(Almost) Wordless Wednesday + Melange "Sunshine" Challenge


This Digitally tweaked photo (+ watercolor & markers) 1st appeared here. Not sure if it qualifies as Mixed Media enough for the current Melange challenge prompt "Sunshine" but hoping so. You have until next Wednesday to add your own interpretation. Come play with us - click here for Melange blog challenge.

give yourself a pat on the back!

I'll be back later for Wordless Wednesday but had to share this fantastic intaglio print from NateCreatesLLC on etsy. Click the pic for details. Nate, congrats on being featured in Etsy Finds today!


RTT - Just another Random Tuesday - Aw man, now I'm going to have the Bangles in my head all night...

Hey there. Looking for a fix-o-random?

I've got your amuse-bouche here. Once you've had a nibble, clicking the purple button will magically teleport you to La Maison De La Maman Un for your next course.


Last night I uncovered thousands of photos I've taken (& then lost) in the computer over the last decade. And I wonder why it runs so slowly.... Oh well, some will make good Random Tuesday Fodder- like this one.

For more wacky signage, be sure to visit The "Blog" of Unnecessary Quotation Marks - I know I've mentioned this 1 before but it is always good for a chuckle.

Waldo Wakira World is another place to find your smile. This is where Tomás Serrano posts his fantastic take on the latest Illustration Friday prompt each week. One of my recent faves - his spin on Expired:

I love to read but seem to have less time lately - this has made me a harsh critic, especially of fiction. I really enjoyed the last 2 books I picked up. I recommend Wolf Hall if you have a lot of time & Zachary Mason's The Lost Books of The Odyssey if you don't.

Or if you're spending you free time in the studio (unlike some of us ...cough...cough), Altered Abbey.com is having a Going Out Of Business Sale til April 2nd. Great prices on a variety of stuff - leaf skeletons, charms, handmade paper & other fiddly bits.

I know I mentioned Brasky.org yesterday, but I need to link you up again. Check out this Amazing Grafitti In Miami segment

Gotta run - the boys are getting restless. And I bet you are too...

Sooo give Super Keeley a tap

The Un Mom

and go get your just desserts....


Musical Monday - Alice Remix

Jealously reading about Maker Faire this a.m. (I'm supposed to be working...sshhh..) & decided to google for some local (Tampa) steamy events.

Not much luck there but I did waste lots of time over at brasky.org - fun, fun place. Which led me to this Alice in Wonderland Remix, an instant must-share on Musical Monday.

Need some Alice (or cute girls in costumes) eye-candy? Get your fix with Brasky's 55 Photographs of Alice In Wonderland Inspired Costumes & Fashion Shoots. I love the one nibbling on a stack of teacups.

So what music has you tapping your toes this week? Pop the top box & jump on over to GoodMourningGlory to leave your link. Plus hear some new stuff others have posted.

Have fun this week!

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IF - Rescue

Polaroid Emulsion Transfer on marble tile

"The rescue of drowning men is… a duty worth dying for, but not worth living for..." - C.S. Lewis

Rescue is the new Illustration Friday prompt.
This piece is adapted from a 36" drawing I sold a few years back. (It shows about 1/3 of the original drawing). This transfer features a double exposure of my original drawing + a palm leaf. It is mounted on white marble tile.

Making an Emulsion Transfer:
The image is separated from the Polaroid backing in a warm water bath. The flexible image is then adhered to the marble tile. The final piece is treated with a UV-resistant topcoat. You can read a bit more about the process in this post from last year.

This piece is now available in my shop, ArtSnark.etsy.com. Click the photo for details.

Have an illustration of your own to add? Want to see how others interpret the prompt? Visit IllustrationFriday.com
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DharmaKarmaArts Earrings Giveaway + Artist Feature

Welcome! How are you?

Today we are visiting with Indira from DharmaKarmaArts on Etsy. Indira works with a variety of materials. Her creations share an organic feel and gorgeous rich colors. Click the banner below to visit her etsy shop. Please note that proceeds from DharmaKarmaArts are donated to Sukriti.org, an organization that assists physically handicapped children and adults in India.

Indira is also the new Thursday Giveaway sponsor. Find out about her fabulous prize and how to enter the random drawing at the end of this post. By the way, click on any of the featured images for more details about each piece. Now I'm going to get out of the way so that Indira can tell you a bit about herself and her art.

Indira: I have a career in higher education, a job I love. I work with lots of numbers which is fun most of the time. I am also passionately interested in and practice Indian astrology and yoga.

In my spare time I manage my online store selling arts and crafts hand made by me, the proceeds from which support handicapped children and adults through the Sukriti Social Foundation.

Indira: Many of my jewelry pieces are astrology based, designed to strengthen the positive influences of the planets in our lives. On Dec 20, 2009 along with the winter solstice another important celestial event took place. This was the transit of Jupiter from its sign of debilitation Capricorn to Aquarius. To commemorate Jupiter's transit I created this jewelry piece in golden swarovski crystals and pearls.

Indira: I paint in oils and in watercolor. I am self-taught in many of my crafts and what I did not learn myself, I learned from my mother.

Classic Elegance, Decorative Wooden Box by Indira

Indira: I left India a long time ago but India has not left me yet. My artistic creations in are inspired by Indian aesthetics, especially that of the the Tamil culture.

Green Trellis - sari art mixed media collage by Indira

Indira: I use the colors, materials that were part of my life growing up in India and which have informed and shaped my own idea of beauty in my artistic creations.

Indira: My creations are made with great care and I take great pride in my craftsmanship. I use high quality, natural materials in my jewelry products and artist grade color paints in the wall art. The silk in the wall art and the scarfs are top quality vintage hand loom Indian silk that I have collected over three decades.

Want to learn more about Indira's creations? Visit her blog, DharmaKarmaArts.blogspot.com. where she talks about everything from astrology to Indian culture and how they influence her art. On her FB fan page, facebook.com/Dharmakarmaarts, she introduces new shop items and shares her thoughts.

So what is the new random drawing?

On 4/8 one lucky winner will receive these lovely earrings from DharmaKarmaArts:

Indira: These earrings are made of 30mm silver foil lampwork coin beads and several swarovski crystal dangles. Each earring measures 1 1/2" in length from the top of the earwire. The earwires are sterling silver.

It is easy to enter this random drawing

Simply leave a comment on this blog before 1 a.m. (EST) on 4/3. 1 entry per person. This contest is open to USA & Canada addresses only. The earrings ship free to 1 lucky winner.

Many thanks to Indira for sponsoring this great giveaway! Also thank you for sharing your fantastic artwork & creative thoughts today. It has been a fascinating visit.

And thank you to all of you who leave a comment. Not only are you entering the random drawing, you are also sharing some useful feedback. Many Thursday Giveaway sponsors have mentioned that they really appreciate your observations and visits to their shops/blogs. So, give yourselves a pat on the back. Your words of encouragement really do make a difference.

Also, as long as your comments keep coming, new sponsors will too! So, thanks again to everyone - cheers!

Lucky Winner of Mini Travel Art Kit is.....

AJ (who left a comment on 3/12)
Congrats, AJ!!

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Almost Wordless Wednesday - Gainor's Trees

Gainor's Trees - monotype

I'd love to try my hand at monotypes again. This piece is from a 1/2 day workshop I took at Tampa Realistic Artists back in 2002.

By the way, it is your last chance to enter Wind & Honey's random drawing for a Mini Traveling Art Kit (includes blank ACEOs, mini portfolio & some art supplies). You have until 1 a.m. (EST) to leave a comment & enter. Click here for photo & details. Tune in tomorrow to find out who is the lucky winner. There will also be a new sponsor & prize announced in the afternoon.


Monday's Muse & a new interview

Tis that time again.

Stayed up too late reading Wolf Hall last night & my brain isn't on yet, so random shuffle picked today's Musical number.

While I like the tune, this is the 1st time I've seen the (absolutely dreadful) video. Wish I hadn't - now it'll be all dancing carrots & cowboys until the end of time...sigh....

What tunes are jump starting your week? Click the top button & share your musical genius over at GoodMourningGlory today. Be sure to have a listen while you are there.

And if you have another minute, pop on over to MizKatie.com - she was kind enough to post a wee interview with yours truly. Shameless plug, I know. Subtlety is a challenge today... so is typing .... perhaps more caffeine....


Studio Tour #22 - Kim Pfeiffer's "After" Space

Can You Fly In Your Dreams? by Kim Pfeiffer

Welcome back to Studio Tour Saturdays!
This week we are visiting Kim Pfeiffer's
"after" studio.

You may remember that on 3/6 Kim showed us around her basement art studio. I was impressed by just how much she fit into that space. She also shared some interesting storage ideas, repurposing a number of vintage items. If you missed that tour, click here to check it out.

Last summer Kim moved into a 1900s farm house. Her new creative space is filled with natural light & more fun ideas. I like the way she uses her fantastic finds to hold art supplies and provide inspiration, mixing them in with pieces from Lowes and Hobby Lobby.

KP: Welcome to my "Out Of The Basement" studio! I love my new studio... finally a window with daylight.

KP: I really like hat boxes...or any boxes.This old metal lunchbox embellished with a little ribbon works great to store things. I love storage that I can see through so these vintage and newer jars are just right for me. The old pop crate still holds my paints & I like using old tins to old tins for mixing my paints & other liquids.

KP: I combined storage cubicles with MDF shelving from Lowes to create this storage area. I use rubber shelving liner to add stability between layers and this holds a lot of weight.

KP: I made my desk from 2 bookcases and a heavy glass top that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. It works great and has lots of storage in the bookcases.

KP: On the desk is my newest vintage find. I practically squealed with delight when I found this glass lazy susan at a fave thrift store recently for a whopping $3.

KP: This is my sewing area. I confess I sew more on paper than cloth. I have recently begun to have an interest in quilting but am trying very hard to tell myself "no".

KP: This is my visual wall. It provides me with an area to gaze upon and dream and be inspired. It gets the creative juices flowing for current projects & holds future ones as well.

KP: I created this inspiration board a few years ago and love it. I altered the vintage knobs with alcohol inks and embellished the centers with crystals. I used the colors I love: pink, purple & green.

KP: I also get inspiration from good smells and more eye candy. I love to burn scented candles when I am in the studio...it is funny how smells really get me going. Also I love seasonal displays and vintage postcards tucked into a photo holder are fun. The velveteen bank bunnies were a recent find I just had to have!

KP: This bathroom cabinet was a yard sale find and works great for storing all of the bottles of stuff you acquire as an artist.

KP: Vintage glassware holds rubber stamps as does an old stamp carousel. Glass containers offer the visual inspiration I crave. A wrought iron shelf holds books and magazines while a little white shelving unit holds acrylic & rubber stamp sets.

KP: Here a few clips of vintage art I am working with right now. I'm thinking about making an Easter pennant to hand over the fireplace mantle.

KP: I am a visual person. I like to be able to see my supplies, so I try and store things that way - in glass containers or out on a shelf. I like to use old trays as I work. I can just pull things into the tray when I see them & feel they need to be worked into the piece I am creating. I love any kind of magazine that is artsy - any Somerset Publication will do! My creative juices stir almost too well - I have hundreds of ideas whirling around in my head and I tend to jump from 1 project to another before I even get started. I would love to talk to anyone else who has had his problem and found a way to focus! That is a major issue for me and probably always will be...but I always feel so good when I finish a project.

On a wing and a prayer by Kim Pfeiffer

KP: I buy and sell on ebay (seller name: countryessence) and would like to open an Etsy shop, as well as get back into blogging. I really need to get things going online as my husband and I will be opening a small "downtown store" in our little piece of the world this fall. It really seems like a retail shop needs that www connection these days.

Thank you, Kim, for showing us around. I love that you find inspiration in everything around you! Please let us know when you get your new ventures off the ground, I look forward to seeing what you are up to next.

Thank you to everyone who stops by today and takes a minute to comment on Kim's fabulous space. It is your interest in these studio tours that keeps them coming! Know anyone who would like to share their creative space with ArtSnark readers? How about yourself? Just send an email to the address in my profile. I am currently scheduling May & June.

By the way, everyone who comments on this blog before 3/25 will be entered in a random drawing sponsored by Wind & Honey Creations. 1 lucky winner receives a Mini Traveling Art Kit which includes 1 handcrafted mini portfolio, blank ACEOs and art supplies. Click here for prize photos & details.


Call To Artists - Tampa Artist Emporium

I'm a big fan of buying local. As an art-o-holic & artist this email from Tampa Artist Emporium made me so happy my toes are wiggling!

Call To Artists

The Tampa Artist Emporium is now under new owner ship and their mission is “For Artists, By Artists!!”

April is Artist Appreciation Month at the Tampa Artist Emporium and they would like to invite all artists to bring in 2 pieces of art for the entire month with a reception on April 9th from 6-10pm.

1. This event is open to all local artists!

2. Each artist is allowed two pieces that represents them as an artist and there is also no up front fee.

3. Artists must e-mail their submissions to info@TampaArtistEmporium.com for approval.

4. Size is subject to approval.

5. Artwork will be dropped off on April 2nd.

6. Artwork will be picked up on April 30th.

7. If artwork is sold 30% will be taken and another piece can be brought by the same artist to replace it.

8. Commission checks will be ready at the beginning of May for the April sales.

Want to check out this cool space? Their website is TampaArtistEmporium.com . You can also click here for their facebook fan page.

I've enjoyed visiting Tampa Artist Emporium off & on for years. Some of my favorite artists have shown there. I'm a fan of photographer Richard Stewart & have a large print of his piece Workboat on my wall. Some trivia: I picked up this wonderful photo several years ago from a local art show we were both in. (I bought it before it was hung & it ended up taking first prize.) Click on the photo to visit Richard's website GalleryArtPhotos.com

Red Riding Hood by Chris Schumacher

This is a scan of Chris Schumacher's Red Riding Hood purchased from T.A.E. a few years ago. (Any flaws are due to my old scanner.) Chris has since moved out of state & I'm not sure where he sells now. Here's a link to his old blog, fauxtography.blogspot.com (warning: there is some nude photography).

I know I've mentioned Joe Bagley here before. Joe is one of my absolute favorite papercutting artists. His work is classic yet contemporary. I first stumbled into his art back around the time I started this blog. He has since moved to New England & his business has taken off. You can see more of Joe's amazing art at his website, papercutsbyjoe.com & etsy shop, papercutsbyjoe.etsy.com.

Great stuff, huh? If you find yourself in Tampa be sure to check out Tampa Artists Emporium on Bay To Bay Blvd. If you are a local artist make sure you answer their new Art Call! And if you are doing either, drop me a line. I'll be happy to post your art & thoughts.


Grass Green Eyes, wherever you are I am home

Grass Green Eyes

Originally created to illustrate a round-robin type poem for St. Patrick's Day 2008. Click here for poem. This digital collage combines a drawing from 1987 with a photo from the mid 90s & a scanned leaf skeleton.

The image was recycled last March into a 7" x 6" house for the OzBushfireAppeal Etsy charity shop. The Oz shop has closed & the little house is now available at ArtSnark.etsy.com.

Wherever you are, I am home (with side view)

Click the house to see listing and more photos. If you'd like to take it home, mention that you saw it here and you will get Free Shipping!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

By the way, have you entered Wind & Honey's random drawing yet? On 3/25 1 winner will take home a Mini Traveling Art Kit. This drawing is open world wide with free shipping. To enter just leave a comment (with your contact info if it isn't in your profile). CLICK HERE for photos of prize & details.


Art Festival Dos & Don'ts (that you suggested)

I enjoy a good art show.

The people can be as entertaining as the art.

1 week ago I put out a call for Art Fair Etiquette. Many thanks to all who responded, whether here or via email & forums. Buyers, browsers & vendors shared a number of great ideas & several people had the same suggestions. So while many of these ideas may seem obvious, I guess they bear reinforcing.


Give yourself plenty of time to set up your booth.

You & your booth should look professional. Yes, you are an artist & sometimes that means messy. But at the show you are also a retailer.

Good lighting is a must for indoor shows.

Greet everyone who enters the booth. Make eye contact and be friendly. Then give them some room to browse.

Some people leave a booth when the seller is inattentive: either on the phone, reading a book, arguing with booth mate, chatting with friends, too busy eating or actively ignoring everyone who stops in

Have business cards available. If they are in your pocket & you're talking to someone else, many visitors don't want to bother you.

If you will be at other shows please have a list available. Alternatively if you sell online, list that too.

Wear a name tag and/or post a photo of the artist in the booth. Also posting a bio & statement is a good idea. Many people will be curious about you and your art. Plus it gives customers something to read while you are talking to another customer.

Sitting vs Standing seems to be a toss-up. People feel strongly about their favorite. However being friendly & attentive without hovering is more important than either.

Set up bins towards the front of the booth so that even if your booth is full, customers can still browse.

Have a range of prices for all budgets. "A few pieces under $20" was recommended more than once.

Clear pricing. Many people don't want to interrupt you to ask the price. Or they think if they have to ask that it must be too expensive. Also, many people don't want to pick up your art to search for tag on bottom.

Please don't get offended if someone doesn't like your work.

Don't judge a person by how they are dressed. You don't know what's in their wallet. I guarantee you that if you ignore a customer because of how they look, that person will spend their money in another booth.

Don't leave the booth unattended. This should be a gimme, but you might be surprised how many potential buyers mentioned this tip.

Don't break your booth down early. Some buyers were planning on stopping in again after they look around at the rest of the show first. Also if you are packing up, some people don't want to bother you about the pieces you are putting away.

Several sellers suggested to just enjoy the experience. Instead of worrying about sales remember to have fun. Stay upbeat ( & smiling) even if sales are slow.


Please compliment the artist if you like a piece, even if you can't take it home.

Watch your dog, child or stroller. While you are chatting with your friends they might be tearing up the booth. Or running over other attendees.

There were a lot of dog comments, mostly from dog owners who are annoyed by other "irresponsible owners." Keep your dog on a leash or in your arms. Don't feed or/ water them in the middle of the moving crowd. Please "remember this is an art show & not a dog show" (my personal favorite).

Do not block a booth's entrance either with your dogs or chatting with friends.

Understand that the artist may not want to remake the exact piece in another color. It is ok to ask - Some artists enjoy such custom work. But others focus on one of a kind pieces & wont be interested.

Don't ask for a custom piece that would infringe on someone else's copyright.

Please leave the booth before criticizing the art/price or offering to make one for your friend.

Just because the art doesn't match your decor doesn't mean it is ugly.

Don't request a lower price if you don't intend to buy.

Or ask for step by step details on how the piece was made.

Only ask to put a piece "on hold" if you really will be coming back to buy it. Please be understanding if the artist will not hold it for you. They need to sell the piece & have no guarantee that you will return.

Know that not all the artwork has a deeper meaning. Feel free to ask though if the artist isn't busy with another customer.

Do ask about a piece if you don't "get it." The artist may have an explanation that makes sense and changes your perspective.

And to the companies that host the Art Fairs

Please give the artists enough time to set up. This can be a problem if they are working alone, especially if they have to park far away from the show.

For Everyone

Just be nice! There are a lot of people at the show and someone will overhear what you are saying. Keep that in mind please.

Of course there are people like me, who enjoy the people-watching almost as much as the art. To us, your flippant remarks & temper tantrums are potential blog fodder!!

Again, thank you to all who took the time to make these suggestions! And for your patience with this delayed posting.

Want to read a few of these ideas in the words of the contributors? Click Here & Here - then check out the comments.

Have your own comments to add? Please do! I'd love to read them!

And Finally My Disclaimer: While I have never had a booth at an art show, I love to attend them. I do work trade & consumer shows for the day job and see similar faux pas there as well.


Totally off topic: Wind & Honey Creations is sponsoring a giveaway on this blog. On 3/25 one random winner will take home a Mini Traveling Art Kit. This drawing is open world wide with free shipping. To enter just leave a comment (with your contact info if it isn't in your profile). CLICK HERE for photos of prize & details.


Dos & Don'ts Delayed......again... + freebie photo

I should be working as hard as this vintage lady!

Yet another delay - so sorry.

My tendency to over-commit & then forget has taken its toll this weekend.I will have the Art Fair Etiquette responses posted tomorrow....really!

In the meantime, feel free to snag this diligent worker for your projects. This is another of the old photos I picked up at Vintage Bohemian a couple of weeks ago. If you need a higher resolution, just let me know & I'll send it in an email.

Thanks again for your patience!


Dos & Don'ts Delayed

Time has gotten away from me today!

Tomorrow I'll post all of your Art Fair Etiquette suggestions
Sorry about the delay.

If you missed yesterdays favorite finds, click here for art & links.

See you tomorrow & thanks for your patience


More Art Fair Faves

From The Swimmers Series by Laurie Coppedge
(sorry,I don't remember the title)

Monday's post was about a wonderful show, The Gasparilla Festival of The Arts & a few pieces I enjoyed (to visit that post, click here).

Tuesday I shared the art that came home with me & promised more fave finds today.

Tonight while looking through cards & notes from the show, I'm feeling a wee bit overwhelmed. And behind schedule. So here's the new plan: Today I'll share some faves & links. Other pieces will be showcased every few days. (I am also pursuing interviews with a handful of these fantastic artists & will keep you posted) So On With The Show - click on photos to visit the artists' websites.

close up of Wild Thing by Nancy Cervenka

Nancy Cervenka is Florida artist whose work I am always happy to see. Her sculptures have a wonderful organic-meets-sci-fi feel. The unusual material she uses to create these pieces adds a touch of whimsy as well as pattern & color. All of her sculptures are made out of film. Yes, film. These pieces have a unique presence - they boldly carve their space and yet a magnifying glass will show you a universe of details. I strongly urge you to visit her website - both the artist statement & the sculptures are fascinating.

I purchased The Difficult Kiss from the artist Grant Silverstein several festivals ago. While one of the smallest pieces on my walls (measuring 1" x 2" before framing), it has a strong presence. Inevitably visitors lean in for a closer look & smile at the whimsy. The Difficult Kiss continues to be one of my favorites & I was thrilled to find myself in Mr. Silverstein's booth again this year. When I mentioned owning T.D.K. he pointed out his latest variation, Another Difficult Kiss. Click the image below for a larger view on his website.

You'll see the lovers now surrounded by all sorts of characters & elements. This imaginative piece measures 16" x 20". I so enjoy the delicate linework and the details in Mr. Silversteins art. With his flexible figures, dreamy landscapes, and reoccurring mythological references this artist weaves a story that leaves me wanting to read the whole book.

(By the way, on Mr. Silverstein's website you will find
The Ambitious Mouse - a tragedy an unpublished book with an unusual tale & elaborate illustrations)

Winemaking by Lorri Honeycutt

Big World Photo's booth always has a huge crowd. Everyone wants to get a closer look at the little people. Lorri Honeycutt's fun photography is almost guaranteed to bring a smile to even the grumpiest person's face.

Kitchen Crime by Lorri Honeycutt

These photographs are amusing on their own, yet the entertaining titles make viewers' smiles stretch even wider. And there were many viewers. This booth always attracts a jolly crowd. Which is really impressive considering the large number of grumbly browsers you overhear while passing through a crowded art fair.

Well, that is enough rambling from me tonight. I hope you enjoy these pieces and please be sure to click the pics to visit the artists' websites. Most have pieces for sale & their show schedules posted.

I'll be back tomorrow with a list of the Art Fair Dos & Don'ts based on ideas that many of you have shared with me this week. Thanks to all browsers, buyers & vendors who offered up their suggestions or pet peeves. This call is still open: if you have any thoughts on shows you've attended feel free to add a comment (or send an email to the address in my profile).


Final note: Would you like to win a Mini Travel Art Kit? Wind & Honey Creations is sponsoring a random drawing. 1 lucky winner on 3/25 will take home this little art kit. How do you enter? Click here for details.