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Feeling Lucky?

I sure am! Today I get to host a new Thursday Giveaway for the fabulous folks over at PrintRunner.comOn 10/18 one lucky winner will be randomly selected to take home 100 free custom printed postcards! Readers who leave a comment on my ArtSnark blog before the 18th will be automatically entered in the drawing. (Please note - giveaway is only open to US residents, ages 18yrs and older.)

Looking for Details?
Prize details
Postcard Size: Postcards 5x7
Quantity: 100
Colors: 4/0 Front Only Printing
Paper: 14 PT. UV Coating on Front
Rounded Corners: Yes
Proof: None
Ready to Ship In: 4 Business Days 

Entry details
Giveaway is open to US Residents only, ages 18 years old and above. To get in on the action simply leave a comment on this blog before 1 a.m. (EST) on October 18th. The random winner will be announced later that day.

Please be sure to leave an email address if it isn't in your blog profile. I need a way to contact you if you win.

Many thanks to PrintRunner for sponsoring this random drawing. I will also be receiving a set of 100 custom postcards for hosting this giveaway.

Last spring I had the pleasure of working with this online printing company.  It was easy to upload my design to their website, turn around time was fast, and my cards came out great. They have received many compliments; I especially love the rounded corners.

The winner of last March's postcard drawing was mixed media artist Elena Mary Siff. She emailed me with a glowing report and sent along a picture of her custom cards once they arrived. Elena's design features her piece, The Vast And Endless Sea:

The Vast And Endless Sea by Elena Mary Siff

Postcards are useful in so many ways. Yes, they are perfect for business and promotion. But you can use them for all sorts of things: Print your custom party invitations, Family announcements, even Holiday greetings. What will you do with your 100 postcards if you win?

Looking for more info about Print Runner?

Curious about artist Elena Mary Siff?

Thanks for popping by today. Don't forget to leave a comment and put your name into the hat!


The Magic of a Moment

The Magic Momentary Man of Moments 

The Dude (formerly known as Little Dude) asked me to share his latest mixed media creation here. This is his vibrant interpretation of "the magic of a moment" challenge (hosted by the local PTA). It measures 18" x 16", much larger than his usual format. The figure is a magician standing beside a giant magic hat with things shooting out the top. In the bottom margin there is the text: Yay Woohoo Wow How does he do that!? 

The Dude also had to come up with his first artist statement. On the aside, am I the only person who hates writing these? He wrote:

I chose to make this artwork because I always loved magicians since I was a baby so when I heard the theme was the magic of a moment I totally got excited, so I decided to make a moment magician.

And here is the artist enjoying his own magical moment this past summer.


Music Monday - Innocent Watermelon

XmasDolly's new theme is the year your kid was born. For kicks I googled the top 100 of 2003 & (wow) do I feel out of the loop. In '03 I was fat as a pig & just waiting to get my kicking kiddo OUT! (TMI, I know - sorry)

But ... here was what I was listening to:

Sorry if the Boxer Rebellion made you spill your coffee. It is a good tune after the initial squelching....

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Tampa Upcycle named Best Independent Craft Store!

Congrats to Morgan Abdallah & Tampa Upcycle for taking home the Best Independent Craft Store award from Creative Loafing Tampa Bay!

Looking to destash your overflowing art/craft supplies closet? This my go-to place! Here's a link to the post about August's donation.

Looking for creative supplies but on a budget? This is definitely the place for you. Visit the Tampa Upcycle website for hours and more info on their "pay-as-you-wish" system.

They also want to know what tools/machines you'd like to see for rent in this Ybor shop/studio space. Share your thoughts on their facebook page survey: https://www.facebook.com/tampaupcycle.


Random Tuesday Thoughts...Everyday

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I have fallen off the Random Tuesdays truck this year - and totally blame Pinterest. Very skeptical at first, I have grown to love peeking at the chaotic bits of DIY and eye candy. It is like a coffee-break for the brain! Where else can you find links to

 Cheesy Eye balls

Source: etsy.com via Stacey on Pinterest

Lycanthrope Folklore Shoes

girls bathing in teacups

plus plans to make your own Alien Abduction Lamp?


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Music Monday - Coffee with Eluvietie

Good morning, Sunshine! How're you doin'?

XmasDolly is hosting her 107th Musical Monday. That's a-lotta-music! It is a freebie week and I'm waking up with Eluvitie. Ne Ragv Na will ease you into that first cup of morning beverage.

If you like your Swiss folk metal with more noise, Havoc will get your day off to a jump start. Sometimes I need a kick in the head in the a.m. - this tune will wake me up if the the 3rd cup of coffee fails.

Wondering what everyone is listening to today? There is always an eclectic mix hanging out on Dolly's front stoop each Monday, so pop by and join in the fun. Just clickety-click here:


Want to wake up the week your way? While visiting Dolly's place be sure to add a link to your own posted tunes today.