Music Monday - Coffee with Eluvietie

Good morning, Sunshine! How're you doin'?

XmasDolly is hosting her 107th Musical Monday. That's a-lotta-music! It is a freebie week and I'm waking up with Eluvitie. Ne Ragv Na will ease you into that first cup of morning beverage.

If you like your Swiss folk metal with more noise, Havoc will get your day off to a jump start. Sometimes I need a kick in the head in the a.m. - this tune will wake me up if the the 3rd cup of coffee fails.

Wondering what everyone is listening to today? There is always an eclectic mix hanging out on Dolly's front stoop each Monday, so pop by and join in the fun. Just clickety-click here:


Want to wake up the week your way? While visiting Dolly's place be sure to add a link to your own posted tunes today.


  1. Eluveitie is new to me. Both songs are totally different in mood, but not necessarily different bad. I prefer the soothing reflection of your first choice over the harsher sound of the second number. Thanks for dancing with us on Monday's Music Moves Me!

  2. New one here too, but I like. No, I really like it definitely a change of pace here too! The other one said my video was too small. Go figure. Don't forget to share your give-aways tomorrow on my SHOW OFF TUESDAY including reviews. THANKS.

  3. Yep,the second one will get you moving, it helped my 3:00pm slump!!!

  4. New group for me too...but I love that! the first one is quite mellow, but lovely...but yes - I'm more kick me in the arse to get me going kinda girl. Sadly, the 2nd one wouldn't play - but no worries, I know the way to You tube :)

  5. All new to me as well. Wow, they could not be more different. Great stuff!
    ~Naila Moon


  6. all new tome but enjoyed them all thank you for sharing thee with me

    Come Say HI

  7. I love learning about new music!

    Thanks for sharing with us today.

    Enjoy your week!

  8. wow..you have some great music here!!! Great choices.Mine is here
    Have you a TRULY BLESSED WEEK!!!

  9. Look at those intense blank eyes! Wait... am I hearing some wind creation? Love your music!

    P.S. My connection went off when I started commenting on MMMM posts. Sorry for being late.