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Me? I'm still into Hawkings Strongbox, the art of A.F.Norling & rereading Kipling for some reason.

Oh, I finally got around to watching Let The Right One In. Great flick if you like your vampires sparkle-free.

Also, I am so making one of these when I get a chance.

I nicked the photo from Yarn Zombie.net. Many thanks to ArtByCanace for pointing this great project out!

YarnZombie also has this fun blog CraftBangBoom - everything from handmade toys to pinhole cameras - what's not to love??

Before I go, a few more thoughts:

84 places to sell your crafts online

Emeryl Arts just posted some handy self publishing tips, including how to get an ISBN

When I need a moments peace lately, I find my happy place over at Deliciously Organized.

Oh, I won 250 custom stickers from Stuff Could Always Be Worse. Thank you Kim! Really made my day!

Do You Feel Lucky? There's still time to enter these 2 random drawings. Just click through for images & details:

On 3/11 one winner gets a fantastic art photo and set of postcards from ElleMoss on etsy

On 3/10 one winner will receive 500 custom printed business cards from Uprinting.com

TheUnMom's up to something this week, so Bitchin' Wives Club is at the helm. Click the button at the top to visit her & add your own thoughts. Go on .... and make sure you check out her literary link today - it is priceless.


  1. You are truly SO awesome!!!!

    I can't believe how much I learn here.

    Your visits are so very welcome.

  2. oh my lord i'm hyperventilating just reading your post...it's manic in here! love love that door...fabulous if you had a door or window that got a lot of sun...how beautiful it'd be! My love to you darlin, hope all is going well...

  3. So many things!! I love it!! Thanks for all the links. A great RTT!!