Musical Monday - Lou Reed 1942- 2013

Sad to hear about Lou Reed's passing. He is one of my favorite musicians. Lou always came off as creative, unique & honest. This will sound silly, but over-playing the Velvet Underground's albums helped me survive high school. 

Have be honest, I kinda thought he was going to live forever.

If you're looking for other tunes today, pop over to XmasDolly & visit the MM blog hop.


  1. May he R.I.P. So glad you posted this. What a great artist he was. I really liked his music, my husband too. Thanks for joining us. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

  2. Hitting the dance floor once again after my brief blog hiatus. I think I only knew this musician by name only. These songs just don't ring a bell with me. Surely too goodness, I'm forgetting something here, right? Thanks for helping to make Monday's Music Moves Me!

  3. I didn't know he had passed.

    Thanks for sharing this music and Thanks for rocking the music train and sorry I'm late.