Studio Tour Saturday #5 - Dr. Laura Koniver

We're off to South Carolina today to visit the studio of Laura Koniver, M.D. - you are going to love this! Some of us dream of making art a more prominent part of our lives (I know I do). Laura has completely reorganized her house, giving her studio (& creativity) the attention it deserves. Now let me get out of the way so she can give us the grand tour.

Laura: Hello ArtSnark! I am thrilled to share my studio space with you.

I used to have my studio hidden away in a large closet in my guest bedroom. I finally decided one night that I didn't want my artistic side to be squirreled away, hidden, with only stolen moments of art making... I decided that art was to become front and center in my life, threw caution to the wind, and made my entire entryway and dining room my art studio! It has raised a few eyebrows of folks that have walked in my door unaware, for sure! Right when you walk in, there is a staircase to the left. I have my sewing machine and a craft cabinet tucked at the bottom of the stairway, right before you reach the coat closet.

Laura: In this area, I sew birds, flowers and other fabric accessories that adorn my organic branch sculptures. Then, directly opposite this sewing area, is my dining room... ummm.. make that my painting area.

Laura: I transformed my dining room table into a place to spread out and assemble the branch sculptures... I create organic branch sculptures in vases and bottles for wedding centerpieces (and other special events)... I also make branches that directly hang on the wall and even suspend from the ceiling.

Laura: Because these pieces are sometimes very large, I needed a huge table to spread out on. The bonus has been that my kids love this table too, using it for all kinds of arts and crafts themselves... my daughter started a puzzle and I didn't have the heart to clean it up when taking these pictures!

Laura: In the corner is my easel... my first love! Painting was my gateway into this artistic life. I love to paint and discovered it was a total release for me when I was in medical school. I combine my background as a physician with my artistic side, and see patients for a unique form of art therapy that I call Casting Transformation. This therapy is for patients who are experiencing a disease that they are wanting to release -- I help them symbolically release this by encasing the patient's torso in plaster, lifting this casting from their being and allowing it to dry... affixing this casting onto a canvas, and painting all the healthy energy that radiates out of them, along with all the souls that touch this particular patient's life. I might include affirmations that are specific to that patient and the disease they are breaking free from, and thereby create something beautiful and healing, and most importantly -- whole -- transforming the unwanted disease energy into a work of art.

Laura: These bookshelves are collected from all around my house and are lined up to hold all my painting supplies, fabrics, plaster, art books, etc... I love this organization and the energy it brings to the room. I hung pictures of my husband and kids on all the walls... I love being surrounded by their joy as I create!

Laura: From this perspective, you can see how my dining room/painting studio connects across the hallway with my sewing table. I have really found that by making the very front part of my house my crafting area, I have shifted the momentum of my art to be more the focus of my life, not a side hobby. I highly recommend making your studio space a prominent feature in your home, if you feel that it is a prominent feature in who you are and your life's work. I've definitely made more time for my painting and crafting since making this change.

Thank you for sharing your fabulous space today, Laura. It is always so inspiring to see where an artist actualizes her dreams. I absolutely love how you've placed creativity front & center in your house and life!

Want to see more of Laura's art? Click HERE to enjoy more of her work and thoughts on art. Laura was Thursday's featured artist. She has also generously donated one of her glicee prints as the next Thursday Giveaway prize. To enter the random drawing, simply leave a comment on this blog before noon (EST) on 9/24. 1 winner gets to choose a fabulous print from from Koniver.etsy.com.

You can also view Laura's art at GardenPlum.com and these Charleston, SC area locations:

Ladles in West Ashley and Kiawah Island
Eileens in Summerville
All is Well in Mount Pleasant
Primary Plus in North Charleston

If you've enjoyed this tour, please come back next Saturday to explore a new studio. (The last 4 Saturday posts have also been studio tours). Like the artists who inhabit them, these spaces come in all shapes in sizes. They also have 1 important thing in common - they are sacred places where imagination knows no bounds!

Are you a creative person? Would you like to share your work space with others? If so, just drop me an email (found in my profile). I'd love to see where your artistic magic happens.


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  1. Very cool creative space!!! We recently turned our formal dining area into an office space and I added an easel and gallery wall to it. I love the idea of combining the art space into the family space. Great job on the interview Stacey!

  2. Love Laura's work and her studio is fab!!! My studio is in the front part of my home as well. I like the prominence of it!

  3. So beautiful! What a great idea....so many dining rooms get used once or twice a year, so this is a fantastic way to make a studio space. Beautiful work too. Thanks for sharing :).

  4. oh what a fantastic space and the art just as lovely

  5. i love Laura's work!!

    thanks for sharing!!

    i am so glad to have found your blog


  6. Wow! What a great space! I love that it inspires the kids, too! I loved hearing about her work, too. Such an unusual way for a doctor to think - she has some lucky patients.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Laura, your space is so well organised. :) Did you tidy up before taking photos? :) I love the light in your space.

    Your work is amazing and I am very intrigued in the healing work you do.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Thanks Stacey for sharing another great artistic space, they are inspiring to read.

    regards, T.

  8. Studio Tours are such a great idea! I loved seeing the spaces Laura made to create art! The body casts are fantastic. What a wonderful concept! Thanks for a great post!

  9. Great way to make space useful! Her work is awesome!

    Thanks fo visiting me!!! It's always nice to have you in my blog.


  10. Wow, she has done amazing things with that space to feed her artistic soul. And her stuff is lovely. Great post!

  11. What a great bright and cheery place to create!

  12. Love Laura's space!!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a great studio! I'd love to have that much room. Wonderful interview.

  14. I'm quite besotted by this idea of having the art space 'out there' and also more accessible...why don't we do this more often?! Certainly food for thought for me...and thank you dear girl for your comments on my blog...life if much brighter here this week and I'm looking forward to doing nice things...love c