I wanted to interview each artist, while showcasing their house. But I dropped the ball on this one (hmm... seems to be happening a lot lately). Here's a thought! How about YOU interview them for me ?! Simply leave your questions. I'll gather them into a survey & post the artists' responses in a week or so.... Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Play House by Alisa Norholt-Dean
Read about her house on her blog.
See more of Alisa's art at PrettyLittlePendant on etsy

If you get a chance, please visit the blogs & etsy shops of these generous & talented volunteers. Show them some love & tell them how great they are, k?


Quasi-Random Thoughts Tuesday

Ok I'm just going to ramble - however a piece or 2 of cohesion may slip thru. I'm behind all schedules (as usual). Not really time to post - but I do so love The Random Zone!

Missed last weeks Arty Girlz challenge "Wire"- here are fun pieces from those who had their acts together. Lucky for me, the piece I meant to submit also fits under this week's topic "Butterflies"
A custom piece "gone bad", I was seriously bummed. Then all the positive feedback left by wonderful readers (on my last necklace posting) encouraged me to jazz it up for Arty Girlz . Also listed on etsy & YAY it's now on reserve!

Also listed an ACEO - it originally appeared on ZNE as Faeries Are Elusive... but "Believe" is a more productive search word so ...
Do You Believe in Faeries?

How 'bout Zombies?

I hear you...Yeah, you in the back, mumbling what is it with this girl and the frickin zombies? Dunno what to tell you, they just keep coming back ;-)

Enjoyed 1 of the worse movies ever on late night TV last week (hey...watching crap tv...not getting anything done...connection?) Nearly laughed to death (ah, but would I have come back?) The New Zealand horror *cough* classic *cough* Black Sheep. No, not the Chris Farley thing - the werewolf /mutant zombie one ....just replace "wolf" & "mutant" with sheep..... yeah, really.

I had this on my Netflix for ages before it was released. Once it came out, it crept lower & lower down the queue until it hovered in the 125 zone. This is the "walk of shame" area - movies that I think I want to see but not sure I want to (a) admit it (b) pay for -even if it's pennies & (c) remove from queue only to reinstate after seeing preview again usually after drinking too much

Spoiler: My biggest laugh was when our hero lost his gun & tossed a jar of mint jelly on the attacking creature! Sizzled like holy water on a vampire....classic! Did I mention it was around 2am at my house? C'mon help me find an excuse for such sophomoric pleasures....

Well, this is truly rambling... 3 more for you, if you're still with me, I must ask what is with all the Jane Austin adaptations?

You have probably heard by now that Elton John is said to be producing the film Pride & Predator I thought it was a joke at 1st

Now you can preorder Pride & Prejudice and Zombies Hey, can I read it when you're done?And my favorite: Jane Bites Back NY Times says "depicts the 19th-century author as a frustrated vampire, taking revenge on those who have made money from her work"

Ok. I'm done. If you get a chance, POP over to visit The Un-Mom (who's feeling a bit like the walking dead thanks to the latest bug going around) & see what wacky chaos she is up to this week


The Patience Of Joy

1 of the sweetest people I've ever "met", Joy, was the winner of a customized pendant & necklace in my 1st random giveaway. This wonderful lady has waited (and waited...) since December for her prize. Her only requests was that the image be a pink letter J on sheet music. After too many months of excuses, I think I'm done. I tried to go with a faux-antique look .Not sure if I pulled it off. There is actually a little more I'd like to do but .... rather than make this kind lady wait another 2 months, it's in the mail tomorrow (really!)

Pendant measures 2.25"h x 1.75"w, not counting beads. Chain is 24" with a lobster clasp

I'd like to take a few minutes & tell you I've learned my lesson (time management, keeping promises, etc), but I have to go tackle 3 more (late) projects promised to other fine folks..... May they all be as lovely & patient as you, Joy!

If you get the time, please stop by & say hello to Joy here and check out her etsy shop, FreeTimeFun


WIP - Hot House Flower

Decided to finally start on my little house. Thought about paint or collage but it just wouldn't coalesce. When all else fails I turn to my ginormous stack of scrapbook paper for ideas. This paper jumped out & screamed Diva! Then this chick- part superhero, part Sunset Blvd - started spinning thru my head. She's only 1 of 2 but it's getting late, so I'll tackle her partner tomorrow.


Random Thoughts Tuesday

I heard Mr. Cage speak back in '88 or so. He was a trip. His lecture was all over the place. Many people left disappointed. I felt at home. (Whatever that says about me.) Random chance has always made sense.

Here's a clip of him performing Water Walk on a 1960 Game show

Here's a performance of Cage's 4'33" by the BBC Symphony Orchestra many many years later

What I find fascinating is the different reactions

Happy Belated Birthday to Abe Lincoln!He'd have turned 200 on the 12th. Here's a penny from 1809:
I read somewhere It'd be worth $200 today. Wonder what 1 cent bought you in 1809?

Also belated b-day wishes to Charles Darwin, who shares the same birthday as Mr. Lincoln. Here's a cute 200 Birthday Music list for Darwin. You can listen to it while reading Origin of the Species !

I meant to catch these 2 last week but have been busy posting about etsy shop OzBushfireAppeal. If you want to find out about it click thru or check out yesterday's post.

Gotta get the little dude to bed- time to cut this ramble short. So 1 last Happy Birthday - to Tom Ripley! Here's a fun piece from the NY Times about my favorite octogenarian. After reading Patricia Highsmith's The Talented Mr Ripley years ago I was totally hooked & tracked down the other 4 books. I love this guy!

By the way she also wrote Strangers On A Train - If you haven't seen the Hitchcock adaptation & like old thrillers, put it on your Netflix now! Actually, I should go put it on mine. It was a favorite when I was kid but I haven't seen it in at least 25 years.....

Speaking if kids, I've got a cranky 1 who insists he's "not tired!" A sure sign that it's time to go....


Monday's Muse -Be Inspired! Make a Difference

February 8th the OzBushFireAppeal shop opened on etsy.

8 days later it has sold 544 items for around $ 10,000 (AU).

100% of Proceeds goes to the Australian Red Cross.

At this writing there are 210 items in stock, with "new items listed almost around the clock..." All items have been donated by Etsians worldwide.

IF YOU ARE ON ETSY and would like to donate an item click here for more information.

IF YOU LIKE TO SHOP get a great handcrafted item (with free shipping ) & donate the full amount of your purchase to a worthy cause.

IF YOU HAVE A MOMENT think - who can you share this info with? Please pass it on. It will only take a minute.

I heard about this shop on Thursday & donated a necklace. Looking around my studio for some art supplies to contribute, I came across some little houses
I was about to donate them when I realized that a one of a kind altered house would fetch more money than a blank one. I put out a call to the gifted members of the METSY Mixed Media Team. I would send each volunteer a house to decorate & they would work their magic. The final pieces will be donated to the Australian wild fire relief shop. So far 14 generous Artists have offered up their time & talent for this project. I am very excited! Please stop by and visit them when you get a chance:

Sheila Bradley - Createitcottageart & Creatitcottage - createitcottage.blogspot.com

Juli Waller - grraphics - grrrdesign.blogspot.com

Aimee Wheaton - mazerdesign & Mazerdesign.com - creativeflutter.blogspot.com

Carmen McCullough - ArtsyJutsu - artsyjutsu.ning.com

Alisa Nordholt-Dean - PrettyLittlePendant - prettylittlependant.blogspot.com

Jen Maddison - jemjoop - emjoop.blogspot.com

Jodi Ohl - lucysweetlucy - sweetrepeats.blogspot.com

Vivian Bonder - desertbloom

Once these talented ladies send me photos of their creations, I will post them here for you to enjoy. I would also like to share a brief interview with each artist, if I can get them to agree. Dunno about you, but I always enjoy reading a bit about the person behind the creation.

Now, what else can you do to help? In addition to the suggestions above, let's get the word out! I'm too behind the times to twitter. So after phone calls & emails, I went the old fashioned route printing up fliers to promote OzBushfireAppeal. Then posted them at my son's school as well as at some local businesses. Will anyone notice them & respond? I don't know. But I had to try.

I truly believe everyone can make a difference. So does FeliciaFairy and The Etsy Dust Team. They are the kind souls behind this generous shop. I don't know what type of response they initially anticipated. Lets blow them away....be generous....go shopping....and spread the word!


And The Winner Is.......

-But before we get to that-

Special thanks to the Metsy Artists who have volunteered to create & donate little houses for the OzBushfire Appeal shop on etsy. If you haven't visited the shop yet, please click the link. All items purchased there have free shipping and 100% of proceeds from sales go to the Australian Red Cross.

There are 14 talented & generous volunteers so far. I will list them in detail with their links tomorrow as today's post needs to be short & sweet, like a little Valentine's Day Chocolate....

Thanks to everyone who commented this week. Quite a turn out for the random drawing! And the Lucky Winner of Celtic Knot's Origami Star Earrings is....

..... cue loyal assistant.....

(enter drum roll here...)

Digital Misfit!

Well, that was fun! Thanks to everyone who commented this week. Keep checking back - I never know when the random giveaway bug will bite again. Hope you all have a lovely day.


Go Shopping! Help Australians In Need & Get Great Stuff!

By now you have heard about the tragic fires in Australia. There is a shop on etsy OzBushfireAppeal.etsy.com that is giving 100% OF THEIR PROCEEDS to the Australian Red Cross.

If you are a shopper, check it out. Free Shipping on everything. Item Categories include:
Accessories, Art, Babies & Children, Bags & Purses, Jewelry, Ladies Clothing, Paper & Cards, Supplies, Vintage and Everything Else. Click on any of these categories to be taken right to it.

All the items are donated by Etsy Sellers. If you are on etsy & would like to donate any item, details are in the Profiles Section of the shop.

I've donated this one of a kind Cameo Butterfly Necklace.
It is only $25 with Free shipping. Click image for more info

Happy Thoughts & Good Wishes to Emma at Feliciafairy.etsy.com & the DUST Team who are running the shop & keeping it stocked with new items "around the clock". Thank you.

I am working with a group of very creative artists from the METSY Team on a series of mixed media houses which will be donated to the OzBushfire shop. I will post pics here as they are completed. The 1st generous folks volunteering their time & talent are:

Please visit these amazing artists at their shops & blogs and tell them how wonderful they are!

I will add to the list as more fabulous artists donate their valuable time & talent. So please check back to see what we are up to.


Time for a Quickie? It's Random Thoughts Tuesday

mmmm....brains......oops! i mean.....coffee
The Un-Mom is on a zombie kick today....and I soo looove zombies

I think this would be great in the the living room but can't get the family on board. If you're with me or just want a fun read click here for flash version

If you're into mobiles (or ninjas, or pinup girls, or..... The Undead!) you must visit Salty & Sweet - one of my favorite etsians

If you love or hate zombie movies you MUST see Shaun of the Dead . Sick & cheerfully twisted, it's my fave. (DH hates the undead but he liked this 1 too)

I'm sensing a theme here....whoops- back to random:

While looking for a spot to promote Monday's giveaway, I found ... wait for it ... wait for it ... bloggiveaways ! Great list of random freebies & drawings, from an Epson Printer & *ahem* personal massager to burp cloths & chocolates...now that's random!

Oh, if you would like to take a chance on winning some free earrings (see Monday for details) just leave a comment here before noon EST this Saturday. You'll be entered in the random drawing.

ok- how many times did I just type zombie & random? I really need a thesaurus.... or...more....coffee....mmmmmm


Monday's Muse - Kudos to Creative Moms

There’s a woman at the beginning of all great things.
- Alpohonse de Lamartine

There is an abundance of creative people "out there" & oodles of Mom's so the combo is only natural. Some are on my blog list - please visit if you have the time. I've met many wonderful creative ladies on Etsy , ZNE & in blogland. The question "how do you do it all?" comes up a lot. (Though lists & babysitters are suggested, caffeine & late nights seem to be the most popular responses). Tips are shared on topics from Pink-eye to Polaroid Transfers. The advice to "get some rest...take some time for yourself..." is often heard & given.

I just want to say Kudos to all you generous Moms! Now here's a chance to get something for yourself! Kristine of CelticKnot.etsy.com has kindly donated 2 pairs of her Origami Lucky Star Earrings in the winner's choice of colors!
1 random winner will be drawn on Valentine's Day. To enter this giveaway just leave a comment here by Saturday at noon EST. (& no you don't have to be a Mom to enter)

Couple of other Creative Mom notes today. The documentary Who Does She Think She Is? looks very cool - hope it comes to my town!

Some people are still unaware that reality contains unparalleled beauties. The fantastic and unexpected, the ever-changing and renewing is nowhere so exemplified as in real life itself. - Berenice Abbott


Mind Wide Open February Challenge -Dream

Then through the shady forest
the little maiden went
And though her steps were fleetest
the day was well nigh spent
from an 1863 version of Red Riding Hood

Red's Dream

The sleep of reason breeds monsters - Goya

Gail has posted all the entries on her blog. Over 20 wonderful pieces representing a variety of styles & interpretations! Worth checking out if you have the time - just visit here


Artarazzi Challenge #9 Vintage Beauty

Supposed to be doing some "serious work" tonight, but it was so much more fun to goof off with this great image from the Artazzi challenge! You can do anything with it, as long as it's digital. Pop over & have a go this week if you have the time.

What a fun opportunity to play with some of the public domain stuff I have tucked in the nooks & crannies of my computer. The man is from artfreebies.blogspot.com. The silhouette - publicdomainpictures.net. The telegram has been in my free use folder so long I don't remember where it came from.

The Telegram

Do you find you get a phrase stuck in your head while creating, like you're forming a back story for the characters? Found the gent 1st & he said to me "I remember... she was very beautiful - but her sister ... ooh la la!"

In case the telegram text is hard to read: Reference yesterdays cable lost government money had to cash checque on Parrs at Anglo Egyptian for the amount - Coles

SNEAK PEEK - Red's Dream

Playing with a piece for the MWO challenge - Dream. Pop on over, say hi to Gail, snag the image & play! You've still got til Midnight tomorrow to enter....C'mon....you can do it!

Here's a sneak peek of the piece I sent in. It's just the center but I think I may like the crop better than my full piece....harumph...I suspect I will have to tweak it more in the future ....

Even if you don't get around to interpreting Gail's lovely image, check back with her on Sunday. She'll be posting all the submissions to her blog then. And if you pop back here this weekend I'll have the full piece up eventually.

Happy Creating!



Child of Pandora, Pyrrha was also the niece (& daughter in law) of Prometheus. When Zeus decided at the end of the Bronze Age to flood the world, Pyrrha & her husband Deucallion built an ark, survived & repopulated the world by tossing rocks over their shoulders. The rocks became the next generation.

I recently discovered the Artarazzi challenges & made this for Challenge #8 (Alter Waterhouse's Boreas & use orange)

The fire in image is courtesy of PDPhoto.org


Art on The Darkside Challenge - SHADOWS

Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings - always darker, emptier and simpler.
-Freidrich Nietzche

My submission to the current Art On The Darkside challenge.
Life size charcoal & pastel drawing

Sloooowing Down in my "old Age"

Been tagged 3 times lately. In the interest of time I'm going combine them together. 1st a thanks to Jude Mcconkey , Candace , and- blast -I've forgotten the 3rd. Will have to troll back thru comments & add later - sorry. Pop over & say hi to them when you get a chance, k?

Next here are the basic rules:
1. Link to the person or persons who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write 6-8 random things about yourself (different versions floating around)
4. Tag 6-8 people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

So I'm going to split the difference & list 7 bits o trivia:

1.Went thru 1/2 box of tissues watching Wuthering Heights last week
2. I've met some of the most fascinating people while hitchhiking.
3. I haven't been able to stay on a bike since I was 6 (& training wheels came off)
4. I'm afraid of alligators
5. I love to bake (especially bread)
6. I was staying in a convent in Rome when I found out I was pregnant with lil dude
7. Once had a group of local ghost hunters come through the house

Decided to randomly tag some followers for my victims *cough cough* I mean choices. Hope I don't scare you off - Don't feel that you have to play. Should you choose to, I look forward to your random thoughts..... Anyone else, please click on their blog links below to see what wonders can be found :D

1. Linda Hardy
2.K-Plus Krafts
5.Travelling Painter
7.Jordanka Yaretz


OoPs! MiSsEd ThAt RaNdOm THoUgHt TuEsDaY aGaIn

Dang. I'm extra slow this week. I was saving this for Tuesday but the week's getting away from me: A little time-waster that is worth checking out, especially if you remember the 80s: www.dustfilms.com/literalvideos

Been stocking some valentine supplies in the ColorTheSky shop today - the cool thing is they've been flying off the "shelf" almost as soon as I list them! Wish I had more time - I have many many more things to upload. C'est la vie

Little guy is home this week with an asthma-type cough. All day at the docs yesterday yielded a new med which seems to be helping (yay!). However not much gets done besides Nurse-Mommy stuff.

Have to run. Hope you're having a creative day!


Monday's Muse - Challenges

The key to life is accepting challenges. Once someone stops doing this, he's dead. - Bette Davis
Today I am Time Challenged ... what's new, eh?

I started this morning thinking about all the great blog challenges out there. Poetry, art, and many others...

Been enjoying a few art challenges lately. A picture or word can really get the juices flowing .... Mostly in my mind unfortunately (the time thing again). Here are a few of my current favorites:
Mind Wide Open
Illustration Friday
Art On The Dark Side
What are some of your favorite challenges? Anything on the web that shakes your muse awake lately? I challenge you to take some advice from Bette D: Attempt the impossible in order to improve your work.
9:30 pm Took up my own challenge of Time. Put the little guy to bed & gave myself 45 minutes to create...anything! The only caveat was that when the timer went off I had to stop. Ended up with this ATC . Feels good to tickle some paper, but it was hard to stop! She feels a bit unfinished & I've reawakened the fingers. However there is a patient husband & a paused movie waiting in the wings.... so to play by my own rules, she's done.now she needs a name....any suggestions?