New Prize for Next Thursday's Giveaway

Congrats to Jamerican Spice, the lucky winner of today’s drawing. For details click here.
Now on with the show!

The next random drawing will be at noon (EST) Thursday August 6th. The Prize? Good question. Time to spice things up a little, so next week's prize is a bit of a grab bag . . .

I’m off to the CHA Craft Supershow in Orlando tomorrow. I haven’t been to a craft show before but I saw that some of my favorite shops & vendors will be there. Lots of demos, some contests & a rumor of swag got me thinking. I’m going to see what cool stuff I can collect for next Thursday’s Giveaway prize.

Any of you planning to attend? How fun it would be to meet you guys!

I may not pop back online until Sunday. I'll let you know then what stuff I've found for next week’s random drawing.

How To Enter: Just leave any old comment on this blog between now & noon (EST) next Thursday (8/6). Yes, it’s that easy! Please make sure I can track you down if you win. No email necessary as long as I can contact you through your blog or profile. Contest is open worldwide. Free shipping.

Winner of 16” x 20” canvas photo print is

Jamerican Spice

Congrats, Jamerican Spice ! I'll contact you later today with details on how to collect your prize. For the curious, here are the top 5 picks from random.org.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. It’s your enthusiasm that keeps me blogging. It is just so much fun giving away stuff!

Special thanks to OnlinePosterPrinting.com for donating this fabulous prize!

New week, new prize. Tune in later today to see what next Thursday’s lucky winner will receive. Just leave a comment before noon (EST) 8/6 to be entered in next week's random drawing. What's the prize? Something a little different this time….


Some of my Etsy Faves

I do love etsy! Though I buy way more than I sell. I was rearranging some of my finds tonight (maintaining the illusion of cleaning the studio). I've too many lovelies to mention them all here. I'll just post a few & save the rest for another day.

My latest toy came from The Fab Miss B. I'm a sucker for tiny metal moving parts. Anybody know what it is? I'll tell you at the end of this post. Pop by & check out her great vintage stuff! Like these cool Pyrex Science Beakers. Very very tempting but I'm saving my pennies for this weekend.

She also has a wonderfully eclectic blog HERE

The 1st piece I ever bought on etsy was this ACEO from Acarrdian

Pool of Love by Diana Carr

Check out this interesting piece she has for sale right now

Eve's Remorse by Diane Carr

In addition to her shop, Diane has more of her artwork on Flickr HERE

Now don't tell my husband but I am just mad about this boy

Portrait of a boy with eyes askance by Lisa Falzon

As well as everything else at Meluseena!

Queen Elizabeth brooch by Lisa Falzon

You can find out what new things this talented artist is up to on her blog. She also has a highly addictive "micro-fiction" blog where all stories are 50 words long (Take that Twitter!)

This wood burning portrait of Artis Gilmore just shouted take me home!

Artis Gilmore by Brian Bleakley

So I did. Looks like Brian's etsy shop is empty today. He's got a cool banner though. You can see more of his artwork at his website, brianbleakley.com

And for a fun mix of paper/wood cut collage supplies you can't beat The Porkchop Show!

Haha - I'm supposed to be saving up for the weekend (more about that tomorrow) . But when I went to find some cool porky cut-outs to feature I couldn't resist these great gears!

Don't worry I left plenty of cool stuff for you! Like these:

Insane Asylum Paper Cut Keys by Porkchop Show

I could go on & on .... really. I have way too much fun poking around on etsy & many places the prices are so amazing even a penny pincher like myself can indulge a little. But it's getting late. Believe it or not my original intention tonight was to simply post a reminder about tomorrow's random drawing at noon (EST) for the custom 16" x 20" photo printed on canvas. If you haven't entered yet, click HERE for contest details. And if you have....Good Luck!

Oh, by the way, the device from The Fab Miss B is a vintage postage scale and stamp holder. Did you guess right? Man you're old...awww...I'm just kidding!!


Idle + Random - IF meets RTT

Curiosity is idle only to those who fail to realize that it may be a very rare and indispensable thing.
- James Harvey Robinson

Idle Hours - work in progress

Illustration Friday's prompt was idle. That triggered 2 ideas. The first (watercolor & ink on scrapbook paper) is still evolving but I have a hunch that if I don't post a WIP it won't get put up for a while. This piece keeps wandering around on its own - I'm not sure where it will end up. I fear it has drifted off the path - of course that is usually when the journey gets interesting. If you get a chance, visit I.F. & check out the great variety of submissions. Or enter your own creation if you're feeling inspired.

This week's a bit rushed but here are a few Random Tuesday Thoughts:

Anybody into the magazine Where Women Create? Through Sandra Evertson's blog, I found this "Online resource - Inspire, Connect Share"

Keep meaning to make one of these - DIY playing card top hat!

Like wordplay? Cross a thesaurus with a mobile & you get Visuwords!

Always behind the times, I just heard The Puppini Sisters for the 1st time yesterday - great stuff!

Couple of cool random drawings from 2 of my favorite bloggers/artists. Visit their blogs for contest details :

Poet's Narcissus by La Donna Welter

La Donna's will pick 1 lucky winner on August 10th. Click on photo of prize to visit her blog, LaDonna Papercutting.

January Wish is sponsoring a giveaway of Alessandra Fusi's artwork. Click here for details

Last but not least, for all you zombie fans: Have you checked out Lili's Lair yet? If not Here you go

Gotta Run. Rampaging zombies? Nah, just deadlines (only scary to me). If you have some idle time, pop over & see what wild RTT is running about over at The Un Mom today Got a little more time? Grab a button & play along!

Also there is still time to enter Thursday's Random drawing for a custom 16" x 20" photo printed on gallery wrapped canvas. CLICK HERE for details.


Musical Monday's Muse

It is Monday after all.......


To see what is inspiring others this week or add your own, visit here:

By the way, have you entered this week's Thursday Giveaway yet? No? CLICK HERE for contest & prize details. Go on - you'll be glad you did.


Tidying up some loose ends

While pretending to pick up the studio today I came across some unfinished pieces. Gave them a few tweaks & will put them in my Etsy shop, ArtSnark, tomorrow.

A month or so ago, the Melange art challenge prompt was Lace, followed soon after by Adventure. The prompts reminded me of this gentleman viewed from a slow moving train leaving the station. This photo was taken about 15 yrs ago in Conegliano, Italy. Since then, I'd added the ethereal legs so he'd have something to look at.

I came across the print tonight and enhanced with some watercolor pencils & markers. Some flashy little swarovski crystals jazz up the ruby slippers. My original plan was to put him in a shadow box with a variety of elements. Then I came across this faux-lace mat & thought it went with the theme.

I also found this little photo, Happy Plant and popped it into a black mat - fits in a 5" x 7" standard frame.

Happy Plant

There was also this scotch broom print. I had fun going over it with markers & colored pencils. While playing, I decided it might make a good background for one of the Idle ideas banging around in my nut. That's the IF prompt this week.... but I've been too idle to work on it.

Scotch Broom

Well, that's the hit & run tonight. Promise to feature Barbara Moustafa's awesome images soon.

Hope you've all had a great weekend! Oh, and if you haven't entered Thursday's Giveaway yet, click here for details. It's a great prize this week for 1 lucky winner!


Freebies for Friday

Hey there. Haven't had time to finish any new stuff. But thought I'd post pics for any one who wants to use them in a project.

For many years I collected vintage / antique postcards.

No rhyme or reason, just images that caught my eye.

Sometimes what interested me most was the untold stories. Love the old cash register in this one. Click on any of these to enlarge.

Eventually I need to put some on DeviantArt as stock images. It is always fun to see what people do with them. If you make anything with these, I'd love to see it. Happy to post your creation on this blog too, if you want.

Barbara Moustafa of Rusty Mermaid Dolls has done some fun digital collages with pics I've posted in the past. I'll try to get some up here this weekend.

Illustration Friday's prompt to day is Idle. I've got a couple of ideas but it may be a few days before I get a chance to set one down. In the meantime, go see what other fun art has been inspired by this prompt.

Oh, Melange prompt is Harbor this week. Click HERE to visit or add your own.

If you're looking for some more fun free images, ArtFreebies always has some great stuff in the archives & more pieces every day or so. There is a cool owl posted there today for the Soartful Saturdays art challenge.

Final Note: If you haven't yet entered next Thursday's Giveaway, what's holding you back? You could be the lucky winner! The fab prize provided by OnlinePosterPrinting.com is a 16" x 20" canvas print of your favorite summer photo. To enter all you have to do is leave a comment describing your pic before noon (EST) 7/31. For contest details CLICK HERE


The Impostor ACEO

The Impostor

Hey There! How have y'all been? Feels like I've been gone for ages. Work (day job not art) has taken over my life the last couple of days, but it feels like I've been gone for ages. I'll be perfectly content if I never have to hear an Emperor Penguin sneeze again! Don't ask. I'm not allowed to tell....

Totally work-fried last night, so I decided to detox with last week's Melange challenge, Whisper. I had this great ledger-style paper that had been partially stamped with what I think was supposed to be RECEIVED - only the top of the word was printed & I thought how it could also be DECEIVED. That got the synapses going, so I went snooping through deviantArt for a new rogue & found this great stock photo from NobleDeath-stock. Started the piece with the gent above. He was supposed to be looking through a window at something worth whispering about. But.... I liked him too much as a stand alone & he was sized right for an ACEO so here he is.

Now ACEOs are like Lays potato chips ... anyone who makes or collects them will agree. So a couple more followed.

Summer Beauty

This ACEO is based on an old family photo.The colors uploaded a little cooler than they really are. Bit more of a reddish-orange dominates the original.


I'm not really happy with this but figured I'd show
it anyway. I did manage to list these in my very neglected Etsy Shop, ArtSnark. The poor thing would be covered in cobwebs if it was a brick & mortar store. I actually had to renew most items, they've been sitting there so long.

For anyone unfamiliar with Etsy, you can keep items in your shop 4 months before renewing at a low 20 cents an item. Even when sales are down, rent is cheap! And the camaraderie is fabulous. If you are one of those people who is just sitting on your creations, I highly suggest you look into Etsy. It is easy to get lost in the crowd if you are unknown & not great at marketing. But on the other hand, those pieces are just gather dust, yes?

By the way, to view some cool responses to the Whisper challenge click HERE. You can find the artist's links in the comments. This week's Melange challenge is Harbor. Go HERE to add your own art or see what great pieces others come up with

Before I go scrounge up some dinner, let me remind you of the current Thursday Giveaway. Enter & you could be the lucky winner of a 16" x 20" canvas print of your favorite summer photo. Just leave a description of your pic in this blog's comments before noon (EST) 7/30 to enter the random drawing.For contest details CLICK HERE


Musical Monday's Muse

Starting the week with 1 of my favorite songs of all time

It's just after 2 a.m. & for the last couple of hours my Muse has been hanging out over at DaFont.com. I've been spending too much time playing over there (again). I'm turning into that neighbor kid who always seems to come around at dinner time (remember Chet from The Hardy Boys books?) except I'm drooling all over the alphabet.

Decided to stick Stonehenge on something so here's another Diary 2010 page.

July 18 2010

I better get some sleep as my little guy will be up in a few hours. I can already see myself at work later today grumbling quietly with one hand on the keyboard & the other clutching my coffee cup like my life depends on it ...

If you haven't entered the new giveaway yet, just leave a comment describing what summer photo you want printed on a 16" x 20" canvas from OnlinePosterPrinting.com. 1 Lucky winner will be randomly picked at noon (EST) July 30. For giveaway details CLICK HERE

Oh & if you have the time, grab a button & see what's inspiring some other fine folks today


Burning the midnight oil

May 13 2010

Why is it that with weeks & weeks to do a project, I always wait till the last minute?

(Um, don't answer that - purely rhetorical)

Had fun knocking out a couple of pieces for Diary 2010 last night. I actually tried to start several times in the last month but kept over thinking things. 1 deadline extension later (apparently I'm not the only well intentioned procrastinator) figured I best keep my word & hand in something. So put the little dude to bed, made some espresso, and started searching my mac for pieces to dissect & reassemble.

What is Diary 2010? A very cool project that artist/blogger Ewian turned me on to. (By the way, she keeps adding art supplies to her giveaway - pop over & check it out). Volunteers world wide send in calendar pages which will be assembled & sold as planners. Each page has the date in 3 languages. Plus, on the bottom, your online shop and what you sell there. Other than that, artwork is in shades of grey & needs to be laid out in such a way that the page is still usable for writing on. This is the 3rd diary project they've done. You can also find images of previous diaries on flickr HERE.

I had so much fun making the 1st that I decided to take on one of the extra pages still available. Found this wonderful Leaf Font over at Dafont.com & this drawing seemed to fit with it.

November 13 2010

Funny thing is, I wish I had started sooner so I had time to make a few more. Ah well, there is always 2011 !

Final note: Any interest in winning a 16" x 20" canvas print of your summery photo? This giveaway's sponsor OnlinePosterPrinting.com will send a gallery or museum wrapped canvas print to 1 lucky winner. To enter this random drawing just leave a comment describing your favorite summer photo that you'd like to have printed. There are a couple of disclaimers so CLICK HERE for details. You have until noon (EST) Thursday 7/30 to enter.


IF - Tango + list of other art challenges

Hot House Flower

Today's Illustration Friday prompt is Tango. This piece is from February but she seems to fit & I'm running behind. Originally she was to have a partner, but she kept rejecting all my sketches. I finally realized this dancer was having a grand time on her own & let her be.

Click HERE to view other sassy tango pieces. Or HERE to submit one of your own.

Here are a few more art challenges to keep you busy this week:

Play - Mixed Media Monday
Whisper - MelangeOnEtsy (changes on Wed.)
In The Attic - Art On The Darkside (changes on Wed.)
Glasses - Inspire Me Thursday
challenge 32 - Artarazzi (changes on Fri .)
Angels Tears- Art Freebies Soartful Saturdays
Fabric - Sunday Postcard Art I just spotted this site today. Looks fun!

Hmm... I seem to be missing Tuesday. Any recommendations to add to my list? I know there are so many fun art challenges "out there"......

By the way, the next Thursday Giveaway winner will be randomly picked on July 30 at noon (EST). This week's prize is a 16" x 20" canvas print of your summer photo. To Enter just leave a comment describing a summer photo that you would like to have printed. This week's prize sponsor, OnlinePosterPrinting.com, has a couple of disclaimers. Click HERE for details.


New Giveaway - Days Of Summer

I don't know about you guys, but it seems like I'm always taking lots of pictures & then leaving them in the computer. I've decided to preserve my family's fun in the sun by getting a canvas print of this double-exposed photo. There is something about this pic of my son splashing around in the Gulf of Mexico that reminds me of my own carefree days long long ago.

So your asking, C'mon, What's the new giveaway? The folks over at OnlinePosterPrinting.com have generously offered a fabulous prize that will help you remember the days of summer long after they’re gone.

A free 16x20" Gallery or Museum Wrapped Canvas Print to 1 Very Lucky Winner!

To Enter just leave a comment describing a summer photo that you would like to have printed. Please do this before noon (EST) Thursday July 30th. (Please note there will be no random drawing next Thursday 7/23.) That is when I’ll use Random.org to pick a winner. Also, make sure you can be easily contacted. You don't need to leave an email address as long as I can reach you through your blog

Some notes from the sponsor:

Giveaway is open to US/CAN residents. Shipping of prizes is not included and must be paid by winner. Online Poster Printing reserves the right not to print obscene or offensive materials.

All designs submitted in the form of a giveaway may be used by Online Poster Printing for online marketing and promotional uses. The designs will be used solely as examples and will not be printed or commercially distributed.

About Online Poster Printing
Online Poster Printing specializes in printing high-quality posters using premium materials. We offers a money back guarantee on all our products, such as photo canvas prints, vinyl banners, wall stickers, and rolled or mounted poster prints.

Now I know you've got some great summer pics around there somewhere. Go find that perfect one & describe it here to enter this fabulous giveaway!

Today's Winner Is

Jim Doran
Random.org has spoken:

Congrats, Jim! I’ll be in touch today with info on how to claim your 250 custom stickers from Uprinting.com. Enjoy!!

Thanks to everyone who entered! It was fun to read all of your sticker ideas. If you are curious, Jim said "If I won this, I'd probably print the words "I love YOU. (yes...you)" and anonymously leave the stickers around work to make people happy (I work in a hospital...and a lot of folks there could use a pat on the back)." Now how cool is that!

Tune back in later today to sign up for the next random drawing. The next lucky winner will be drawn on Thursday 7/30.


Shoot that RTT all the way to the moon!

Welcome back to Random Thoughts Tuesday!


Grab a button & play along - it's a great excuse to siphon off some of that chatter in your head

Slacker that I am, I missed Musical Monday

From my Man, I really need to wake up today mix (best when played too loud)

Anyone remember The Steven Banks Show? Funny Man. Now & then I've wondered whatever happened to him. Didn't realize he's been writing for Nickelodeon all this time. Just read today that he's collaborated with Pilobolus (<- warning there's some tasteful skin at this link, don't want to offend anyone. Ooh that sounds sooo woosie...) on their newest "shadow work", Do*id. Sounds very cool & a far cry from the howling dog & bunny shadow-casting I learned at summer camp a million years ago. CLICK HERE sample of their commercial work from 2007

I'm sure you've heard by now that today is the 40th anniversary of the 1st man on the moon. The NY Times Science Times section is devoted to it today. The article on the non-believers is fascinating. Can you tell I read the paper instead of working this morning ? Shh...don't tell

I need more coffee

I remember reading a Ray Bradbury short story 25+ years ago where some astronauts (one may have been named Hitchcock) accidentally see the dark side of the moon ( or some planet -I don't recall) & it is full of scaffolding. Turns out the whole thing was fake. Can't remember the title to save my life - anyone? anyone?

Remember all those great Twilight Zone episodes when misc. astronauts got totally messed with? Those were awesome.

Tom Banwell continues to rock my world with this tentacle tutorial !

I am totally digging these blogs lately: propnomicon , Sandra Evertson, Us & Them

And of course The Un Mom, Grand Poobah of RTT.

The Un Mom

OH, and what would you do with 250 custom stickers from Uprinting.com? Leave your answer in the comments to be entered in Thursday's random drawing. For sponsor's disclaimers & details CLICK HERE


IF - Hollow

Found in fairy stories throughout Scandinavia, she is also known as skogsrå and holda, among other names. She is a beautiful woman in front but her backside looks like a hollow tree. Some Huldra also have tails, often either cow or fox. Should you encounter a huldra, it is considered dangerous to comment on her tail, unless it is done with the utmost delicacy. For instance, if you politely tell her her "garter" or "slip" is showing she may grant you healthy cattle or good fishing according to legend. It is also said that if she blows on a hunter's rifle, he will never miss a shot.

The huldra is often considered a protector of woods and woodland critters. A seductive creature, she is famous for collecting human lovers as well as for her mercurial nature. She can be just as easily pleased as offended. And you do NOT want to offend her.

She also has a reputation for stealing children & leaving changelings.You can find out more about this lovely lady by clicking on the above links. There are also some entertaining folktales around the web.

As soon as I saw that the Illustration Friday prompt was Hollow, I remembered this creature - of all the faeries I read about as a kid, for some reason she really gave me the willies. Couldn't recall her name, but google settled that while distracting me with some wonderful tales. Originally I was going to make a little clay sculpture, but then I remembered this cool fern-patterned paper I've had for ages. I also checked DeviantArt for some models & found that the stock photos of Tw1sted Truth & WakenTheDead Stock fit the bill

If you get a chance CLICK HERE & see what other fun pieces have been submitted to Illustration Friday this week. Or even better, submit your own!

I've decided I'd better start paying more attention to my neglected Etsy Shops, so this piece is now available. Just click HERE for info & detailed pics of The Huldra. Hopefully I'll get some more pieces listed this week.

Final note: New giveaway this week. 1 random winner to be drawn on 7/16. Prize is 250 customized stamps from UPrinting.com. What would you do with 250 free stickers, designed by You? Just leave an answer in comments to be entered in drawing. The prize sponsor, Uprinting.com does have a couple of disclaimers. CLICK HERE for details


New Giveaway! 250 Free Stickers of YOUR design

It is that time again!
Time for you to jump aboard the giveaway train!

The last prize was customized by me. If you want to find out who won the Art Box , click HERE.

This Prize will be designed by YOU! Now how cool is that!

This week’s Thursday Giveaway sponsor is

They print just about everything, from business cards to wall banners & a variety of items in between.

They also print Custom Stickers!!

1 lucky winner will receive 250 Free Custom Stickers of their own design. Imagine what you could do with these!! Promote your business or blog. Use them in the kitchen, label your stuff, or just show off your cool artwork. The possibilities are endless!

This giveaway is a little different than my usual. Normally you just sign in before Thursday to be included in the random drawing. This week the folks over at UPrinting.com are asking: How would you use 250 custom stickers? Just leave your answer in the comment section of this blog before noon (EST) on 7/16 to be entered in this awesome random drawing.

The sponsor also has a few disclaimers:

Giveaway is open to US/CAN residents only (sorry International readers). Shipping of prizes is not included and must be paid by winner. UPrinting.com reserves the right not to print obscene or offensive materials.

All designs submitted in the form of a giveaway may be used by UPrinting.com for online marketing and promotional uses. The designs will be used solely as examples and not be printed or commercially distributed.

Also, please be sure your contact info is correct. You don't have to leave an email, as long as I can track you down easily through blogger. If I do not hear from you within 5 days of your name being drawn, I'll go back through the list and choose an alternate winner.

The winner will be announced shortly after noon (EST) on Thursday July 16th.

This prize has reminded me just how much I've been slacking off when it comes to promotional materials. I need to get it in gear & design some business cards for my Etsy shop, ArtSnark's Atrifacts. Here is a blog promo image for my own sticker printing.

Now go get your creative juices flowing!! But before you go, leave a comment saying how you would use 250 free custom stickers. You’ve got all week to enter. 1 random winner will be drawn at noon (EST) on Thursday July 16th. Good Luck!

Woo Hoo! We Have A Winner!

Random.org has spoken!
Of 90 unique entries, the lucky winner of a Customizable Art Box is Steve!

Hearty Congrats, Steve! I’ll contact you later today with a list of what I need from you. Then I can get started on your one-of-a-kind box.

It may take a few weeks, but I’ll post pics of the finished box for anyone who is curious.

Great turnout for this random drawing! Many thanks to everyone who commented. Please check back later today and sign up for next Thursday's Giveaway . I've got a new sponsor & a fun prize that will get your creative juices flowing!!


RTT hit & run

I have grown to love Tuesdays since discovering Random Tuesday Thoughts!


Today I'm in a rush so I'm snagging some of my bookmarked sites to share. If you have a few minutes, give a click or 2:

Giant scrap metal dinosaurs & other cool sculptures by John Lopez

Watched the 1954 Disnified 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea last night. Oh man, I loved that movie as a kid! James Mason was the perfect Nemo but what is with the Kirk Douglas musical numbers?! You can hear 1 HERE. Over the years, I seem to have forgotten the MST3k worthy bits. And I'd swear that giant squid was much much bigger when I was 8 yrs old!!

www.olly.ch is a must for Nautilus fans! Check out this amazing home theater by Olly Klassen. He's also got some great WIP shots of the room coming together on his site.

Brass Goggles, a fun place to lose track of time, featured Mr Klassen's site last week.

Another great site somebody mentioned on one of my arty haunts (can't remember who -sorry) is mixed-media-artist.com. Fab mix of art & techniques. You've gotta love an artist who is "Emptying landfills, one project at a time!"

Flying-pig has some really cute "paper animation kits". These are paper mechanical toys that you can download & print for free
Also there's This To That "Because people have a need to glue things to other things"

I almost forgot the online art magazine, Blanket. Seriously Rocks! And I'm not just saying that cuz my Sinister Gentleman is on pg 22 of the current issue.

A Sinister Gentleman

This issue the theme is Portraits & he's included in the Re_Action section (where readers submit work in response to upcoming themes). Unlike some online mags it is not free (costs $2). But if you're into art, Blanket is always a good read & full of amazing eye candy.

Oops, running overtime...I do babble, don't I ? For more random-fun go see what the Keely The Un Mom & Queen of Chaos is up to this week. Tell her the zombies sent you.

The Un Mom

I almost forgot, just leave a comment before noon (EST) Thursday 7/9 to be entered in this week's random drawing. More info on giveaway & this week's prize ( a customizable art-box) can be found here