Illustration Friday - Ferocious

a woman scorned
I'm a little late to the party this week. Finally stole some time to play with last Friday's I.F. art challenge. The new word is "ferocious" - fun, huh? You have until 9/29 to post your interpretation & add it to the IllustrationFriday.com site.

This little doodle is a mix of stamping, drawing & digital illustration. Might add a few tiny flames in the future....but responsibilities beckon, so this is it for now.  Catch you later! Hope you have a creative day

By the way, I'm holding a random drawing on 10/6 - 1 winner gets their choice of ACEO from my ArtSnark etsy shop. Any comment left on this blog before then get's your name in the hat.


Enter to win an ACEO of your choice - ends 10/6

Queen Mab's Children ACEO

Hey there. How have you been? I'm on the go, so no new interview today. However there is a new Thursday Giveaway Prize. I have been busy listing and selling ACEOs in the ArtSnark Etsy shop and will be giving one away to a lucky winner on 10/6.

Fair Maiden ACEO close up

Here are a few I've just added to the inventory. The winner will select their favorite art trading card from the the large selection available in my Etsy shop on October 6th. Between now & then, some will sell while others will be added.  Here is the direct link to the ACEO section of my online store.

Fair Maiden ACEO

To Enter this random drawing: Simply leave a comment on my blog before 1 a.m. (EST) on 10/6 and you are automatically entered. If your contact info is not in your profile, please leave an email address.
Bound ACEO

Until next time, wishing you a fabulous day!

--------"What is an ACEO?" --------
ACEO stands for Art Card Edition and Original. Also know as ATCs or Art Trading Cards, they are always 3.5" x 2.5".  ACEOs are a great way to collect art from your favorite artists without breaking the bank.

We Have A Winner!

Snowy Owl Lace earrings from Decadent Delusion on Etsy.com

Today one lucky winner was randomly selected to take home the newest Thursday Giveaway Prize, a pair of white lace owl earrings designed by Susan Gaultier from DecadentDelusion.etsy.com. If you missed my visit with this wonderful artist/jewelry designer, click here. Enjoy the interview and see some samples of her work.

With help from Random.org, today's winner is......

Elizabeth Rose Stanton from Penspaper Studio

A hearty congratulations, Elizabeth! I will contact you today with instructions for claiming your prize.

Special Thanks to Decadent Delusion for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway! And thank you to all readers who take the time to leave comments.  

The next giveaway will be selected on 10/6 so be sure to pop back later today for a new Prize announcement. Then leave a comment in the next 2 weeks to enter that one.




Been crazy busy today - but stole a few minutes to list some new mini-art prints in the ArtSnark etsy shop.

The Blues ACEO

They are all professionally prints of my original mixed media paintings & drawings. All are enhanced with markers and inks, then finished with a UV resistant protective coat.

The Kiss ACEO

For more info, just click the captions. Like all of my ACEOs they are only $4 and ship free worldwide.

--------What is an ACEO?--------

ACEO stands for Art Card Edition and Original. They are always 3.5" x 2.5". It's a great way to collect art from your favorite artists without breaking the bank.


By the way, there are still a few more days to enter the random drawing for a pair of white lace owl earrings from The House Of Decadent Delusion. Simply leave a comment before  9/22 to enter. Click here to see earrings & catch an interview with the designer.


Musical Monday - Blast from the past

Xmas Dolly is asking for tunes from your birth-year for the new Music Monday. I stumbled over this Top 100 songs for'69 & was surprised how many of my all time faves came out when I did.

A really sweet year, if I do say so. Not only did I make my premier (ehem), but you had Woodstock, gas was 35 cents/gallon, Monty Python's Flying Circus & Sesame Street debuted... and man walked on the moon! Good times.

So what was playing when you decided to show up on earth?


 Pop over to Xmas Dolly & share your birth-year tunes today.


Illustration Friday - Mesmerizing

I CELEBRATE myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you. 

Mesmerizing - another inspiring prompt from the always fabulous IllustrationFriday.com. Just a quickie from me today - this one is colored pencil and marker with digital tweaks. To enlarge, click the pic.

I do love making stuff - the act really is mesmerizing. I get lost in the zone and everything else falls away..... best meditation I know.  

Does this challenge stir your creative side? If so, slide into your imagination and scribble down those mesmerizing thoughts. Then float on over to I.F. and share them with the rest of us. Or just pop over and see what is hypnotizing other artists today.


By the way, have you entered the new random drawing yet? Leave a comment before 9/22 to toss your name in the hat. 1 lucky person takes home a pair of snowy owl earrings from The House Of Decadent Delusion. Click here to view prize & enjoy an interview with the designer.


Copper Play

 Tweaking Saturday's copper pieces last night. 

Sharing few work in progress shots just for fun.

Still have polishing, waxing, reworking 

& other magical metamorphosis to do.

(butterfly background created with Judikins stamp of same name)

Some will become jewelry or embellish boxes & books

Copper Etched ACEO - still needs polishing

Others are simply art for art's sake. Well, really for fun's sake -  I can't wait to fill another gap in the schedule with some more copper play! I'll let you know how they turn out.

Wishing everyone a creative day!


Musical Monday - Dayton, Ohio 1903

1900s postcard from OldTymeNotions.etsy.com

My inner square is showing today. I've been revisiting some early Randy Newman over a cuppa while scrubbing new copper etchings. 

While I will admit to getting flashes of Buzz & Woody in old lady hats, I'm really enjoying this little ditty.

Ladies drink wine for picnic lunch from ChristmasAngel.etsy.com

What are you up to this week? I'm still playing catch up. Some kinda flu slowed me down for the last couple of weeks, but I'm finally back among the living. Desperately trying to tidy up the workspace... although my head is in the clouds with all of the new artsy ideas banging around.

Vintage photo sweethearts from SheSitsByTheSeashore.etsy.com

Looking for some new tunes this week? Or want to share your personal soundtrack?


Pop on over to Xmas Dolly, catch the Musical Monday bug and ride the wave.

Dad & daughter...summer day from maclancy.etsy.com

I think I'm sticking with the oldies this week. I've got a really cozy time-warp vibe going on. I'm off to crank up the Victrola & whip up a new batch of lemonade. Wishing you a fantastic week!

c1900 Romantic Lovers Postcards from karenelmquistvintage.etsy.com 

P.S. If you haven't entered the new giveaway for a pair of Snowy Owl Earrings from DecadentDelusion.etsy.com, just leave a comment & your name goes into the hat. For more info & an interview with this mixed media jewelry designer, click here.


The House of Decadent Delusion interview & giveaway (ends 9/22)

Jardin du Luxemboug necklace from DecadentDelusion

Hey you! How has your day been? I'm just heading over to The House Of Decadent Delusion - care to join me? Susan Gualtier's Etsy shop is full of all sorts of lovely creations & crafting supplies. I've also heard a rumor that she is sponsoring the new random drawing here (more info on this later). C'mon, grab your hat and let's go check it out...

I recently met Susan over at the Time Travelers Team on Etsy. We've been talking about crafting supplies and Art trading cards for a couple of weeks and she invited us to pop by and say hello. While we are wandering around, if you need additional info be sure to click the links.

Lot of hand dyed silk cocoons from DecadentDelusion

Susan Gualtier: Welcome to the House of Decadent Delusion, where you can find handmade jewelry and fiber arts by the most decadent of crafters.... myself!  This shop is my "house in the countryside," where I can feel free to retreat into an ideal artistic world of my own creation.

Sometimes people ask about the name of my shop. It's derived from the decadent movement in art and literature, and in particular from the book "Against the Grain", by Joris-Karl Huysman, which has greatly influenced the way I think about art, aesthetics, and life. If you are curious, you can find out about this book from this excellent Wikipedia article.

Knitted Handspun Neckwarmer from DecadentDelusion

Hi, Susan. Many thanks for letting us drop in today! I have oodles of questions for you. First up - You work in a variety of materials. What are your favorites and why?

SG: My favorite media are wool and metal collage. I love combining colors and textures, and both spinning and metal collage allow me to do that. Both are a lot of fun.

Chocolate Butterfly Metal Collage Necklace from DecadentDelusion

You have everything from cute-n-fluffy to spooky Halloween in you shop. Are there any special Muses that influence your creations?

SG: I am very interested in art nouveau and the literature and culture of the fin de siecle. I also love surrealist art and literature. Finally, I am a fashion junkie. I admire designers like Alexander McQueen, who blurred the line between art and fashion. If I could have one particular talent, that would be it.

Art Nouveau Inspired Collage Necklace from Decadent Delusion

Do you listen to music while creating? If so, what is on your current playlist?

SG: I usually like it to be quiet when I create, but I do listen to a lot of music. I mostly enjoy punk rock and indie bands. Right now, one of my favorite bands is actually Taylor Momsen's band, the Pretty Reckless. She has a great voice.

What are your Top 3 favorite Etsy Shops?

SG: It's impossible to choose just three! I love Calliope's Attic, Paloma Antigua, and Miss Fickle Media for metal supplies, Loop and BohoKnitterChic for spinning fiber, and Melia's Muse and Art Snark (of course!) for feeding my ACEO addiction.

Vintage Copper Scarab Ring with Watermelon Tourmaline from Decadent Delusion

((blushes)) Is there anything you want to share about your new found love of ACEOs? For anyone unfamiliar with ACEOs (Art Cards Editions & Originals), they are mini-artworks. ACEOs can be made in any medium, always measure 3.5" x 2.5"... and are a great way to collect pieces by your favorite artists without breaking the bank.

SG: No, just that it only takes one to become an addict :)

Upholstery ACEO by DecadentDelusion

What do you like to do when you are not making fun stuff?

SG: Go out with friends, eat delicious food, read, learn, go to museums, see live music, and play with my cats.

100% Donation item all proceeds go to The Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

Okay, here is a silly one for you - If you would have any superpower what would it be? Would you use it for good or evil?

SG: I would be a vampire, and I'd mostly use it for good. I definitely wouldn't sparkle.

Chocolate Vampire Kisses earrings by Decadent Delusion

Thanks, Susan, for letting us pop by today! Oh, and I think I heard something about a new prize? What wonderful goodies are you giving away to one lucky winner?

SG: A pair of white lace owl earrings. These fabulous lace earrings are a collaboration with my Mom (She goes by Millinery Mary on Etsy) She embroidered the owl pendants using a computerized embroidery machine. They are "free standing lace," which means that they are super lightweight, yet sturdy and rigid enough to function as beads and pendants for making earrings and other jewelry. I have accented each owl with a clear AB Swarovski crystal. Each earring measures approximately 1 1/2 inches long and is attached to a silver plated ear wire.

Ooh, thanks for sharing! These are really cute (& perfect for Halloween).   

Want to enter the random drawing for a pair of Susan's Lace Owl Earrings?

Want a second entry? Next jump over to DecadentDelusion.Etsy.com, pick out your favorite item & share it back on this blog before the deadline.

I want to thank Susan again for letting us drop in on her today & for sponsoring this fun random drawing. I also want to thank everyone who came along for the ride and took the time to share their thoughts. The featured artists and crafters really appreciate your comments. Plus it is your interest that keeps these interviews and giveaways coming.

Want to see more of Susan's creative world before you head out today? 

Winner of LilyBellesJewels giveaway is....

We Have A Winner! 

Congratulations Dollycas aka Lori from Dollycas.blogspot.com

Dollycas, you have won your choice of 3 bottle cap pendants from the Etsy shop LilyBellesJewels. I will contact you today with instructions for claiming your prize.

Ghost & pumpkin bottlecap necklace from LilyBellesJewels

Many thanks to everyone who entered this great giveaway! Your interest keeps them coming. In fact pop back later today for a fresh prize announcement and a new featured Etsy seller.

Want to find out more about LilyBellesJewels? Check out the links below.


Musical Monday - Tom Waits


I'm just playing around with some photos before I get my Monday moves on. 


Xmas Dolly has posted her new MM theme - today it is all about the 1970s. I've been enjoying Tom Waits with a side of coffee & photoshop today, so here's my 70s contribution.

Thanks to disco & really nasty fashion, the 70s have a bad rap. It is kind of amazing how much good music actually came out of such a glittery era. What Me Decade tunes are you digging today? Pop on over to Dolly's place & add a link. Looking for a blast from the past? Jump into her blog hop  time machine.

Whatever you're listening to today, hope you have a great start to a stellar week!

Almost forgot - there are a few days left to enter LilyBellesJewels random drawing for 3 colorful pendants with chain. Leave a comment on my blog before 1 a.m. (EST) 9/8 to enter. For details & prize photos, plus a visit with Lily & Barbara click here


Illustration Friday - Mysterious

Red Handed - charcoal, ink & digital

Wow - is already time for IllustrationFriday again? Another fabulous art challenge this week - the new prompt is "Mysterious." Come out & play if you get a chance. Just post your mysterious interpretation and link up over at IllustrationFriday.com.

Skull doodles WIP

Sadly, I missed last week's prompt, "disguise." Time slipped away from me.... but I am playing with the mask doodles again this year. So happy to find more paper mache skelly parts when cleaning up my messy space. Last fall, I found that although I don't stick to art journaling, skull scribbling somehow clicks for me.
2010 WIP skull, since finished

I'm thinking about listing this 2010 mask on Etsy. It has been finished (oops - never did take a final photo) & is displayed on a modified doll stand. The question is - should I add holes & ribbon so that it can be hung on a wall before listing? What do you think? I'd love any suggestions.

Time to get back to my day. If you are feeling doodle-iscous remember to post your mysterious creation & share over at IF.
Oh, & if you haven't entered the Sept 8th random drawing for 3 pendants from LilyBellesJewels and would like some more info, click here. All who comment on this blog before the drawing are automatically entered.