Studio Tour #22 - Kim Pfeiffer's "After" Space

Can You Fly In Your Dreams? by Kim Pfeiffer

Welcome back to Studio Tour Saturdays!
This week we are visiting Kim Pfeiffer's
"after" studio.

You may remember that on 3/6 Kim showed us around her basement art studio. I was impressed by just how much she fit into that space. She also shared some interesting storage ideas, repurposing a number of vintage items. If you missed that tour, click here to check it out.

Last summer Kim moved into a 1900s farm house. Her new creative space is filled with natural light & more fun ideas. I like the way she uses her fantastic finds to hold art supplies and provide inspiration, mixing them in with pieces from Lowes and Hobby Lobby.

KP: Welcome to my "Out Of The Basement" studio! I love my new studio... finally a window with daylight.

KP: I really like hat boxes...or any boxes.This old metal lunchbox embellished with a little ribbon works great to store things. I love storage that I can see through so these vintage and newer jars are just right for me. The old pop crate still holds my paints & I like using old tins to old tins for mixing my paints & other liquids.

KP: I combined storage cubicles with MDF shelving from Lowes to create this storage area. I use rubber shelving liner to add stability between layers and this holds a lot of weight.

KP: I made my desk from 2 bookcases and a heavy glass top that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. It works great and has lots of storage in the bookcases.

KP: On the desk is my newest vintage find. I practically squealed with delight when I found this glass lazy susan at a fave thrift store recently for a whopping $3.

KP: This is my sewing area. I confess I sew more on paper than cloth. I have recently begun to have an interest in quilting but am trying very hard to tell myself "no".

KP: This is my visual wall. It provides me with an area to gaze upon and dream and be inspired. It gets the creative juices flowing for current projects & holds future ones as well.

KP: I created this inspiration board a few years ago and love it. I altered the vintage knobs with alcohol inks and embellished the centers with crystals. I used the colors I love: pink, purple & green.

KP: I also get inspiration from good smells and more eye candy. I love to burn scented candles when I am in the studio...it is funny how smells really get me going. Also I love seasonal displays and vintage postcards tucked into a photo holder are fun. The velveteen bank bunnies were a recent find I just had to have!

KP: This bathroom cabinet was a yard sale find and works great for storing all of the bottles of stuff you acquire as an artist.

KP: Vintage glassware holds rubber stamps as does an old stamp carousel. Glass containers offer the visual inspiration I crave. A wrought iron shelf holds books and magazines while a little white shelving unit holds acrylic & rubber stamp sets.

KP: Here a few clips of vintage art I am working with right now. I'm thinking about making an Easter pennant to hand over the fireplace mantle.

KP: I am a visual person. I like to be able to see my supplies, so I try and store things that way - in glass containers or out on a shelf. I like to use old trays as I work. I can just pull things into the tray when I see them & feel they need to be worked into the piece I am creating. I love any kind of magazine that is artsy - any Somerset Publication will do! My creative juices stir almost too well - I have hundreds of ideas whirling around in my head and I tend to jump from 1 project to another before I even get started. I would love to talk to anyone else who has had his problem and found a way to focus! That is a major issue for me and probably always will be...but I always feel so good when I finish a project.

On a wing and a prayer by Kim Pfeiffer

KP: I buy and sell on ebay (seller name: countryessence) and would like to open an Etsy shop, as well as get back into blogging. I really need to get things going online as my husband and I will be opening a small "downtown store" in our little piece of the world this fall. It really seems like a retail shop needs that www connection these days.

Thank you, Kim, for showing us around. I love that you find inspiration in everything around you! Please let us know when you get your new ventures off the ground, I look forward to seeing what you are up to next.

Thank you to everyone who stops by today and takes a minute to comment on Kim's fabulous space. It is your interest in these studio tours that keeps them coming! Know anyone who would like to share their creative space with ArtSnark readers? How about yourself? Just send an email to the address in my profile. I am currently scheduling May & June.

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  1. Fabulous studio! You should have a world of inspriration visually now, Kim! I agree with the scent in the studio, it adds to the whole environment of senses in the creative process. Thanks Stacey for another great studio to dream over!

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