IF - Rescue

Polaroid Emulsion Transfer on marble tile

"The rescue of drowning men is… a duty worth dying for, but not worth living for..." - C.S. Lewis

Rescue is the new Illustration Friday prompt.
This piece is adapted from a 36" drawing I sold a few years back. (It shows about 1/3 of the original drawing). This transfer features a double exposure of my original drawing + a palm leaf. It is mounted on white marble tile.

Making an Emulsion Transfer:
The image is separated from the Polaroid backing in a warm water bath. The flexible image is then adhered to the marble tile. The final piece is treated with a UV-resistant topcoat. You can read a bit more about the process in this post from last year.

This piece is now available in my shop, ArtSnark.etsy.com. Click the photo for details.

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  1. Thanks for talking us through the process. this looks amazing. I just love your artwork
    hugs June xxx

  2. Wow, what an interesting process. I love it.

  3. Love the colors and composition here, not to mention the interpretation. Nice job!

  4. That's really neat Artsnark! I did a Polaroid transfer before, its pretty cool. Keep up the good work.

  5. impressive;
    very interesting procedure,thanks for sharing

  6. Lovely work!!Thanks for explaining the process very cool.It is a beautiful piece. Thank-you for the kind comment.

  7. Thank you for stopping by. The emulsion transfer looks very interesting. I love the octopus banner.

  8. beautiful, I love the vibrant peaceful blue and the little bubbles of air.
    What an interesting technique.

  9. I had never heard of polaroid transfer before, what a cool technique!
    Great illustration too!

  10. This print is amazing!!

  11. This is beautiful! The strength of the color is so fabulous!