Fluid - Illustration Friday into Musical Monday

wolf-girl - watercolor, ink & acrylics

"Which of us was Red Riding Hood and which of us the wolf?" -from Rebecca Stott's GhostWalk

My belated contribution to IllustrationFriday's 'Fluid' challenge. To see other takes on the prompt or show your own visit IllustrationFriday.com.  

By the way, many thanks to Jaymasee on Deviant art for sharing her stock photo White Out - it was great jumping off point.


Wow! Is already Musical Monday? Where did the weekend go? 

One of my fave MM hostesses, New Xmas Dolly has declared a freebie week... so here is what I was listening to while pulling this doodle together last night. Quick note, I couldn't embed these tunes - Just click the links &  play in the new window that opens.

I found these musicians over at hitRECord.org.  Been hanging out there whenever I get a few minutes lately, mostly listening to mix of interesting music. HitRECord.org is "an open collaborative production company" (founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) where anyone can share their ideas & creations. Find an idea, make something, other folks then get inspired to riff off of that creation ... and the ball just keeps rolling. Everybody feeds off each other's muses and all sorts of fascinating stuff happens.

Well, I have got to run. If you're looking for a mix of random tunes today, be sure to check out the blog hop over at Xmas Dolly. Feeling harmonious & generous? Then step up and share your own earful today!


A last note - Thursday is the random drawing for the $50 gift certificate to Novica.com. Leaving a comment here before 2/23 gets your name in the hat. It is also possible to get a 2nd entry. Check out this post for details.


  1. Now that's a gorgeous picture first of all. The music you chose I've never heard before, but the first is rather soothing & the other was new to me too. You have a great week.

  2. I'm seriously in love with that watercolor! :)

    I also love your music choices, too! New to me, but now adding to my playlist. ;) Have a great week - and thanks so much for playing along! :)

    It Will Rain, so Blow and Set Fire To The Rain – I’m Glad You Came Safe And Sound

  3. I love how you blended Red with the wolf. Nice! Thanks for the laugh with the comics too :)

  4. Love your take on "fluid" with the wolf-girl! Very striking!

  5. I love the art.

    I"m reading a werewolf series and I am intrigued. I just finished The Mating.

    Thanks for linking up with us today.

  6. The art piece is fabulous!! Love the wolf

  7. I have to comment on eating the skinny person. If it works it may surpass zombies and vampires at the box office.

  8. Lovely artwork and music! You did a fab job on your painting. I'm envious! I always wanted to do something like this, but one thing stood in the way - lack of talent. =D Thanks for sharing the new tunes with me.

  9. Really different pic it almost looks like she's crying in a way! Your pics are all new to me too, but they definitely ROCK! See you next week.

  10. That picture is so striking! I love what you did with the colors...

  11. Wow I love the picture of the wolf girl!