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Reworking an older drawing for November's SubAtomic art show in Sarasota, FL. The only requirements are that the piece be 12" x 12", attached to cardboard & with a theme of Music. Proceeds from art sales will benefit WSLR.org 96.5 . While the acidity of the cardboard concerns me a bit, I love the idea of keeping the pieces affordable. And with this theme, I could not resist! I almost always draw/paint to music & everything I make has a secret soundtrack.  The energy helps me dive right in to whatever vibe I need to make things flow.

Tonight I'm listening to KishiBashi, of course. If you are not familiar with this insanely talented musician, put your ears on & click that video. If a fan, I know you are already enjoying Manchester for the 100th (1000th?) time.


Winning Wine on Random Tuesday


This pic just won me 2 tickets to The Grand Tasting this Saturday in downtown Tampa. Last week the Tampa Bay Wine & Food Festival posted a contest on twitter seeking vino photos, so I figured I'd play along. My husband and I will enjoy food & drink from 45 bay area restaurants and "beverage suppliers" on the Tampa Riverwalk. This casual event's eclectic musical mix includes everything from bagpipes to steel drums to the Patel Observatory's School of Rock band. Should be great fun! I'll be sure to share some pictures.

If you are in the area this weekend and have the munchies there will be several foodie events, including Friday night's Southern Charm Gala (black tie optional), Casino night, and silent auction - plus seminars on Saturday. For more info or to purchase tickets, visit http://tampabaywineandfood.com. Maybe I'll see you there.

One thing I love about Random Tuesday is that it is perfect for sharing tunes when you miss Musical Monday! Right now I'm listening to Freelance Whales.

After a fairly unproductive summer I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things. Last week I dropped off my artwork for the Tampa Museum of Art's Five By Five event in October. On the 18th this arty party will be full of fun folks buying original art, with each piece priced at only $25. All works measure 5" x 5" and the buyer only finds out the creator after purchase. For more info check out this earlier post or click here to buy your $10 ticket in advance.

I'm playing with new pieces for a few local shows over the next month & will pop back with info and pictures soon. (Can't share the 5 x 5 here until after the show.)

Right now it is time to feed the family. Decided to hit up my pinterest which has been languishing lately. Tonight we're having Martha Stewart's rosemary meatballs, doctored with a few more herbs and extra lemon zest. Do you have any fave Pinterest recipes that you've tested? If so, please share - I'd love to check them out.

Got to run. Hope you are off to a wonderful week & wishing you a creative day!

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Artist Opportunity: Five By Five, Small Art For A Big Cause


It is almost time for the Hillsborough County Arts Council's annual Five by Five show! This year the event will be held October 18th, 8-11pm, at the Tampa Museum of Art. Tickets to attend will be $10 each. However, attendance is free for participating artists.

What is Five by Five?

It is a fundraising event to raise money "for 
artist grants and workshops through the sale of artwork". The event will have live music & performance artists but the big draw will be the hundreds of pieces of original art for sale.

* Each piece of art will be sold for $25 dollars.

* Each artwork measures 5" x 5". If 3d, it can not be more than 5" deep. 

* Pieces are donated by artists worldwide and can be in a variety of mediums. BUT they are all signed    on the back, so you don't know who made it until you buy it.

Want to donate your work?

You may submit up to 2 pieces to this event for free. As of this moment, there are still a few days left. All work must be received by 9/20 at 4pm at the Arts Council office in downtown Tampa. There is also an online entry form to fill out. Click Here for a few rules and to find the form

Why donate?

It is for a good cause: you will help support artist grants & services. 

You get to add the show to your list of exhibitions. 

Plus you get into the Oct. 18th party for free!

Not in Tampa? You can still enjoy the art.

For an online gallery of  last year's artworks click here.

After Oct. 4 this year's sneak peek online gallery will be found here.

Catch a few early glimpses over in the Arts Council of Hillsborough County's facebook photo stream.

I always seem to miss this show - but not this year. Some things are coming together (at the last minute, as usual), so I'll have at least one piece dropped off before deadline.

I hope you get a chance to play along or at least come to the party! If you'll be donating or attending, drop me a note. I'd love to hear from you. 


Musical Monday - Welcome to the 70's

I'm still crazy-behind on the blogging, 

but I couldn't let a 1970s Musical Monday pass me by.

Wow- I got stuck in my time machine this evening.

So many timeless favorites...

but so little time tonight...

And then there are just those silly little ditty's that simply make the toes start tapping:

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Musical Monday - 'Elephant'

Getting back to blogging is still presenting a challenge, but routines are slowly slipping back into their grooves around here. Decided to share a last minute Musical Monday song. I generally don't listen to country, so this one is new to me. Caught a Q & A with Jason Isabell on NPR tonight & this song 'Elephant' kinda blew me away. If you are curious, he explains why he wrote what is basically a song about knowing someone who has cancer during this interview: http://www.npr.org/2013/07/17/202369759/jason-isbell-locates-his-musical-compass-on-southeastern

If you're looking for some more tunes to start your week, visit the links after the jump:  http://www.xmasdolly.com/2013/09/02/mondays-music-moves-me-115/

And, fellow MM hoppers, I will be around to visit you in a day or 2. I've just had a long weekend with a sick kiddo (just the 1st nasty cold of the school year - poor guy) and I'm calling it a night.

Wishing everyone a fantastic week!