Random Tuesday Thoughts - mostly art and pickles

Hey there. How are you doing?

In need of a random brain flush? Or some assorted ramblings? Then you are just in time for a new Random Thoughts Tuesday.

I'm enjoying The Dude's 1st day back at school. Plowing through the to-do list and realizing just how far behind I really am (eek).We all spent August sleeping late and goofing off as much as possible. Now I need to get back into the groove.

One plus, I manage a bit of studio destash & donated a few boxes of goodies to Tampa Upcycle 

Tampa Upcycle

Are you in the Tampa, FL area and seeking affordable art/craft supplies? If so, stop by Ybor City and check out this great shop! The inventory is eclectic. Some items have (low) prices marked on them, but many supplies are pay-what-you-can. Seriously, you make your own price! I wish there had been a store like this near me back in my student days.

If you are like me and have waaay too much stuff, donating some if it Tampa Upcycle is a fantastic way to clean your closet. It can be hard to toss out mixed media clutter that has the potential to"become something". But knowing someone else can use my overflow to make something beautiful or useful makes it easier to part with.

... And guess what?! They are co-sponsoring the next Tampa Etsy Craft Party!

Tampa Etsy Craft Party - CLICK HERE TO RSVP

If you're in town Friday August 24th and looking for something fun, family friendly (& free), be sure to pop by between 7-11 pm. There will be free demos, make-&-take crafting stations, yummy munchies and some art & craft vendors. For details click the orange caption above. You can also read about the event (& other fun activities) over at 83degreesmedia.com

On other fronts, I neglected to share my interview over at Kindred Images last week. Click here to check it out. While you are there, take a look around the site - it features a cool mix of handmade items, from soap to art to photography.

Also enjoying these tasty pickle recipes from One Perfect Bite. I have been on a major pickle kick lately:

Looking for more random ramblings? Bounce over to StacyUncorked for all sorts of goodies and links to more RTT posts. Be sure to take a peek at her gorgeous new ring - lovely!


  1. Great RT!!
    That art store sounds fabulous!!

  2. Upcycle really is a dream come true to the crafty community. See you Friday!