Monday's Muse & a new interview

Tis that time again.

Stayed up too late reading Wolf Hall last night & my brain isn't on yet, so random shuffle picked today's Musical number.

While I like the tune, this is the 1st time I've seen the (absolutely dreadful) video. Wish I hadn't - now it'll be all dancing carrots & cowboys until the end of time...sigh....

What tunes are jump starting your week? Click the top button & share your musical genius over at GoodMourningGlory today. Be sure to have a listen while you are there.

And if you have another minute, pop on over to MizKatie.com - she was kind enough to post a wee interview with yours truly. Shameless plug, I know. Subtlety is a challenge today... so is typing .... perhaps more caffeine....


  1. I had never heard this and enjoyed the song and the video. It was odd but very cool. Great interview by the way. I enjoyed the read. Have a wonderful week ahead :)

  2. I have to agree the girl can sing the tune is good but the video must have been someones bad drug trip? Too funny!

  3. great interview!!!

    as for that weirdo video - yikes! lol normally i like weirdness. (i love using the words normal and weird in the same sentence lol) good song though!

  4. Kewl song...yeah the vid is a bit...ummm...strange.

  5. I have never hard this before but it was nice.That's what I like about MM's,discovering new tunes and new artists.Thanks for sharing this and for your kind comment on my blog.have a great week!

  6. Good song - great voice - funny video...

    thanks for the laugh!

    http://www.kellys ideas.com

  7. I hadn't heard this song before, but I really enjoyed listening to it. Thanks for sharing it. Although I have to agree, the video is a bit odd. It starts off with some promise and then it becomes a weird Wonderland Oz sort of place.

    Thanks for stopping by for MM! :-)

  8. Cool song! :)

    Thanks for the honey/clove recommendation!

  9. Great interview...tell us more about the game/toy business...

    ps my love to you Stacey Girl!

  10. I've never heard this before but I like it! The video is bizarre.

  11. Good song, and I LOVED Wolf Hall.

  12. heehee I actually like the video, Stacey. It's a little weird, but I like weird. :)

    Thanks again for doing the interview. I enjoyed reading your answers. Hope to keep in touch.