More Art Fair Faves

From The Swimmers Series by Laurie Coppedge
(sorry,I don't remember the title)

Monday's post was about a wonderful show, The Gasparilla Festival of The Arts & a few pieces I enjoyed (to visit that post, click here).

Tuesday I shared the art that came home with me & promised more fave finds today.

Tonight while looking through cards & notes from the show, I'm feeling a wee bit overwhelmed. And behind schedule. So here's the new plan: Today I'll share some faves & links. Other pieces will be showcased every few days. (I am also pursuing interviews with a handful of these fantastic artists & will keep you posted) So On With The Show - click on photos to visit the artists' websites.

close up of Wild Thing by Nancy Cervenka

Nancy Cervenka is Florida artist whose work I am always happy to see. Her sculptures have a wonderful organic-meets-sci-fi feel. The unusual material she uses to create these pieces adds a touch of whimsy as well as pattern & color. All of her sculptures are made out of film. Yes, film. These pieces have a unique presence - they boldly carve their space and yet a magnifying glass will show you a universe of details. I strongly urge you to visit her website - both the artist statement & the sculptures are fascinating.

I purchased The Difficult Kiss from the artist Grant Silverstein several festivals ago. While one of the smallest pieces on my walls (measuring 1" x 2" before framing), it has a strong presence. Inevitably visitors lean in for a closer look & smile at the whimsy. The Difficult Kiss continues to be one of my favorites & I was thrilled to find myself in Mr. Silverstein's booth again this year. When I mentioned owning T.D.K. he pointed out his latest variation, Another Difficult Kiss. Click the image below for a larger view on his website.

You'll see the lovers now surrounded by all sorts of characters & elements. This imaginative piece measures 16" x 20". I so enjoy the delicate linework and the details in Mr. Silversteins art. With his flexible figures, dreamy landscapes, and reoccurring mythological references this artist weaves a story that leaves me wanting to read the whole book.

(By the way, on Mr. Silverstein's website you will find
The Ambitious Mouse - a tragedy an unpublished book with an unusual tale & elaborate illustrations)

Winemaking by Lorri Honeycutt

Big World Photo's booth always has a huge crowd. Everyone wants to get a closer look at the little people. Lorri Honeycutt's fun photography is almost guaranteed to bring a smile to even the grumpiest person's face.

Kitchen Crime by Lorri Honeycutt

These photographs are amusing on their own, yet the entertaining titles make viewers' smiles stretch even wider. And there were many viewers. This booth always attracts a jolly crowd. Which is really impressive considering the large number of grumbly browsers you overhear while passing through a crowded art fair.

Well, that is enough rambling from me tonight. I hope you enjoy these pieces and please be sure to click the pics to visit the artists' websites. Most have pieces for sale & their show schedules posted.

I'll be back tomorrow with a list of the Art Fair Dos & Don'ts based on ideas that many of you have shared with me this week. Thanks to all browsers, buyers & vendors who offered up their suggestions or pet peeves. This call is still open: if you have any thoughts on shows you've attended feel free to add a comment (or send an email to the address in my profile).


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  1. WOW! Stacey, what an awesome mix of Artists :)

    I am so in awe of these I keep going back to see this amazing work :)

    Thanks again for sharing, T.

  2. Beautiful work all around, thanks for sharing!

  3. Such wonderful art pieces you have displayed!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Are you still making a list about art festivals? Well, I have a peeve. I wish art festivals would give us more time to set up. I have many little things to display and also hanging things and it takes me a long time to set up. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to get a buddy to help me, but often not. I guess that's my problem, but that is my biggesst peeve about festivals.
    Some big dos in my selling though are I love to have deals going on like buy one for a certain price, and if they buy 3 or 4 they get a discount,etc. Also talk to the customers, don't sit there and just be a bump on a log! :) Whether you have sales or not always be up beat and realize it's the experience and the fun of being there and meeting people and having people get a smile on their face looking at your work. It's meeting people and trying to get to know them and you telling them about your art or whatever they feel like talking about. To be a success at an art festival, it's not in how much you sell and how much money you make, it's the sheer fun of it just like the way you make your art, simply because you enjoy doing it!

  4. I like the little people, I think I could have fun with those.

  5. fantastic showcase! I love the first one of the swimmer listening to the ocean. Love it!

  6. Ooh- three wonderful talents to investigate! Merci for the enlightening post and good luck as you play catch up. You can do it!

  7. There is something about little those mini people that spark the imagination. I love the cinnamon "crop circles."

  8. Those are neat finds! I love the little people, too! They remind me of a children's book about little people called "The Borrowers."

  9. Thanks for sharing the wonderful work you have especially the ones with the little men. Are they not so cute? LOL.

  10. You have some great pieces here!! Love the miniatures!! So fun!!