Some of my Etsy Faves

I do love etsy! Though I buy way more than I sell. I was rearranging some of my finds tonight (maintaining the illusion of cleaning the studio). I've too many lovelies to mention them all here. I'll just post a few & save the rest for another day.

My latest toy came from The Fab Miss B. I'm a sucker for tiny metal moving parts. Anybody know what it is? I'll tell you at the end of this post. Pop by & check out her great vintage stuff! Like these cool Pyrex Science Beakers. Very very tempting but I'm saving my pennies for this weekend.

She also has a wonderfully eclectic blog HERE

The 1st piece I ever bought on etsy was this ACEO from Acarrdian

Pool of Love by Diana Carr

Check out this interesting piece she has for sale right now

Eve's Remorse by Diane Carr

In addition to her shop, Diane has more of her artwork on Flickr HERE

Now don't tell my husband but I am just mad about this boy

Portrait of a boy with eyes askance by Lisa Falzon

As well as everything else at Meluseena!

Queen Elizabeth brooch by Lisa Falzon

You can find out what new things this talented artist is up to on her blog. She also has a highly addictive "micro-fiction" blog where all stories are 50 words long (Take that Twitter!)

This wood burning portrait of Artis Gilmore just shouted take me home!

Artis Gilmore by Brian Bleakley

So I did. Looks like Brian's etsy shop is empty today. He's got a cool banner though. You can see more of his artwork at his website, brianbleakley.com

And for a fun mix of paper/wood cut collage supplies you can't beat The Porkchop Show!

Haha - I'm supposed to be saving up for the weekend (more about that tomorrow) . But when I went to find some cool porky cut-outs to feature I couldn't resist these great gears!

Don't worry I left plenty of cool stuff for you! Like these:

Insane Asylum Paper Cut Keys by Porkchop Show

I could go on & on .... really. I have way too much fun poking around on etsy & many places the prices are so amazing even a penny pincher like myself can indulge a little. But it's getting late. Believe it or not my original intention tonight was to simply post a reminder about tomorrow's random drawing at noon (EST) for the custom 16" x 20" photo printed on canvas. If you haven't entered yet, click HERE for contest details. And if you have....Good Luck!

Oh, by the way, the device from The Fab Miss B is a vintage postage scale and stamp holder. Did you guess right? Man you're old...awww...I'm just kidding!!


  1. Hi Snark! My fun little medicine bottles I used on my Viagra piece for the serendipity challenge came from the porkchop guy! Fun stuff! Maureen

  2. Yeah, I'm not old, I didn't know what it was-lol! Fun stuff, much better than cleaning:-)

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out! What wonderful finds you've discovered!

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  5. I guessed right but only because I recognized the stamp holder, had one similar one time. Great photos of great treasures from great shops. Cleaning your studio, huh? LOL!

  6. Wow, what a fine array of work to be found there. I've been hesitant so far about starting my own Etsy shop - heard both good and bad things. I need to explore more though, including your work!

  7. I really like that boy as well! I love the roughness of the drawing.

    I'm diggin the woodburned guy too. I wish I could do something like that with a woodburner!

  8. I didn't know what it was so I must not be old!

  9. What awesome finds!
    Its great what u can find on Etsy, i cud spend days browsing all the items!:)

  10. Those stuffs are really cool. My favorite is the Pool of Love. It is really amazing. Wish I could find amazing stuffs like those also. Thank you for sharing.