Call To Artists - Tampa Artist Emporium

I'm a big fan of buying local. As an art-o-holic & artist this email from Tampa Artist Emporium made me so happy my toes are wiggling!

Call To Artists

The Tampa Artist Emporium is now under new owner ship and their mission is “For Artists, By Artists!!”

April is Artist Appreciation Month at the Tampa Artist Emporium and they would like to invite all artists to bring in 2 pieces of art for the entire month with a reception on April 9th from 6-10pm.

1. This event is open to all local artists!

2. Each artist is allowed two pieces that represents them as an artist and there is also no up front fee.

3. Artists must e-mail their submissions to info@TampaArtistEmporium.com for approval.

4. Size is subject to approval.

5. Artwork will be dropped off on April 2nd.

6. Artwork will be picked up on April 30th.

7. If artwork is sold 30% will be taken and another piece can be brought by the same artist to replace it.

8. Commission checks will be ready at the beginning of May for the April sales.

Want to check out this cool space? Their website is TampaArtistEmporium.com . You can also click here for their facebook fan page.

I've enjoyed visiting Tampa Artist Emporium off & on for years. Some of my favorite artists have shown there. I'm a fan of photographer Richard Stewart & have a large print of his piece Workboat on my wall. Some trivia: I picked up this wonderful photo several years ago from a local art show we were both in. (I bought it before it was hung & it ended up taking first prize.) Click on the photo to visit Richard's website GalleryArtPhotos.com

Red Riding Hood by Chris Schumacher

This is a scan of Chris Schumacher's Red Riding Hood purchased from T.A.E. a few years ago. (Any flaws are due to my old scanner.) Chris has since moved out of state & I'm not sure where he sells now. Here's a link to his old blog, fauxtography.blogspot.com (warning: there is some nude photography).

I know I've mentioned Joe Bagley here before. Joe is one of my absolute favorite papercutting artists. His work is classic yet contemporary. I first stumbled into his art back around the time I started this blog. He has since moved to New England & his business has taken off. You can see more of Joe's amazing art at his website, papercutsbyjoe.com & etsy shop, papercutsbyjoe.etsy.com.

Great stuff, huh? If you find yourself in Tampa be sure to check out Tampa Artists Emporium on Bay To Bay Blvd. If you are a local artist make sure you answer their new Art Call! And if you are doing either, drop me a line. I'll be happy to post your art & thoughts.


  1. Thanks for the little tour honey...and love your Richard Stewart photo...wish I could wander over to your house for a cuppa and a laugh and a browse through your collection...and your own work of course!

  2. For Artists by Artists.... FAMA! I love it! Don't tell Fubu and I won't either! Such a cool concept. I don't make a habit of going into brooklyn but the local scene there is outrageous. Its almost overwhelming. But yea I hope that collective turns out to rock!

  3. I'll definitely check out the papercutting etsy shop. I am so impressed and taken with people who can cut a mean shape!

  4. Wonderful idea and thanks for sharing with evy1! I wish(almost) I was in Tampa - my family is there - but I reside on Kauai, so it'd be a little tough to swim there on time :D

    Also a big mahalo(thank you) for introducing me to Richard Stewart...His "Workboat" photo(such a lucky girl to have it on ur wall!) kinda reminds me of one of my photos - "Oh,ToBeLily" - it's a pretty little lily pad floating away on a cloud-covered lake listed in my Etsy shop...Doesn't compare to Mr. Stewart's works, however! God bless Stace and many thanks for this post...Dava

  5. Yet another wonderful post - thank you! And thank you for leaving so many comments on my blog - I love it when people visit! I would really appreciate it if you showed my piece 'art is hard' on your blog page, I really would! Thanks for all you do and say, very inspiring! A XxX