On My Walls - Treasures from Gasparilla Arts Festival

Sunday I escaped responsibilities & enjoyed the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts. There was a fantastic variety of artwork to choose from. & this week I'm sharing some of my favorites. To see yesterday's picks click here.

Several items tried to come home with me. Here are the ones I could not resist. My apologies for any blemishes or whatnot as I've used my old scanner to capture all but the top image.

The first piece to jump into my arms was Kreg Yingst's framed blockprint The Who. Click the pic to visit his website. Make sure you have a few minutes - that place is overflowing with exciting blockprints, linocuts and paintings. You'll find colorful galleries with names like Magic & Circus, Music Blockprints and Matt: A Visual Gospel.

The Who by Kreg Yingst

This is a scan of the framed blockprint. The frame measures 12" sq, so you are just seeing a crop here. I wanted to show you the unique mat and fun treatment on the frame. This piece just reached out and yanked me into the booth. I found myself sucked into this fantastic world of line & color. I had a hard time deciding which piece to take home - good thing some of the others are for sale on his website kregyingst.com.

On the other side of the show I was soon captivated by the large black & white photographs of Laurie Coppedge. She has a gorgeous series of swimmers with a lovely ethereal quality. You can see this set on her website lauriecoppedge.com. Some of her other series are listed but not yet uploaded, so I've scanned in the pieces I purchased. Again, any flaws are due to my scanner & I apologize.

Jen Peeking by Laurie Coppedge

Galenski House by Laurie Coppedge

Don't you just love these? This gentleman (the artist's neighbor) has such an interesting face and all 3 photos have a timeless quality that really appeals to me. Jen Peeking reminds me of a dream I had a few times. It always gave me fright & I'd wake up as soon as I saw the woman looking at me. While this photograph is haunting to me it is also playful and feels like a good counterpoint to the Galenski House pieces. I will hang the 3 together with Jen Peeking in the middle. Matted they measure 11" x 14".

By the way, you can catch these talented artists at other art festivals. They both have show schedules on their websites.

Thanks for stopping in today. I will share some more of my faves from the show tomorrow.

Also, if you have a moment please visit Monday's post. Toward the bottom I suggest some "dos & don'ts" for art fairs. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. I'm asking everyone to leave some advice based on what they have observed at art festivals. Have you ever been a browser, buyer, or vendor at a fair? Please share your business suggestions, faux pas, or common sense advice. I will collect all suggestions together in a post this Saturday.


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  1. WOW! what great finds! I love those photographs.

  2. Stacey it looks like your escape from responsibility paid off. What a haul you took in. Nothing like a fix of art to renew ourselves.

  3. Gasparilla...what a fabulous word...i find myself taking little gasps of air just by saying it! You certainly had some talent to look at...those photographs are magnificent...

  4. me again...do you know if Laurie sells her work online...can't find anything re purchase of works on her website...ta honey...

  5. Very interesting pieces Stacey!

  6. Very interesting pieces with so much depth.

  7. *waving* from Maine!

    I DO JUST love those photographic images!! You have a great eye, and I don't think I would have been able to resist either;)

    I don't know if your Mom told you, but we have had mud season VERY early here.... BLAH! But on the up side, we have had some gorgeous weather... though it's supposed to rain all weekend.... the dog has discovered mud puddles (she has been renamed "Mud-Puddle-Magoo" for the season...

    Other than that, just trucking along on the new biz.... so much to do in so little time!! But I had to swing by and say hello and to see all of the fabulousness that you've been up to!

    chat soon! xoxo ~Jes

  8. Great art Stacey! Love the photo's too. Looks like a great time at the festival. Hope you are well and havin a great week.

  9. The Who is a wonderful print. And those photos are amazing!! Love the "feel" of them. Congrats on your new pieces!! You did good girl!
    Hugging you