Double Giveaway .... with a twist !!

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Welcome! How are you? Lots going on around here today….

Featuring a new artist, Felicia Kramer & her fabulous creations. Plus she has generously donated a piece of her colorful art for the next Thursday Giveaway!

Now for the Double Trouble: At the same time Felicia is featuring my art on her blog.… and she’ll be giving away one of my matted drawings!

So, after you’ve enjoyed this post and signed in for your chance to win 1 of Felicia’s gorgeous prints, visit her blog FeliciaKramer.blogspot.com and enter the giveaway that she is hosting over there.

Now, on with the show!

I met the talented artist Felicia Kramer through the Visual Arts Street Team on Etsy. Her wonderful etsy shop, Another Bright Idea, contains an assortment of colorful pieces in a variety of mediums. Felicia has been kind enough to join me for some virtual coffee and talk about her creative process. For more info on the pieces featured here, just click on the image.

So, Felicia, have you always been interested in making art?

Landscape of an Artist Soul - Digital Collage Print

Felicia: I have been making all sorts of art and crafts ever since I can remember. My mother taught me to sew when I was a child so my creations will sometimes incorporate fabric and sewing techniques. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Michigan State University with a printmaking emphasis, during which time I developed my papermaking technique. I decided after college that I couldn’t afford to be a “starving artist” so I joined the corporate world as an event producer, where I often used my creative talents. At the same time, I continued with art projects, mostly for friends and my large extended family. I don’t limit myself to any one medium; I like to explore all types of materials and techniques and my cluttered workroom is a happy testament to that!

You work in several mediums. What are some of your favorites?

Felicia: I suck at drawing. I really do. I took so many drawing classes in college but I destroyed almost all my work, keeping just a few. I have a hard time doing very precise artwork; I’m much happier when I’m freely exploring color and line, overlapping different images and delighting in the happy accidents that result. That’s why I enjoy doing my handmade paper sheets – there are limits as to how much you can control the process, and the colors and textures and uneven edges that result when the paper dries are a lovely surprise.

Antiquities 2 - Handmade Paper Collage

I began making handmade paper while still in college and have used it in various artistic creations since. The technique I use to unmold the pulp creates a smooth surface texture much like parchment, and since any sizing have been removed in the process, the paper is very soft and delicate.

Like most artists, I’m always picking up bits and pieces of the outdoors in my small garden and when traveling, so my handmade paper collages often include nature’s bounty.

Nature Preserved 1 - Handmade Paper and Pressed Leaves Collage

My cards and photographs also offer a peek into my postage stamp sized garden and my neighborhood.

In My Neighbor's Garden

I really love the colors & movement in your Digital Collages. They are so organic! How do you go about creating them?

Felicia: My most recent passion is digital collage. I love exploring by manipulating my original photos and combining them with all sorts of ephemera to create a particular mood. And by producing limited editions, I am able to offer the prints at affordable prices for original artwork.

Hope for a New Beginning

Serendipity plays a part in many of my digital collage prints. I use Photoshop, and overlaying art pieces over each other and adjusting the opacity can result in some of the most mouth-watering effects. A perfect example are my “liquid” prints. As I was taking photos of blue iris, I accidentally over-exposed a few shots. They were so unusual and textural that I decided to work with them, layering them with other backgrounds and adjusting color and opacity. I’m so pleased with the results!

Readers will be pleased too. Felicia has generously donated 1 of her gorgeous "Liquid" prints for the latest Thursday Giveaway! Even better, the winner gets to choose their prize from a dozen beautiful pieces in the Liquid series.

Liquid Blue Iris 1

To enter this random drawing, just leave a comment on this blog before noon (EST) next Thursday (8/27). Contest is open worldwide with free shipping. It is that easy! Just make sure there is a way to contact you if you win.

Liquid Magenta Digital Collage Print

To view the selection of "liquid" prints, go to Felicia's Etsy shop, AnotherBrightIdea.etsy.com. Above her shop banner is a search box. Looks like this:

Type in liquid & click search. Alternatively you can find them by looking through her Digital Collage Prints & Floral Photo shop sections.

Special thanks to Felicia for sponsoring this week's Thursday Giveaway! Knowing how much I love peeking into studios, she's also sent several pictures of her workspace. Tune in Saturday for a virtual tour of Felicia World & see where she makes her magic,

Also, when you have the time, pop on over to her blog Felicia Kramer Has Another Bright Idea to read about yours truly and try your hand at winning this original drawing:

Ready to frame, Idle Hours is signed/dated and is mounted in an 8" x 10" acid free mat.Containing a hint of my Red Riding Hood obsession, it originally appeared in this post for Illustration Friday.

While you are there be sure to tell Felicia what you think of her creative thoughts and awesome art!


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