In Fieri = "In the course of execution; a thing commenced but not completed"

plaster head

Hey there! How have you been? 

An old facebook friend asked me this recently. While I answered with the expected family/work/ life update, my first thought was "In Fieri"- a Latin phrase for something "in the process of being done". I first came across the phrase while seeking a title for an ouroborus & nude drawing a few years back

prismatic shatter

My life has been at a low simmer for a long while now. Sometimes barely moving; sometimes boiling over. While work and family have been fairly constant - health, art and,yes, blogging...erm...not so much.

tear down the wall

So, what's up? 1st step has been the reclaiming of my creative space. Over the years my craft room became the box room ..became junk room! Not at all conducive to getting creative.

Gutting the mess has me (slowly) making the space what I have always wanted it to be. At around 10'x 14'  the room is a wee bit tight for a mixed media junkie who lives within walking distance of a Michaels Craft store. Earlier this month we blew out a window/wall and added a glass door. Now the space opens onto a long unused narrow side yard consisting of dirt and ferns. This will soon be a paved patio with oodles of plein air & picnic potential. I am super psyched and will share more pics soon.

Well, I'm kind of rambling at this point. If you are still with me - thanks for your patience. While I can't promise I'll be blogging as regularly (or as deeply) as "back in the day," (hell...I know I won't), I am still here and will tune in now and again.  Until the next random act of blogging, be well and keep creating!

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