Studio Tour #21 - Kim Pfeiffer's "before" space

Please Release Me by Kim Pfeiffer

Welcome to the next installment of Studio Tour Saturday!

Last summer mixed media artist Kim Pfeiffer moved her studio out of the basement and into a sunnier location. Today's tour features her old space. We'll pay a visit to her new studio on Saturday March 20th.

I met Kim through the online art group, ZNE. (If your curious, I've written more about ZNE in this Nov '08 post). When looking through her studio photos I was struck by all of the storage involved. Kim works with lots of little bits & piece. She likes having her supplies where she can see them and get inspired. I'm going to get out of the way now & let Kim show you around.

ATC #3 The Kiss by Kim Pfeiffer

KP: Welcome to my Studio! I love my studio, it is my spot to escape, relax, work and have fun! I love to repurpose items for reuse for storage as you can see! Take a look, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

KP: The space shown here is my old basement studio at my last home. We moved in July and my new "Out of the Basement" studio is coming along nicely!!! It is so nice to have a bright studio now with daylight streaming in the window!

KP: This "daylight" lamp really works great and was especially useful with the basement studio. Anytime I work at my desk I always turn it on even with sunlight coming in the window. It still brightens the workspace for clear vision, clarity and color.

KP: I had no space left in this room but somehow managed to squeeze in what I find! My Hubby would step in and looks around in awe....he doesn't even have questions anymore....he's speechless!!! I filled my studio with papercrafting items, altered art items, resource books and other items that inspire me and stir my creative juices, eye candy as well as yummy scented candles and tarts to burn and music I love to create by as well!

KP: When I see vintage items I am always coming up with storage ideas for my studio.....it is what I do best! This old knick knack shelf works for stamps and jars of trinkets. An old Pepsi Crate works really well for acrylic paint storage, and old sewing machine drawers house little glass bottles of treasures!

KP: My ribbon rack is adapted from an old metal bath towel rack. I love all things vintage and love to find ways to repurpose items I have found. It is not only cheaper to do this but saves the earth as well.

I loved my little basement studio but it is so good to have daylight now. Before I had a little basement window and sometimes I just couldn't stand being down there. Winters were good but in spring and summer I wanted to bring out a backhoe and start excavating to build a walk out patio.

Kim, thanks so much for showing us around today! I look forward to seeing your new creative space in 2 weeks.

And thanks to all of you who stop in for a look around. Be sure to pop back on 3/20 to visit Kim's new sunny studio. She'll also tell us where she gets some of her artistic and storage inspirations. In the meantime, you can find Kim over at Ebay where she sells her creations & altered-art supplies under the ID CountryEssence. Once her new studio is finished she wants open a shop on Etsy & reinvigorate her blog, alteredwerks.blogspot.com.

TimeFlys by Kim Pfeiffer

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  1. Kim, what amazing work, Love it, so inspiring. You are a model of organisation too :)

    Thanks Stacey for another wonderful tour, I love meeting the Artists you post about :) T.

  2. Wow, Kim, you are so organized! Can't wait to see your new space.

  3. Thanks for the tour.
    Great storage solutions and wonderful artwork.

    best wishes
    Ribbon ;)

  4. Good lord...what a space...she says as she looks round her little crowded nook wondering how many mezzanine floors one could put into a 8x8 room....

  5. I love the ribbon rack from the vintage towel rack....I need that!! I love visiting other studios, we are so inventive us artisans and such collectors aren't we?!! Can't wait to see your new studio Kim, thanks Stacey!

  6. Wow! I thought I had a lot of stuff! This is great! Can't wait to see how she organizes her new space.

  7. What a wonderful space! I can't wait to see the new one. And I love your fairy in the bottle!

  8. Almost too pretty to work in! A piece of art in itself!

  9. Wow! Amazing storage ideas. Makes her studio so colorful! I love it! And I have always admired her work!