Musical Monday - Alice Remix

Jealously reading about Maker Faire this a.m. (I'm supposed to be working...sshhh..) & decided to google for some local (Tampa) steamy events.

Not much luck there but I did waste lots of time over at brasky.org - fun, fun place. Which led me to this Alice in Wonderland Remix, an instant must-share on Musical Monday.

Need some Alice (or cute girls in costumes) eye-candy? Get your fix with Brasky's 55 Photographs of Alice In Wonderland Inspired Costumes & Fashion Shoots. I love the one nibbling on a stack of teacups.

So what music has you tapping your toes this week? Pop the top box & jump on over to GoodMourningGlory to leave your link. Plus hear some new stuff others have posted.

Have fun this week!

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  1. this was lots of fun I am going to go now and listen to some of the other Disney remixes and it's all your fault LOL!

  2. I really enjoyed this. I so have to see the movie thats out. Good choice my friend :)

  3. yay! i liked that! off to check out the costume/fashion photos!!!

  4. very cool fashion shots of Alice!:)

  5. Hello! <3

    Thank you for linking to our site! We appreciate it!


  6. The song is called Alice by Pogo
    give credit to stuff you post bro.

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks for pointing out that the mix is by Pogo. I had no idea who was responsible for this great piece.

    Had you left a name, I'd have thanked you in person.