My new friend Monsieur Lapinou

L'histoire de Monsieur Lapinou from svitrolica.etsy.com

M. Lapinou has a bit of a muddle. His text translates to "Mister Bunny found it very difficult to ride his bicycle, for his legs were quite short." 

Looking back on 2010 I've felt a bit like this poor fellow more than I'd like to admit. The ideas are in place, the desire is strong, the path is clear, the tools are ready but....something is missing

Last Dec 31st I thought my missing link was Time. This is true up to a point. But even when I had a free moment, I rarely got moving. Why? For a few reasons:

An impossibly messy studio - Even when I'm not wasting time trying to find specific supplies the disorder weighs on me.  This year I've had several false starts at cleaning up. Then just as I am getting somewhere, life kicks in and I have to stop before making any permanent progress.

Since the space can't get any larger, the stash needs to get smaller. This is my new plan to control the clutter in 2011.

Exhaustion - Most days I looked forward to late evening for tackling my projects. Many days, I didn't make it that far. I just don't have the energy I used to. Some of it is age, but most is minor health  problems I created by treating my body like crap. 

I hope that by continuing some dr. recommended changes, plus eating better & getting more sleep  (maybe, just maybe) I can get this old horse running again.

Constant Interruptions - originally not on this list. But having to stop & restart this post six times I realize that it should be. Not sure how to tackle this one yet....

Sorry about all the whinging - warning a bit more ahead... 2010 has been the year of missed opportunities. I let too many things slide that that really mattered to me & for months I have been really disappointed with myself. I kept thinking if only I had more time..... 

Now I see that it wouldn't have mattered. I truly need to restructure my life. I think that means a few months of tear down (in so many ways) before rebuilding. Hopefully new opportunities will arise this year. And hopefully this time I will be ready for them.

Now back to Monsieur Lapinou.....what should this poor fellow do?

Should he be content to with his lot? Enjoy the view?  Ask for a push? Sell the bike & buy some skates? Donate it to a long legged friend? Build some stilts and try to reach the pedals?

If you were this little fellow's friend what would you suggest? If you'd like to tell him yourself, you can find him over at Svitrolica.etsy.com.

By the way, Best Wishes to all for a Happy New Year!


Winner of 100 pc art supply set is...

Lauren from Shooting Stars Mag

Thanks to everyone who entered this fun giveaway! Pop back in January 2011 for a new random drawing.

Life has been keeping me busy this week. Enjoying some time with family and putting the final touches on a few pieces. Also prepping for our Jan 1 party so lots of cooking and cleaning tomorrow. In case I don't make it back here before 2010 fades away, let me wish you a very Happy New Year!


Studio Tour # 31 - Meredith Dada (also Part 3 of her interview)

Love Doves beaded cake topper & jeweled nest by Meredith Dada

Got your traveling shoes on? Today we are off to California for a visit with the artist behind MeredithDada.Etsy.com.  (Most photos are courtesy of Meredith Dada, except her Etsy picks which belong to those artists)

My husband makes beer...we needed a bar to serve it on tap. Hey lets make one!

Did you catch Friday's interview with Meredith? If not, check it out by clicking here. My time machine is on the fritz (I think I burned out the thingamajig chasing Christmas Ghosts - fast little buggers) So if you want to go back to the first installment of this 3 part feature, a clickety here will take you to the Dec. 16th thought provoking post "Do The Work ....Stay out of the results." 

Meredith, thanks for inviting us into your creative space today. During our chat last Friday you mentioned  your the transition you made from mosaic tile work to bead mosaics. Do you have any images of your tile art that you would like to share?

MD: This table was my first serious mosaic project. I made the decision to start making work that may or may not sell anywhere. I made the leap!

MD: Here is my first mosaic table. When it sold I immediately started working on another.

What are your 3 favorite etsy shops?

Virgen de Guadalupe Nicho (Pendant) from PuebloFolkArt.Etsy.com

MD: PuebloFolkArt.Etsy.com - Larena makes beautiful and unique jewelry that I just love. I am hoping someone buys it for me soon!

Altitude Fine Art Nature Photo from Bomobob.Etsy.com

Bomobob.Etsy.com - I fell in love with Bob’s photography at first sight. I hope to have a whole collection on display in my bedroom, but right now I just have one beautiful photo.

French Beaded Hyancith Flower Plant from BuddingCreations.Etsy.com

BuddingCreations.Etsy.com - I love Danielle’s work. She makes the French beaded flowers just like my Grandmother made. She also just started a team on Etsy for bead and wire artists (BAWA) that I am a proud member of!

What are your 3 favorite websites?

MD: http://www.marthastewart.com/ - I look at Martha Stewart’s website almost daily because I secretly want to be like her!

http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ - I always see something interesting on apartment therapy.

http://www.anthropologie.com/ - I can’t afford it, but it is fun to look at!

MD: By the way, this is what you have to put up with when you live with a creative person... broken tile in the dining room and no place to eat. 
What do you like to do when you are not creating?

MD: Having a two year old keeps me pretty darn busy. We take trips to the park, and we try to take daily nature walks…the important things! Mostly we play, play, and play some more. With the little free time I have, I do yoga or I read, nothing terribly exciting.

MD: This photo shows the influence of my creative genes.... why buy candles when you can make them in your kitchen? I did decide to teach myself to cook this year. It became glaringly obvious when I got married, that I never really learned to cook. I made it by on simple, quick, and easy dishes when I had a full time day job. The last thing I wanted to do after a long workday, was cook a big meal! Now that I don’t work, I started watching the food network religiously, reading magazines, and cookbooks. It was my 2010 New Years resolution to cook, cook, cook! 

I started a food blog: http://www.dadadelicious.blogspot.com/ mostly to force myself to stick to my resolution and also to have a record of my more successful recipes. The year is almost over and I am still cooking!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

This nook in the garage is my studio space

MD: As you saw in the previous post about me, I shared a conversation I had with an artist friend of mine named David. His words struck a cord in many fellow Etsy sellers, and it helped me gain some perspective during the holiday madness. I was hoping to share a bit of advice from a different source with you today. This was a conversation I had a few months ago with my 93 year old Grandpa. I have shared it with a few Etsy sellers and it seemed to strike a similar cord. 

My Grandpa is still painting daily and even had an art show for his 93rd birthday a few months ago. Recently surrounded by my family full of artists I asked them all for the best advice they could offer right now when so many artists and crafters are struggling during these economic times. Everyone looked to Grandpa for the answer. This is what Grandpa Otis had to say:

"Darling, just because you make something don’t mean anyone is gonna buy it...but you make it anyway because you love it, or what the heck is the point? If you can say that you are proud of what you did at the end of the day, well then you are do'n alright, and if you gotta fix toilets to pay the bills (he was a plumber) and do what you love when you can...then fix the damn toilets!"

He made me re-think my definition of success, because to me, he is the most successful person I know.

After that conversation I posted this question on my studio wall:

“At the end of the day, are you proud?”

Meredith, your grandfather is a wise man. Thanks for the fantastic tour, eye candy and food for thought today.

And thanks to those of you who traveled with me to this creative space. Want to see more of Meredith's work and world? Here are a few links:

Want more studio tours and interviews? Then be sure to leave a comment. The featured artists and I love the feedback. Also, if you leave your comment before 12/30 you will be entered in the random drawing for a 100 piece art set from Creatology. Click here for more info on the random drawing, including photo of prize.


A gift to myself

"The children were all nestled snug in their beds.."

I've tucked everyone in at last. Enjoying the sound of the rain pounding at the door while I snuggle in with a hot toddy 

The Kracken
Sherlock: Season One

 "We've got ourselves a serial killer. I love those. Always something to look forward to..." - Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock

I hope everyone has had a lovely day & wishing you a wonderful weekend. Cheers!

Merry Christmas!

Hat's off to a job well done!

Wishing everyone a wonderful & relaxing day!  Enjoy!


A visit with artist Meredith Dada - Part 2

Beaded Bird Ornament from MeredithDada.Etsy.com

Glad you could drop by! Today I'm visiting with "fourth generation crafter/artist" Meredith Dada of MeredithDada.Etsy.com. Last week she authored a thought provoking piece on Etsy titled  "Do The Work ....Stay out of the results."  

Her post about art, identity & social marketing is worth a read. It is mostly a conversation she had with another artist, David, who is pretty much off the social networking grid (no website, twitter, Facebook or even a cell phone). Meredith kindly allowed me to reprint her post here last week. If you missed it, go ahead & click through. I'll wait for you (insert humming of random Christmas carols here)...

... So, Reader, what do think about David's advice? Are you a "little fish"? Can you get out of your own way & just create? Do you even want to?

I was intrigued by both of these artists and invited Meredith to stop by for a visit today. Go ahead put your feet up by my imaginary fire while this talented soul shares  her thoughts and  colorful creations with us. Just let me get these cookies out of the oven and then we can settle in for a nice chat. (By the way all  photos are courtesy of the artist. For more info on the art, click the captions that mention Etsy to visit the listing.) 

Meredith, when did you first become interested in art?

MD: I was born into it really. My family is full of creative people, artists, and general crafty folks. Art has always been a part of everyday life for me. My mom is a very talented artist, known mostly for her pottery and ceramic work.

Meredith's Mom, artist/teacher Meg Johnson

MD: She was also an art teacher for most of my life. Her mother was also a talented artist and avid crafter. She too was an art teacher, she held weekly China painting classes out of her home studio for years. They were teaching me the art “basics” from the start. I was playing in clay by age two in my mom’s studio. I was oil painting at five years old in my Grandma’s studio.

Meredith's Dad, photographer David Johnson
MD: My dad has always been interested in photography and had a darkroom built next to my Mom’s art studio in the backyard. I was shooting pictures and developing in the darkroom in elementary school. Artistic expression in our family was pretty much mandatory. When I was little I just assumed everyone had an art studio/darkroom/woodshop in the backyard!

What are your favorite materials & why?

MD: Since I grew up surrounded by all types of art, I worked with everything I could get my hands on. I have always loved working with ceramics, sculpting, and throwing pottery. I also loved to draw and paint. About ten years ago I combined my love for ceramics and my love of painting into mosaic work. I was essentially “painting” with my own custom tiles and ceramic pieces.

I had this butterfly ready to mosaic, but I needed more color, more detail...then it hit me, BEADS!

MD: About six years ago my Grandmother passed away and I was given her big plastic bins full of craft supplies. One of those bins was full of beads and rhinestones. We used to stay up late and watch old movies while beading Christmas ornaments or ball gowns for my Barbie dolls. When I saw all of those jars of colorful glass beads, they reminded me of little jars of paint. I immediately started “bead mosaics”. Suddenly everything fell into place for me. My process now combines all of my favorite materials. I get to sculpt with clay, draw and paint my designs, and mosaic with beads and rhinestones. 

Blue Lotus Flower hand beaded dish at MeredithDada.etsy.com
Where do you find inspiration?

MD: I consider myself very lucky. I live in beautiful Ojai, California. I am surrounded by nature, I live just a few blocks from the base of the mountains and we have the best weather! Sometimes a nice long walk with my son gives me all the inspiration I need.

MD: Occasionally I will find a piece of jewelry or a charm that I love and I will design a piece around that one component. Sometimes I just see a particular bead color and I want to make something to showcase it. I keep a small sketchbook with me and the camera phone is such an awesome invention! I always have my artwork in the back of my mind and I try to look at everything around me with an artistic eye. 

Meredith & her art at Olive Hyde Art Gallery

MD: Recently I had a gallery show in the bay area. My husband and I used it as an excuse to take a little mini vacation in San Francisco. I find if my creative well is running dry, a change in environment breaks open my artist eye and I see things with a different perspective. We don’t live that far from San Francisco, and we have been there before. That said, I always try to find the “new” in things, so we decided to stay in Japantown, and look at a city we have visited before in a new way. I feel it is essential to one’s creative flow to avoid the ordinary and experience things outside of your routine whenever possible. So don’t be surprised if my future work has subtle Japanese elements in it!

Do you listen to anything while creating? If so, who is on your current playlist?

MD: Music plays such an important role in my creative process. Certain songs, a particular musician or band can have very strong emotional ties, how can it not affect how I create? If I handed you my MP3 player and you scrolled through my music collection, you would probably think I was a total schizophrenic! You would see Tom Petty, then The Shins, and random 80’s Madonna, The Beatles, and then Weezer. I am all over the place but if we are just talking about my current playlist you will defiantly see a lot of Dave Matthews (the hippy girl in me has loved him forever). There is a lot of Death Cab For Cutie, Band of Horses, Guster, Cake, She and Him, and The Morning Benders.

That last band was one I had never heard of, but while in San Francisco we found out they were playing near our hotel, so we decided to check them out. Again, it is about thinking outside your usual bubble. The worst that can happen…you see a lame show. The best that can happen…you find new inspiration!

How long have you been selling your art?

MD: I have a picture on my flickr page of me selling my “art” during one of my parent’s backyard art shows when I was about five years old.

MD: However, if we are speaking technically, I started selling my mosaic work about eight years ago. Since most of my work was large pieces of furniture, I sold it on consignment in galleries. With the encouragement of a few friends I opened my Etsy shop in August of 2009 for my beadwork. I didn’t get up the courage to start listing and selling until this year. I wish I started sooner! 

What is your favorite piece in your shop right now?

MD: My favorite piece in the shop in the shop is “Motherhood” mommy and baby bird.

MD: Becoming a mother has changed me completely, and I will never be the same person I was before my son came into my life. I feel honored and lucky to be his mom and having him inspired me to take my art to the next level. Being a stay-at-home-mom has allowed me to focus fully on being an artist and a mom. I feel like I poured all of my emotions about being a new mom into this piece, and it holds a special place in my heart. 

Meredith, thank you for stopping by today. And thanks for the invite to your studio on Sunday. I'll be there with jingle bells on.

Reader, will you join me?  If you've enjoyed this conversation, pop back here 12/26  for a  visit to Meredith's studio. She has also promised to share her favorite Etsy shops - plus some excellent advice from her grandfather that made her  think about the true meaning of success.  C'mon it will be fun....I'll even bake more virtual cookies. What's your favorite?

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Michael DeMeng online class starts 1/11/11

A few years ago I was in an art-book group. We would pick a book, read a chapter, create something & then share our pieces. We had a lot of fun with Michael DeMeng's Secrets of Rusty Things, a fabulous book by the way - great projects but also an entertaining read.

Last week I sold a piece that I'd made for that group on the same day I heard about DeMeng's Art Lab, a series of online workshops. 

If I Were A King funky flower vase - Sold

The first  topic, Color Washes, begins January 11th.  I'm a big fan of this artist's palette. Many of his pieces have a wonderful recently-excavated feel... but with an otherworldy twist, like relics from Atlantis. I also need a creative kick in the pants now & then. So this sounded like the perfect place to spend my new found wealth.


Registration is still open. Find details at MichaelDeMeng.blogspot.com. While you are there, be sure to have a look around. It is one of my favorite blogs featuring lots of cool art  - plus great posts on some of my favorite topics like alchemy, Golems, Faust and many other goodies.

Want to save a few bucks on the Color Washes workshop? Become a member of CreativeSouls on ning and then register through their link: http://creativesouls.ning.com/forum/topics/michael-demeng-online-class .  Creative Souls members who use that link pay $35.95 instead of $39.95 for the class.  If you are already a member, just follow the link. 

Not yet a member of Creative Souls? Come out & play with us! Just visit CreativeSouls.ning.com & sign up. It is a cool meeting place for all sorts of imaginative folks. There is all kinds of  entertaining stuff going on over there - from copyright free vintage images to digital  art  discussions, marketing advice to contests & everything in between.

Founded by the wonderful artist Izabella, Creative Souls is "A diverse gathering of creative souls, a place to help promote each other. Discover new & interesting people. ~ALL creative people welcome~". So c'mon. What'cha waiting for? Pop on by & see what is going on.


Change of topic: If you are in this part of the blog-o-sphere tomorrow stop by for Part 2 of the interview with bead artist Meredith Dada. If you missed Part 1 click here.


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Do The Work ....Stay out of the results.

A couple of weeks ago I was wandering around in the Etsy Forums when the command "Do The Work ....Stay out of the results" made me stop.  This eye-catching post from Etsy seller Meredith Dada is mainly her conversation with another artist about creating, identity & social marketing. It really clicked with some questions I've been mulling over about what it means to be an artist. It seems to have struck a lot of nerves; there are 37 pages of comments.

Meredith is a mixed media artist and self proclaimed "bead-a-holic." She comes from a family of crafters and artists. Always creative, she inherited her grandmother's bead collection years ago and then...  "Everything fell into place for me. I finally feel that I have combined  all of my favorite forms of artistic media into one process... My work has a meditative quality, since each bead is glued into place  one at a time. This process is my time to relax, and recharge. "

Meredith will be popping by for visit in the next week or so. Please join us for a chat. We'll be talking about art and creativity, while enjoying photos of her colorful  pieces.  But for now here is her thought provoking forum post:

Do The Work ....Stay out of the results

Sales....Circles...Network....Tweet....Renew...Oh My!I am still  fairly new to this whole world of creating and selling said creations.  Don't get me wrong.I am having a great time learning how to run my  little shop, take photos, network, show in galleries, etc. I did feel a  bit overwhelmed yesterday, so I went to visit an artist friend of mine.  The business side of this process has really been a downer and I needed  David to cheer me up. He is a very successful ceramic artist, but kind  of  a hermit. I arrived at his home studio where he was already sipping  sangria at 10am and glazing a stunning sculpture piece. He is a shy man,  who works in his studio, gardens, goes for hikes, and has a very small  circle of friends. No website, no Twitter, no Facebook, no cell phone! I  pointed these facts out to him and asked him how he promotes himself  without these things, yet still has top galleries showing his work,  collectors, television features, and consistent sales. He pointed out to  me that he also has, a modest house, a used car, and a simple life.

David: "If I wanted to be rich, I made a poor career choice. I do my work, put it in a few places and let it be. It takes time."

Me:  "What if you don't want to be rich, but you want to be able to live and  do what you love, but there is so much competition out there. I feel  like such a small fish in this huge pond. I'm afraid I will never be  seen. I haven't even sold anything yet during this Christmas rush. I've  hardly sold anything period!"

David: "Do the work, stay out of the results"

Me: "What the heck does that mean?"

David:"  You are a small fish, deal with it. Just do your work, do it well and  with integrity. Do the work to please yourself and maybe the rest will  come, maybe not. Maybe you always drive a used car. Maybe you don't sell  and have to work two jobs, so what! You work just to sell...you kill  the spirit!"

Me: "But if I don't sell my work, I don't feel like I can call myself an artist."

David: "What would you say if I told you, You are not a woman?"

Me: "I would beg to differ."

David: " What would you say if I told you, You are not an artist?"

Me: "I would probably be hurt."

David:  "There is your problem! Fact...you are a woman, yes? To say different  would be laughable. You would laugh at my stupidity to say otherwise!  Yet I say you are not an artist and it hurts you because you don't  believe it is fact! If you don't believe how will anyone else believe?  You are too worried about results! Do the work little fish."

I poured myself a large glass of sangria. 

To see the original thread with oodles of comments, click here.   

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you make it back here next week for Meredith's visit. In the mean time check out her
blog meredithdada.blogspot.com 
twitter http://twitter.com/meredithdada
online shop www.meredithdada.etsy.com

For Part 2 of my interview with Meredith Dada CLICK HERE

For Part 3 which includes a tour of her art studio CLICK HERE

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Looking for the new artist feature? 
Prompted by Seth Apter's thought provoking questions in his recent Call For Entries I've been reevaluating my creative dreams and goals, what it means to "be an artist" & lots of other fun stuff. It seems like lots of other folks are too (maybe it is the time of year.). Later today I'm posting part 1 of a visit with a mixed media artist whose comments in the Etsy forum recently caught my attention. Click here for the new post.

The Luck Winner of Wishes Fishes print is.....

Congrats SeeminglyDomestic! I'll contact you today with instructions for claiming your fantastic prize.
Fishes Wishes by Kailey Lang
Many thanks to the talented Kailey Lang for donating this fantastic prize! By the way, this wonderful print & other fantastic creations are available in Kailey's online shop BumblebooHandmades.Etsy.com.

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You Tickle My Fancy

You Tickle My Fancy by Nancy Lefko

Isn't this a fun collage? I was, ehem, helping Santa & looking for cool stuff on Etsy when this charming gentleman offered to carry my bags. Next thing I know, he's taken up residence on my wall-o-other-people's-great-art. 

An Odd Variety by Nancy Lefko

He fits in nicely but is causing a bit of a stir with the ladies.

Cocktail Party Fairy by Nancy Lefko


I'll have have to keep an eye on those 2...or maybe he has a brother?

I am thrilled to own these original collages by the talented Nancy Lefko, but you can still pick up a print of An Odd Variety by clicking here. If you've not visited this artist's fun online shop, CollageArtGirl.Etsy.com,  pop by for a few minutes. She has a wonderful collection of original collages and prints in a variety of sizes. Most feature vintage portraits and all are really well priced.  These lovely ladies are easy on the eyes & budget!


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Studio Tour #30 - BumbleBooHandmades

Artichokes by Kailey Lang

Hi there. How have you been? Grab your coat - we are heading north this week to visit Kailey Lang of BumbleBooHandmades.etsy.com. She has kindly offered to show us around her creative corner of the world. Kailey is a 3rd year illustration student at Sheridan College in Ontario. In last week's interview, she mentions a love of nature. You can see evidence of this artist's green thumb in her studio as well as in her artwork.

Did you catch Kailey's interview & giveaway announcement on 12/02? If not, click through & check it out. I'll wait for you here...

Pretty cool stuff, huh? I love the variety in her pieces. When you have a few minutes pop by her etsy shop; you will find a little something for everyone. Now lets take a peek behind the curtain to where the magic happens...

KL: This is where I do pretty much all of my art. It's kind of bad to have the computer right there because it can be distracting, but it's also get for doing research and gathering reference!

KL: This is the side of the my desk where I do most of the work, I rarely work on the other side of my desk. On the left, you can see my female beta's 5 gallon tank, her name is Bea and she is very silly. I think she's sleeping in her coconut house in this picture though, so you can't see her.

KL: This is my distraction station haha. And you can see some of my plants on the left!

KL: A couple of my plants, the tall one is dwarf schefflera, and the one on the right is nepenthes sanguinea. The one in the from is adorable little carnivorous plant called utricularia blanchetti.

KL: Just a closeup of the blanchetti, it's so cute!

KL: This is my 25 gallon tank, there's shrimp, rummynose tetras, neon tetras, and a couple of otto cats. It appears they are camera shy though! All the plants are real, I love aquatic plants (and plants in general!)

KL: My windowsill filled with plants, and my sundew terrarium on the right side. I have herbs and then just some generic flowering plants.

KL: Another shot of the window with the addition of my lovely cat Boo, cleansing himself on my bed.

KL: A close-up of the handsome man himself haha. His nickname is actually "Bumble Boo" which is where I get my shop name from. I adopted him and my other cat Martin from the humane society here in Oakville when I first moved to Ontario back in 2007 for college. And they've been driving me crazy ever since! Nah, I'm kidding they are good boys.

KL: This is my plant rack! Lots of odds and ends here. I wired and attached the lights myself cause light fixtures are expensive. In the closeup from left to right its heliamphora minor, Persian Violet, and cephalotus follicularis. The Persian Violet is still young, I grow a lot of my plants from seed because I love watching them grow up!

KL:  A closeup of the beautiful carnivorous plant, heliamphora minor, or Sun Pitcher.

KL: My beautiful Blue Star Morning Glory growing on the growing rack. Thanks for looking everyone! :)

Thank you, Kailey, for showing us around. And for sponsoring the current giveaway. I can't wait to find out who the lucky winner of Fishes Wishes will be.

Fishes Wishes by Kailey Lang

And thank you, everyone, for popping by & taking the tour today. Please leave a comment before you go. Everyone who leaves a comment on my blog before 12/16 will be entered in the random drawing for the Fishes Wishes print. Also, it is your interest that keeps the artist features, tours & giveaways coming.)

Do you have a space that you would like to showcase? Or is there a studio you would like to see? It can be big or small, fashionable or functional. I'd love to take a peek & share it with anyone who stops by.

Want to know more about Kailey and her art? Visit these links:


And be sure to come Thursday to see who gets to take home a new art print. If you've left a comment, the winner could be you....