Music Monday - Mason Bates & blogger burnout

Hey there! How have you been? 

I've only just discovered Mason Bates today, so popping by to share. The Florida Orchestra will be performing The B-Sides next spring. Visiting youtube for a listen caught my attention. Then the video rolled into Stereo Is King ... and now I'm hooked.

Where has the time gone? I almost can't believe the last post was waaay back in April.  Over the last couple of years I've (mostly) lost my taste for blogging. Health, work, family and other life stuff left me with little extra time or energy. So, the blog got neglected. What I'm about to say next might sound weird, but I have felt guilty about this for a long time. Silly, right? It was like the blog was a pet I kept forgetting to feed and play with. Or a relationship that was burned out but still hanging on.

After many false re-starts, it was easier to just walk away. 2016 has been a time of pruning away unnecessary (& often self-induced) pressures. Most of the year has been simply about living life and recharging my batteries. For anyone who is curious, you can find me more often on Twitter @ArtsnarkTampa . I'm also still on instagram as Artsnark. I will definitely stop back here from time to time, but in a no obligation, random rambling sort of way.  Kind of like before - but without the guilt and apologies every third post.

The best thing since April's post has been the long overdue overhaul of the art/craft room. I'm still puttering and stashing too many mixed media supplies & books. But it is, at last, a comfortable and usable space. The new glass door & small patio have added some much needed natural light and doubled the space. It is the perfect setup for spray painting or ducking out for a quiet break. 

Time to run. If you've found your way to my tiny corner of the web, thanks for the visit! Please share what you are listening to. I'm always up for something new or revisiting a classic.