Here Be Dragons - Work in progress

Still working on a piece for last Wednesday's Mix It Up With Melange challenge to "use your favorite quote". I am a major quote geek & started several pieces before finally settling on this 1. Made some silly mistakes so I learned a lot today. My pigment inks were acting all wonky but I finally solved the problem with help from the site Art Without Anxiety .

This project has been fun though. Got to use some brass bits from my UK art-buddy, Julia. She sent me a wonderful package last month. A fun ATC with cool wooden stand. A bag of watch mechanisms & bits. Plus HobNobs (my favorites!) Thanks Julia!!

Work in progress

Hope to finish the quote box & post sometime Wednesday.Meantime, let 's see what else is up.....

Recently joined another ATC swap, this 1 over at Outsider Artists. If you like your art with a touch of the dark side, it may be just the place for you. I popped over there tonight & found out that one of my favorite artists (& one of the sweetest people I've ever "met" online), Izabella, has a 5 page spread in the Fall issue of Artful Blogging. I'm off to track down a copy ASAP. In the meantime you can get a sneak-peek here.

Izabella also runs the online artists' community Creative Souls - has an eclectic membership which also includes writers musicians & other creative folks. Worth checking out if you've not been there before - hey it's free. Who knows you might run into Michael deMeng or Richard Salley or some other fascinating members while nosing around

Hmmm.....sorry about the lack of Random. It is the tail end of Random Tuesday Thoughts today. Got my mind on my project & I bet the glaze has set.... so need to get back to it. For a greater variety of Random Thoughts click the button ... go on ....


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  1. I love both the dragon and the work in progress!
    Quite talented! :)

  2. At least you tried. I like the dragon.

  3. It's fun to see your work in progress, and then see the completed piece! I would imagine it would take you a while to find the perfect quote...you are definitely a "quote geek!" (But that's a good thing!)

  4. Lots of links to check out in this post...Thank you for all the info!!