Day 21 - Breakfast

Day 21 Breakfast

Posting a bit late in the game on this one... but here is the final day of May's photo challenge from Elle Moss Photography. This was great fun - made me open my eyes (even before coffee sometimes - egads!) . 

To see all of the submissions you can start with what everybody else had for breakfast here & then work your was back though the days.

If you want to see my 20 (I still need to shoot "dress"- day 8 was it?). photos they are here on the blog as well as in my album on facebook or pinterest board.

I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this challenge. There will be a new one in September & anyone can play so keep checking back here or at Elle Moss for details.


Days 19 & 20 of 21 day photo challenge

more cherries

The 2012 Elle Moss Photography Challenge is almost at end. Posting another twofer today:

Yesterday's prompt was What's In Your Bag? In my case - more cherries! Now I have too many (is even possible?) so debating between cherry mojitos or clafoutis .... or maybe I'll just pick up another bag and make both!

cups & saucers
Day 20 is all about Symmetry. Okay, I'm cheating here. In the debate between accuracy & silliness, whimsy wins out every time. These 2 emulsion transfers are from the same slide but I let them ooze & flow a bit for fun. I just love the things you can stumble upon if you keep your eyes open, like this alien saucer visual pun. 

While I have enjoyed playing with these photos & viewing other peoples imaginative takes on the prompts, the best part of the 21 day challenge has been keeping my eyes open - every day!

Sometimes we all need a kick in the pants to remind ourselves to really look.... and actually see what is right before us. At least I know that I do. 

This has been great fun! One day left - see you tomorrow.


IF- Faded beauty, Poisoned Apples

mirror, mirror - mixed media altered mirror

The Illustration Friday prompt 'Faded' today brought to mind this anonymous line: "We can not realize beauty until it fades".... which leads me to the lovely wicked queen of Grimm's Snow White.

I recently had the pleasure of creating some new pieces for June's Poisoned Apples show at the FunHouse gallery in Detroit. The curator was familiar with my Red Riding Hood compulsion and asked me to submit some pieces for consideration. 

Over the Rive & through the woods

At first I had little interest as Snow White seem too pure... well, pure-ish... But then I slept on it. 

I am a movie junkie & the first film I saw on the big screen (at age 6) was Disney's Snow White  (I slept thru part 2 of the double feature- the Apple Dumpling Gang, maybe?). Next I  pulled up the previews for the  upcoming Snow White & The Huntsman flick.

 Charlize Theron's wonderful CGI dissolving blackbird cloak reminded me how that lovely evil queen twisted my elementary school dreams...

Charlize Theron as The Queen
Digging through dusty tomes I found my copy of the Grimm Bros.... and then the ideas rolled in...

Actually this mirror piece was great fun to make. I had a grand time distorting a perfectly innocent metal frame & abusing a once-picture-perfect mirror. 

1st stage of mirror-morphing

I won't lie - shipping it was a bear. Assuming it arrives intact I'll share my over-protective packaging secrets in the near future..... 

I'll also post the other 3-4 Snowy pieces that got accepted soon. In the meantime, are you looking for more IF inspired works? Click here to check'em out or add your own. 

And if you want to know more about the Michigan show & are on FB be sure to save this link - there are event updates every few days. 

Day 18 - Pretty Patterns

resting tiger

It is Day 18 of the 21 Day Photo Challenge. Today's prompt is pretty patterns.

Still plenty of time to play along if you feel like clickety clicking. Visit this link for challenge details.

Days 16 & 17 - Warmth & Music

Falling behind but still playing along with Elle Moss Photography's 21 Day Photo Challenge.  Day 16's prompt was "warmth."(Click here to see what others shared)

piano hands
Day 17 was "music."  This is a polaroid emulsion transfer onto canvas. Photo was taken on 35mm slide film by candlelight, no flash. Then transfered to Polaroid 669 film using my Vivitar slide printer. After a hot bath, the emulsion lifts off the polaroid backing and laid upon the canvas. (Fun technique & a shame that it is so hard to find affordable 669 now that Polaroid has shut down production. ).  To see more takes on "music", click here. 

Day 18's challenge is Pretty Patterns. I'll be back with something in a bit. Want to play along? It is easy peasy! Take a cool photo & send the link to Elle Moss - details here.


Day 15 - Travel

Myles From Nowhere - Margaree Forks, N.S.

Today's prompt is Travel. 

I absolutely love to travel! While tempted to use this challenge as an excuse to buy a plane ticket to anywhere, instead I'm sharing one of my favorite sights from about 10 years ago.  If you like countryside, coastline & hiking (plus tiger ice cream, fresh seafood, poutine & pie ... mmmm... piiiieeee) get yourself to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia!

In the meantime, why not share one of your travel photos today? C'mon -  join the party! Post your pic online & then send a link to Elle Moss Photography. Click the purple link above for details & to see what others are sharing today.


Day 14 - three things

3 things

This morning I bought a mess of cherries with plans to shoot 3 things. The original plan was to photograph the fruits, some phyllo dough & a small mound of sugar...Then make a lovely stone-fruit tart, take a few shots (& a few bites) and post them with the recipe.

But... Monday got away from me, so here are a few pics I snapped for kicks during breakfast.

I considered labeling this post - "who ate the still life?"

By the way, the coffee was ravably amazing this a.m. - I returned from walking The Dude to school & Prince Charming had made a pot of Moonspell Craft's "coffee for vampires.... its got bite" . This was the organic Brazilian dark roast ... really hit the spot.

Moonspellcrafts owner Alura roasts her own beans & her coffee is fantastic! She is mid-move just now, but once she settles down I highly recommend adding her addicting brews to your morning stash.


Day 13 - Into the Sun

This was a fun one. We set of a "smoke bomb"

The Dude lit up a sparkler

& had a pre-sunset dance party for 1

There are still a few days left to join in on this fun photo challenge.  Click here for the final prompts & play along!

Day 12 - Horizon

gone fishing
Day 12 of  Elle Moss Photography's 21 photo challenge. Prompt is "horizon". Click the link to see the upcoming challenges & consider playing along. 

Best wishes for a wonder-filled weekend!


Day 11 Words


Day 11 "Words" - for Elle Moss 21 day Photo Challenge. I'm a bit late to the ball on this one - too busy playing with copper etchings & papyrus... (and chillin' on this lovely TGIF evening).  


Day 10 - Favorite places

 Hôtel Baudy, Giverny, France

Ooh - I fear I am starting to fall behind a bit on the 21 Elle Moss photography challenge. The prompt for day 10 is "favorite places" & have too many!

One answer would be a relaxing garden / cafe in Europe. So here is a photo from our family trip to Paris last year. For a Mother's Day gift, my husband & son sent me off on a day tour of Monet's colorful home, which included a side trip to the lovely Hôtel Baudy garden.

Click Here to see other folks favorite places. And here for a list of upcoming prompts. 


Day 9 grass

lemon grass

Lemon grass is one of my favorites in the garden. Tasty, attractive & and so easy to grow... did I say tasty?  It is also a great place to hide - cats, snakes and the stray wiffle ball have disappeared indefinitely into the clumps in my backyard.

Here is another traditional b&w (although it might be fun to digitally color-up someday) for the Day 9 challenge "grass" over at Elle Moss Photography.  (On 2nd glance, I didn't like my submission for day 8 "dress", but I have some new ideas & will tackle it in the near future).

Are you participating in the 21 Day Photo challenge? Well, why not? It's a friendly gathering - just post when you can. You can find the prompts & look over everyone's pics at the Elle Moss blog.


Day 6 & 7 - Low on the Ground & Signs

Happy Mother's Day! 

I'm feeling lucky! The guys let me sleep late and then disappear into my little world. While I feel a wee bit guilty, it has been lovely to play uninterrupted. I could get used to this. So, here are a couple of new pictures for the Elle Moss Photography 21 Day Challenge


First photo is for yesterday's "Door" prompt. It was shot with 35 mm b&w film and printed old-school: chemicals... paper.... mmm.. mmm... good... (Am I the only one who misses the darkroom in this digital age? I have to get a hit now and then to keep my spirits up).

will call

This pic is for Day 7 "Signs". Also shot on b&w film but then scanned and tweaked in PE9 for kicks.

Want to play along? Click the above link for the list of prompts. It is a casual game: shoot, post, and send your link. (& It is totally cool if you can't play everyday - just have fun)

Best wishes to all for a wonderful weekend & Happy Mother's Day to all of you Moms out there!


Days 4 & 5: Rainbow & Architecture

Galileo rainbow 1

Still enjoying Elle Moss Photography's 21 Day Photo Challenge

rainbow 2

Yesterday's prompt was "rainbow" which gave me a good excuse to play with light & shadows. 

Challenge #5 is photographing architecture. I'm sticking close to home today so cheating a bit. Instead of shooting something new, here is an old Polaroid Emulsion Transfer of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. It was originally shot on 35mm slide film & later made into a transfer with Polaroid 669 film.


If you'd like to see other interpretations or even play along, visit Elle Moss Photography. Click on the "Photo Challenges" tab to see the word list.


21 day photo challenge: Day 3: small things

our prey is sighted

We've spotted the elusive ivory lion & are tracking this ferocious beast through the famous Jungle of Thyme... 

What is he carrying?


Is that.... oh no! 
shhh... has he seen us?

walking away

Apparently not...
  or maybe he has simply hunted enough for 1 day...

I'm playing around with Elle Moss Photography's 21 day challenge. Day 3 is "small things". The antique ivory carving measures 2" high and he is stalking through the pot of thyme outside my kitchen door.

Feel like having some fun? Come play along. You don't need to post every day - 'tis just for kicks. Visit the list of prompts, grab your camera & start shooting..... just watch out for the occasional beastie.


21 day photo challenge: Days 1 & Day 2

pink rose close up 

Looking to stimulate the senses? Pop over to the Elle Moss Photography blog this month for the 21 Day Photography Challenge. Get your daily dose of eye-candy and perhaps some inspiration.

The first prompt (yesterday) was favorite color. Mine changes often and this lovely rose caught my eye today... so here we are. Enjoy additional vibrant hues over at the Elle Moss Day 1 post.

falling leaves closeup

Today's challenge is TreesSome trivia: the rose pic was taken with a basic digital camera & for kicks the leaves were shot with an old-school disposable film camera.

Want a sneak peak of future prompts? Visit  this link and play along if you have the time.  Think you are too busy? No need to post every day - just share when you can. C'mon - join in - it will be fun!


Here - work in progress

crop of current WIP
Here's  a crop of something I'm playing with in PE9. Many thanks to DeviantArt member Daylight-Calling for sharing her photos. 

Taking a breather while paints & glues dry on a couple of other mixed media pieces. Whipping a few funky things up & will share soon. I've got to get back to it, so time to run. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!