Fun Finds from Bohemian Vintage

How often have you gone by a place & thought, I have to stop in there 1 of these days?

Lucky for me I finally did

It turns out that the fantastic etsy stores BohemianVintage1 & Mina180 share a brick-and-mortar shop literally around the corner from me! Who new??

The 1st things to catch my eye were these vibrant marquee letters. Click the pics to visit the listings.

There were so many fabulous items on display, my heart skipped a beat I think.

From a fun selection of purses

vintage mini horsehair change purse from Mina 180

To great old signs & boxes

Old Durox Labels Metal Box from bohemianvintage1

& anything in between.

I had a wonderful time perusing a tin full of old photos & found a bunch that wanted to come home with me. My scanner is giving me a little grief so I'll wait till tomorrow to post some of them. I'll be making them available for anyone to use in their art, etc.

On the way I out I was tempted by these lovelies

1950s reading glasses from bohemianvintage1

I'll definitely be going back soon & will be sure to post some new finds. There are so many exciting objects to share. In the meantime be sure to check out the Bohemian Vintage blog. And if you are into facebook, they have a fan page too -just click here.


  1. Oh you lucky duck having this shop around the corner! Aren't those big letters fabulous...and will look forward to seeing the old pics...and the glass, I have a pair just like these! Off to visit their online store now..
    Love to you darlin.

  2. Looks like a fascinating store, full of unique finds! Have fun resisting! Ha!

  3. Oooo! It looks like they really have some wonderful treasures! I would have so much fun there!

  4. Thank you for featuring our shop Stacey!! : ) You're welcome back any time!!

  5. Oh I would love to go shopping with you and then we could "do" lunch! How fun would that be?? Thanks for stopping by and visiting me and viewing my newest project.