Summer fun in the sun

Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you'd drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories. - Ray Bradbury

My 5 yr old loves taking pictures. He's had the Fisher Price bulletproof digital kids camera for a few years. You can drop it off a cliff & it still works (trust me; we have). Earlier this year, he received a cheapie waterproof film camera & took 1/2 dozen rolls of film. Bad-mommy finally got them developed. Here's me in the blazing sun. Gotta love the cone-head! It's really my big head in a baseball hat as seen from little dude's perspective.

He took several cool photos so I decided to pick a few & have some fun. Made a few tweaks in P.Elements, printed on glossy paper & embellished with watercolor and markers.

Would love to make some giant sunny paintings (ala Charles Burchfield or something). No time for big these days, so played with 4 ATC sized summery pieces instead. Now that I think about it, the sun has finally come out again after about 10 days of rain. Must be where the whole solar theme is coming from. Unfortunately my scanner is uglifying things a bit so I'll wait for the sun to shoot & post the rest.

If you want to see some truly fabulous sun-auras, check out a few of my favorite artists:

The eye altering, alters all - William Blake


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  1. what...the sun!...thought it was your natural aura shinin through!...interesting to see the world through a child's eyes...I remember revisiting a childhood home when I was grown and being shocked at how small it was...in my memories the ceilings were sooo high, the rooms sooo large, the garden a parkland...in reality it was a little house with a little yard...

  2. What does he think about your embellishments? I would think he would love it.

  3. Oh wow - I love those photos!!!

    Also a big fan of William Blake's - both the paintings and the poetry!

  4. The sun shone here too!! Yeah! I love the sun pictures. Your child has talent!

  5. great photos! I love seeing your sons view of the world :)

  6. fun stuff, I love it when kids take pics!

  7. Thank you for sharing some of your sun-auras favourite artists, I am in cluding your child here!

    Being inspired by children, especially your own, gives one of those wonderful feelings.


  8. Oooh I really like the original as well as the altered one! Must try watercolours on photographs again; I tend to stick with ink or acrylics since they smear less. Btw I was just reading Blake's illuminated books and looked at that specific painting yesterday!

  9. p.s. lol when I remembered I had already commented a year ago :D