Is it Thursday already ?!?

Too busy this week so taking a break from the giveaways. Got 2 looming deadlines, a messy house, a studio that is beyond a disaster & weekend guests coming. SO what am I doing? Totally slacking off, of course.

While picking up some stray papers, I drifted into doodling fellow Etsy SteamTeam member, Wenchie. I hope she doesn't mind the liberties I'm taking with her pic. She has such a great Grinchie "Don't you trust me?" kind of thing going on.....

Those guys over at the Steam Team are so much fun. Cool costumes, fun gizmos & so much creativity it is truly mindblowing. They've got some great blog's too. Totus Mel's Wunderkammer, Cephalopod Teaparty, and Choklit Chanteuse just to name a few. And I am thoroughly hooked on Tom Banwell's blog. Not only are his leather helmets & misc. gizmos just amazing, but he lets you tag along with great WIP posts. By the way, Tom 's shop was featured in Etsy's Storque today - congrats!

Looks like the Twilight Book/Art club pics aren't up yet, so I'll just give another sneak peak of mine. Here I've started coloring. Unfortunately I used really crappy office paper, so I limited myself a bit. Wanted to go with either some bold flat markers or some nice blended watercolor pencil but the paper was too thin to take any moisture without buckling. I am notorious for starting a doodle on whatever is on hand only to realize too late it is turning into something.

Again, girl is inspired by Oblivion Stock over at DeviantArt. And Bella Swan. And Red Riding Hood, of course. She just keeps popping into all I do lately

No random giveaway this week. Too much going on. Leave a comment before noon (EST) July 9th to enter in next week's giveaway. 1 lucky winner will get a customized art box. For giveaway details & pics of a similar box I made last month CLICK HERE.


  1. What a wonderful day today. I hope you can stop long enough to enjoy it. If only for a brief period of time. It is amazing how fast life can spin!!
    Hugging you

  2. You're so creative! It's good to slack off every now and again... it helps to refuel.

  3. When that happens - perhaps you can scan your doodle (i.e. excellent drawing) and print it out on heavier paper and continue on that? Or is that cheating? :-)
    I've done it a few times when I wanted to try a sketch as a drawing on heavy paper and as a painting on watercolour paper.

  4. I love the colors on your "doodle", even if you did draw it on plain copy paper! I wish my doodles were as artistic as yours...wow!

  5. I love the doodling. I love looking at the art on your blog and etsy shop.

    I remember the Poe box you made awhile back - so beautiful.

  6. Squeee! Thanks for the shout-out - I love your portrait of Wenchie...