Musical Monday - Happy Birthday, Chopin!

Sadly my computer speakers have fizzled. (May have played Rammstein a little too loud this weekend...). Give Fredric Chopin a bit of a google & you'll find lots of wonderful ear candy.

It is his 200th birthday today after all!

I enjoyed this piece on NPR tonight which dissects the famous Funeral March. Worth checking out if you missed it. The site also has some cool links.

Anyone catch the movie Impromptu back in the early 90s? I'd been on a George Sand reading jag around that time. (Now more famous for her pants & lovers than her novels). So I really liked it. I remember a playful film with a classic 90s cast: Hugh Grant, Judy Davis, Mandy Patinkin, Julian Sands, etc...

Before I get off on another ramble, what are you listening to this week?

If you'd like to share your tunes or hear a few others, click the button & visit Diane over at Good Mourning Glory. She's wandering around Wonderland today & would love to have you along.


  1. Happy Birthday to a great artist, Chopin. I am a fan of the Poet of the Piano. I love his piano piece, Minuet Waltz, I remembered playing that piece during my recital way back.

  2. Happy Birthday to Chopin!

    now a follower,
    have a great week!


  3. Happy Birthday Chopin....You have won 250 stickers/labels from UPrinting.com. I will do a post and then send your site to UPrinting!

  4. Can't wait for Alice! Sorry about your speakers... no chopin...

  5. The new soundtrack for Alice is out and it is fabulous!!